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FreshPorts news
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x11/xpra - 0.15.4
Revert an upstream patch to fix LZ4 compression.
x11/xpra - 0.15.4
Update to 0.15.4.
editors/openoffice-4 - 4.1.1_11
Various build updates from openoffice-devel (primarily r382334 and r391960): * patch-i118574 no longer seems necessary for a clean build * Regnerate patch-i114430 with make makepatch * Build using boost from ports instead of the bundled boost * Build using silgraphite from ports instead of the bundled version * Add missing LIB_DEPENDS that are brought in by other dependencies, but are directly linked as requested by pkgconfig/*.pc * Build using sane and xrender headers from ports instead of bundled headers * Update LICENSE* to account for bundled software * Reformat pkg-message and mention that the scanner interface can be enabled by installing sane-backends * Pet portlint Update patch-bridges*,, patch-jpeg, patch-nss, patch-sal,,, and patch-webdav to the versions accepted upstream, regenerated with make makepatch. Regenerate patch-CVE-2015-1774 with make makepatch. Approved by: mat (mentor, implicit)
textproc/dtdparse - 2.00_1
mail/squirrelmail-multilogin-plugin - 2.4_3
- Drop @dirrm* from plist
textproc/txt2man - 1.5.6
mail/squirrelmail-notify-plugin - 1.3_3
- Drop @dirrm* from plist
devel/geany-plugins - 1.24
Add USE_GNOME=intltool The reason for this is that in the GNOME 3.16 update, USE_GNOME gtk20 and gtk30 don't pull intltool in anymore. PR: 201980
mail/squirrelmail-notes-plugin - 1.2_3
- Drop @dirrm* from plist
multimedia/mp3cd - 1.027_1,1
sysutils/rsyslog8 - 8.11.0
* Update to 8.11.0 - Upstream has incorporated one part of the patches to runtime/stream.c - regenerate patches with 'make makepatch' * Modernize port - Use OPTION helpers - USE_AUTOTOOLS -> USES+= autoreconf * Set INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip rather than stripping in post-install: - Previously optional modules wouldn't have been stripped * Update to use the now standard 'Rainier script' configuration file syntax ( * Add new option to enable the mmnormalize module. ( This enables converting some not-standard log formats to RFC3164 or RFC5424 styles, amongst other possible transformations. * Tweak PORTSCOUT setting PR: 202080 Approved by: brd (maintainer)
databases/rubygem-activerecord41 - 4.1.12
databases/rubygem-activerecord41: create port Add rails 4.1 version of activerecord PR: 201816 Submitted by: Torsten Zuhlsdorff <>
databases/rubygem-activemodel41 - 4.1.12
databases/rubygem-activemodel41: create port Add rails 4.1 version of activemodel PR: 201815 Submitted by: Torsten Zuhlsdorff <>
ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel -
- Update to 3.1.7-34-g1c90084 Changes: - jail: check the directory for method src= - csup has been deorbited from the project - Test to make sure $SVN_CMD is actually set before trying to use it. Improve test and error message for detecting if svn is installed. - jail -x: Run native-xtools from /usr/src for now. - Remove EOL 8.3 support - Run 'jail start' hook before any 'make' commands. - jail -m src: Fix handling of cross-compile by setting proper TARGET/TARGET_ARCH - Remove use of SVN mirrors. - Fix need_emulation to only check TARGET_ARCH against kern.supported_archs. - Let KEEP_OLD_PACKAGES work on 9.x/8.4 with sort(1) lacking -V [1] - Fix typo in poudriere.8 - Correct typo in poudriere -p help output PR: 193732 [1]
chinese/autoconvert - 0.3.16_5
- Don't use / in sed regexps to allow paths, unbreaking cross-builds Approved by: portmgr blanket
devel/rubygem-activesupport41 - 4.1.12
devel/rubygem-activesupport41: create port Add rails 4.1 version of activesupport PR: 201818 Submitted by: Torsten Zuhlsdorff <>
mail/squirrelmail-quota_usage-plugin - 1.3.1_3
- Drop @dirrm* from plist Approved by: portmgr blanket
security/libgnomesu - 1.0.0_12
- Strip library
sysutils/usb_modeswitch - 2.2.0
- Don't use / in sed regexps to allow paths, unbreaking cross-builds Approved by: portmgr blanket
sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman - 0.3.0
sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman: update to 0.3.0