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deskutils/fet - 5.30.3
Update to version 5.30.3 Changelog: - Generating the activity tags timetables - Added comments for teachers, students, subjects, activity tags, rooms and buildings - Very rare crash bugs fixed - Added a new example file from Indonesia PR: 212148 Submitted by: Zsolt Udvari (maintainer)
textproc/highlight - 3.29,3
Backout the update to 3.31 and "update" to 2.29. This is the last version that doesn't use to_string(). to_string() is a c++11 function and gcc 4.8 on 9.3-RELEASE, used by compiler:c++11-lib, doesn't provide this function. Add small blob mentioning this. Bump portepoch due to version going back. Reported by: pkg-fallout@
devel/alog - 0.5.2
devel/alog; Upgrade version 0.5.1 => 0.5.2
security/openssl-devel - 1.1.0
security/openssl-devel: Remove defunct pkg-message - Now RELEASE so remove message
security/openssl-devel - 1.1.0
security/openssl-devel: Update to 1.1.0-release - Update to 1.1.0 RELEASE - OPTIONS-ify NIST EC curves architectures - Remove dasync dynamic engine (as per upstream) - Fix man-page plist issues
lang/gnatdroid-binutils - 2.27
lang/gnatdroid-binutils(-x86): Upgrade version 2.26.1 => 2.27
net-mgmt/icinga2 - 2.5.3_1
net-mgmt/icinga2: Remove bogus dependency on devel/libconfig. Some time ago I added this because the ports tree's Q/A check warned that the icinga2 binary is linked against libconfig. However this is a private library shipped with Icinga 2. With version 2.5.1 USES=ssl was added to the port's Makefile which added rpath=${LOCALBASE}/openssl when Icinga 2 gets built and {Open,Libre}SSL from ports was installed. The result was that ld picked up from the devel/libconfig port instead of Icinga 2's private library. To prevent this, the following CMAKE_ARGS were added: CMAKE_{EXE,MODULE,SHARED,STATIC}_LINKER_FLAGS=${PREFIX}/lib/icinga2 At the moment only EXE_ and SHARED_ linker flags are really needed, to be prepared for future changes the other flags were also set. Thanks to mat and Gunnar Beutner (upstream developer) for the insights on the ports and Icinga 2's build system. - Re-add USES=ssl - Bump PORTREVSION
lang/gcc6-aux - 20160822
lang/gcc6-aux: Upgrade version 20160427 => 20160822 (gcc 6.1 => 6.2)
devel/pythk - 0.2.0_1
devel/pythk: revert previous commit Need some coffee, sorry. Was not able to grep consumers and wasn't able to consult freshports.
biology/diamond - 0.8.19
Update to version 0.8.19 PR: 212145 Submitted by: Joseph Mingrone (maintainer)
devel/pythk - 0.2.0_1
devel/pythk: mark deprecated This library has no documentation, no maintainer, no consumers in the ports tree Also there are no new releases since 2008. Because of this reasons, mark it deprecated and set to expire at 2016-09-25.
sysutils/zap - 0.4.1
Update to version 0.4.1 PR: 212144 Submitted by: Joseph Mingrone (maintainer)
editors/with-editor - 2.5.1
Update to version 2.5.1 PR: 212141 Submitted by: Yosuhiro KIMURA (maintainer)
multimedia/vapoursynth - r33.1
multimedia/vapoursynth: update to r33.1 Changes:
devel/git-modes - 1.2.2,1
Update to version 1.2.2 PR: 212140 Submitted by: Yasuhiro KIMURA (maintainer)
ports-mgmt/synth - 1.43
ports-mgmt/synth: Upgrade version 1.42 => 1.43 This is a minor bug fix version. Changes include: * Set close-on-exec operation mode on popen. This is required to stop leaking file descriptors in highly concurrent modes (e.g. 32 builders). It's not supported on FreeBSD 9 or DragonFly 4.4 (and earlier) so this modification is removed for those platforms. * Remove procfs mount for lang/rust and lang/rust-nightly. This was necessary for DragonFly, but rust has been fixed for DF 4.6 and later * Add a stage-QA exception for entries left /var/spool/*. The presence of these are not an identication of a port issue * Sanitize synthexec to verify file descriptors 0 .. 2 are in use and automatically close any file descriptor > 2 before execv fork.
math/jtransforms - 2.4
Consistently set USE_JAVA to "yes" to reduce future confusion. Approved by: olgeni (maintainer)
science/orthanc-dicomweb - 0.3
- Update to 0.3 - While here, switch to USES=localbase PR: 211265 Submitted by: (maintainer)
science/orthanc-webviewer - 2.2
- Update to 2.2 - While here, switch to USES=localbase PR: 211264 Submitted by: (maintainer)
science/orthanc - 1.1.0
- Update to 1.1.0 - Switch to USES=ssl PR: 211263 Submitted by: (maintainer)