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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
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Mon, 16 Dec 2013
[ 17:40:14 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:336650
apricots games files touched by this commit Fly a little plane around and shoot things and drop bombs
avbin multimedia files touched by this commit FFmpeg wrapper
blackshadeselite games files touched by this commit Psychic Bodyguard FPS - protect the VIP
brainparty games files touched by this commit Family-friendly set of 36 puzzle games
brickshooter games files touched by this commit Push blocks on to the playing field, match block colors to remove them
bumprace games files touched by this commit Simple arcade racing game
caph games files touched by this commit Physics-based sandbox game
crrcsim games files touched by this commit Model-airplane flight simulation program
devil graphics files touched by this commit Full featured cross-platform image library
enigma games files touched by this commit Enigma is a reimplementation of Oxyd, a puzzle game
fillets-ng games files touched by this commit Wonderful puzzle game
findmaildirs mail files touched by this commit Simple utility to create list of maildirs for mutt
funnyboat games files touched by this commit Side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea
geeqie graphics files touched by this commit Lightweight image viewer forked from GQview
gitg devel files touched by this commit GTK-based git repository viewer
glosm graphics files touched by this commit 3D OpenGL renderer for OpenStreetMap
gnucflow devel files touched by this commit Tool to chart control flow within the C program
jigzo games files touched by this commit OpenGL jigsaw puzzle game
liblqr-1 graphics files touched by this commit Easy to use C/C++ seam carving library
libosmpbf astro files touched by this commit Library for handling binary OpenStreetMap data
meandmyshadow games files touched by this commit Me and My Shadow puzzle/platform game
meritous games files touched by this commit Action-adventure dungeon crawl game
metromap misc files touched by this commit Simple application for finding paths in different subways maps
mkgmap astro files touched by this commit Convert OpenStreetMap data into a Garmin format
npush games files touched by this commit Curses-based logic game similar to Sokoban and Boulder Dash
nvidia-texture-tools graphics files touched by this commit Texture Tools with support for DirectX 10 texture formats
opencity games files touched by this commit Free 3D city simulator
osmium astro files touched by this commit C++/Javascript framework for working with OSM files
pacman sysutils files touched by this commit Package manager from ArchLinux
phlipple games files touched by this commit Flipping squares will never be the same
pipepanic games files touched by this commit Pipe connecting game using libSDL
pipewalker games files touched by this commit Clone of the NetWalk game
plee-the-bear games files touched by this commit 2D platform jump and run game
py-pyglet graphics  Ignore files touched by this commit Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python
qrfcview deskutils files touched by this commit Graphical RFC viewer
quantumminigolf games files touched by this commit Computer game visualizing quantum mechanics
quesoglc graphics files touched by this commit Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer
redeclipse games files touched by this commit Single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
reminiscence games files touched by this commit Rewritten engine for Flashback
rezerwar games files touched by this commit Puzzle game involving organizing blocks with pipes
scrot graphics files touched by this commit Screen capture utility that utilizes Imlib2
sdb games files touched by this commit Futuristic overhead shooter
sdlsand games files touched by this commit Simulation of falling sand and other materials
spacejunk games files touched by this commit Video game about traveling in 2D planetary systems
stormbaancoureur games files touched by this commit Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
tiled graphics files touched by this commit General purpose tile map editor
tokamak devel files touched by this commit High performance real-time physics library
toycars games files touched by this commit Physics-based 2D racing game
uncrustify textproc files touched by this commit Highly configurable source code beautifier
valyriatear games files touched by this commit Open Source J-RPG based on the Hero of Allacrost engine
ximp3 audio files touched by this commit Simple console MP3 player
xtron games files touched by this commit Avoid running into walls, your own tail, and that of your opponent
- Remove DOCS, NLS and EXAMPLES from OPTIONS_DEFAULT in my ports, as suggested
by Porter's Handbook

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