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Sun, 14 Oct 2012
[ 18:43:19 crees ] Original commit   Revision:305889
musicpd audio files touched by this commit Remote-controllable music daemon
Update to 0.17.2

Changes in 0.17.1:

Jonathan Neuschaefer (1):
      command: require appropriate permissions for searchadd{,pl}

Jurgen Kramer (1):
      Add song duration to DSF and DSDIFF DSD decoders.

Max Kellermann (12): increment version number to 0.17.1
      Merge branch 'fix-typo' of
      require GLib 2.16
      test/test_pcm: add pcm_volume tests
      output_init: put the "convert" filter at the end of the list
      aiff: support the AIFC format updated web server for "upload" target
      cue_parser: support file types "MP3", "AIFF"
      tag_ape: return false if no usable tag was found
      tcp_socket, ...: remove obsolet RAOP sources add -I to CPPFLAGS, not CFLAGS replace MPD_CHECK_FLAG with autoconf-archive scripts

Simon Hengel (1):
      Fix typo

Changes in 0.17.2:

Anton Khirnov (1):
      client_file: remove pure attribute from client_allow_file().

Avuton Olrich (2):
      Modify version string to post-release version 0.17.2~git
      mpd version 0.17.2

Max Kellermann (42):
      input_stream, main: remove obsolete GLib version checks
      valgrind.suppressions: suppressions for GStaticMutex and more
      playlist_song: move code to playlist_check_load_song()
      playlist_song: improve const-correctness
      playlist_song: use map_to_relative_path()
      mapper: fix non-UTF8 music directory name
      input/ffmpeg: remove fallback AV_VERSION_INT definition
      timer: use monotonic clock if available
      output/httpd: move code to _has_clients()
      output/httpd: fix throttling bug after resuming playback
      output/httpd: move delay from _pause() to _delay()
      output/pulse: simplify _wait_stream()
      output/pulse: implement method delay()
      output/jack: implement method delay()
      log: store duplicated path string
      decoder/fluidsynth: remove throttle (requires libfluidsynth 1.1)
      decoder/fluidsynth: check if file is really a MIDI
      decoder/fluidsynth: don't duplicate path
      decoder/fluidsynth: stop playback at end of file auto-detect libfluidsynth
      decoder/fluidsynth: add "soundfont" setting
      decoder/fluidsynth: add "sample_rate" setting
      doc/user: add wildmidi documentation
      mapper: fix potential crash in file permission check
      filter/volume: include cleanup
      playlist: fix unprotected player_control access
      player_thread: add local variable "start_ms"
      playlist_song: fix user-after-free bug
      playlist_song: pass const song to _check_load_song()
      playlist_print: fix memory leak
      queue_save: save song priorities
      command: make "single" a bool
      player_thread: disable cross-fading in "single" mode
      playlist/cue: map "PERFORMER" to "artist" or "album artist"
      update_walk: fix unsafe readlink() usage
      AudioCompress: abort on out-of-memory
      decoder/_ogg_common: simplify the large "if" expression
      decoder/_ogg_common: fix buffer size check
      locate: cast enum tag_type to int before comparing with integer
      decoder/wavpack: support all APEv2 tags don't auto-detect the Vorbis encoder when Tremor is enabled
      decoder_control: remove MixRamp debug messages

Wieland Hoffmann (2):
      mpd.conf(5): Document the existence of musicbrainz_ tags
      mpd.conf(5): Use the correct default value for max_playlist_length

Feature safe:	yes

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