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games/flightgear - 3.0.0_4
Make D-BUS support optional PR: 193631 Submitted by: <>
print/indexinfo - 0.2
Update WWW
devel/pecl-swoole - 1.7.5
Add pecl-swoole, async framework of php.
www/py-pyjwt - 0.2.1
New port: www/py-pyjwt, a Python implementation of JSON Web Tokens. PR: 193095 Reviewed by: koobs Approved by: koobs Review: D487
textproc/sphinxsearch - 2.2.4
Update to 2.2.4 Announcement:
www/trac - 1.0.1_3
www/trac: Backport fix for upstream issue #11345 PR: 187133 Submitted by: lorne (
audio/gogglesmm - 0.13.3
audio/gogglesmm: Upgrade version 0.13.2 => 0.13.3 PR: 193154 Submitted by: Ports Fury
mail/mailman -
Reinstate checksums for optional patches[1], fixing regression from c334818. Update USE_PYTHON -> USES=python:2. PR: 193682 [1] Submitted by: David Sieborger [1]
devel/sbt - 0.13.6
Update to 0.13.6 release.
www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Memcached - 0.02
- Remove fixpacklist Reported by: az@
math/gsl - 1.16_2
Fix all non-x86 builds of math/gsl with a more general approach than the specifically powerpc patch file. Drop patch-ieee-utils-fp-freebsd.c alltogether and change the order of #ifdefs in the setup to pull in fp-gnuc99.c instead of Verified on redports for x86 builds and am bumping port revision. Suggested by: nathanw Phabric: Reviewed by: nathanw Approved by: bdrewery (mentor)
www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Memcached - 0.02
New port: www/p5-Dancer-Plugin-Memcached: This plugin gives Dancer the ability to get and store page content in a memcached server, which in specific configurations could give a performance boost - particulary on GET requests that incur significant database calls. WWW:
www/nginx - 1.6.2,2
Security update from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2. <ChangeLog> *) Security: it was possible to reuse SSL sessions in unrelated contexts if a shared SSL session cache or the same TLS session ticket key was used for multiple "server" blocks (CVE-2014-3616). Thanks to Antoine Delignat-Lavaud. *) Bugfix: requests might hang if resolver was used and a DNS server returned a malformed response; the bug had appeared in 1.5.8. *) Bugfix: requests might hang if resolver was used and a timeout occurred during a DNS request. </ChangeLog>
security/vuxml - 1.1_2
Document nginx security advisory (CVE-2014-3616).
games/inform7 - 6L38
- Update to 6L38. - Fix to conform to new compiler flags. PR: 193540 Submitted by: maintainer
ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel -
- Update to checkin d7e95d9102 Changes: * HTML: Fix NaN showing in a case * Fix handling of SIGPIPE for cleaning up. * Improvements to cleanup handling such that recursive errors will not stop the cleanup process. * HTML: Add an apache example * testport: Allow tee(1) more time to flush buffer before killing it off. * bulk: Remove the use of tee(1) * bulk: Fix several races leading to "stuck_in_queue" and "Unknown stuck queue bug". * jail -m src=: Also copy in the src tree now. .git and .svn are ignored. * bulk: Fix high CPU usage/spinning when the queue is waiting on the last jobs to finish. * Remove use of stripcolors pipe which used far too much CPU. * bulk: Fix a case where computing deps was not delaying errors until the end of deps calculation was intended.
ports-mgmt/poudriere - 3.0.18
- Update to 3.0.18 Changes: * Add a check for 3.1 repository and reject the build. 3.0 does not know how to handle 3.1's repository format. Downgrading is not supported at this point. * Allow securelevel>=1 with USE_TMPFS=all * Add a warning that DEVELOPER=yes is ignored in lieu of bulk -t/testport
net/py-gspread - 0.2.2
Simple API access to Google Spreadsheets WWW: