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Thu, 1 Jun 2006
[ 12:13:54 ehaupt ] Original commit 
aylet audio  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit A command line player for the .ay audio file format
bannerfilter www  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Squid redirect script for filtering web banners
bcrypt security files touched by this commit Cross-platform blowfish encryption utility
bestfit misc files touched by this commit Optimally choose files to be put on a CD (or other media)
bmp2html graphics files touched by this commit BMP to HTML converter
brag news files touched by this commit Download and assemble multipart binaries from newsgroups
ccard finance  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit A command line offline credit card validator/analyzer
cdircmp sysutils files touched by this commit Compare directories and select files to copy
cksfv security files touched by this commit Create or manipulate Simple File Verification (SFV) checksum files
cmospwd sysutils files touched by this commit BIOS password recovery tool
countrycodes misc files touched by this commit ISO 3166 country code finder
cvsspam devel files touched by this commit Sends diffs when a change is committed to your CVS repository
cyrus2courier mail files touched by this commit Cyrus-IMAP to Maildir++ conversion utility
ddate misc files touched by this commit Command to print the date in Discordian date format
deb2targz archivers files touched by this commit Command-line utility for converting a Debian .deb file to a .tar.gz
delatt mail files touched by this commit Strip attachments from email
ecm archivers files touched by this commit Compresses CD images by stripping unnecessary EDC/ECC data
exrtools graphics files touched by this commit Utilities for manipulating with HDR images in OpenEXR format
fdupes sysutils files touched by this commit Fdupes is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files
festalon audio files touched by this commit Command line player for .nsf and .hes audio files
filters games files touched by this commit Collection of filters, including B1FF, and the Swedish Chef
fldiff textproc files touched by this commit Graphical diff program using FLTK
gbsplay audio files touched by this commit Emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy(TM)
gnu-watch misc files touched by this commit GNU watch command
gopod misc  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Restricted Utility to cap/uncap an iPod
gtk-launch x11 files touched by this commit Fast GTK+ program launcher
gzrecover archivers files touched by this commit GZIP recovery toolkit
highlnk sysutils files touched by this commit Tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks
htmlise textproc files touched by this commit Formats plain text as HTML
httping net files touched by this commit Ping-like tool for HTTP requests
linklint www files touched by this commit Perl script that checks links on web sites
lmclock x11-clocks files touched by this commit Xerox Lisp machine clock clone
magicrescue sysutils files touched by this commit File recovery tool which recovers deleted files from a block device
malint audio files touched by this commit MPEG Audio stream validator
mar archivers files touched by this commit Simple binary file format for storing arbitrary meta and user data
mathomatic math files touched by this commit Highly portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System)
metacam graphics files touched by this commit Digital camera EXIF meta-information reader
micro_proxy net files touched by this commit Really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
modplugplay audio files touched by this commit Command-line music mod player using libmodplug
most sysutils files touched by this commit Pager (like less) which has support for windows and binary files
mp-player audio files touched by this commit Curses based module tracker using libmikmod
mp3guessenc audio files touched by this commit Utility for guessing which encoder was used to encode an mp3 file
mpck audio  Deleted files touched by this commit A command-line utility for checking mp3 files for errors
nbsmtp mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Simple program for outgoing SMTP delivery
netwalker-ircc irc files touched by this commit Lightweight curses-based IRC client
nslint dns files touched by this commit Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
ocp audio files touched by this commit The legendary Open Cubic Player
openspc audio  Ignore files touched by this commit Command-line player for .spc and .zst files
penguinsap audio files touched by this commit Command-line Atari(TM) .sap player
pkcrack security files touched by this commit Utility for breaking pkzip encryption
ppmd archivers files touched by this commit Fast archiver with good compression ratio
qmail-rblchk mail files touched by this commit Qmail RBL filter
recoverjpeg graphics files touched by this commit Recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures from a peripheral
recvnet net files touched by this commit Recvnet (inverse telnet) is a utility for debugging tcp connections
ree misc files touched by this commit Tool to dump your ROM extensions
rej sysutils files touched by this commit Merges patch-rejects and runs a merge program to verify the changes
resid audio files touched by this commit Cycle-based SID emulator engine
rtf2html textproc files touched by this commit Simple rtf2html converter
schism audio files touched by this commit Module tracker editor/player resembling impulse tracker
schwobifyer german files touched by this commit Utility for translating German into the Schwaebisch dialect
sfront audio files touched by this commit Translator that converts MP4-SA files into efficient C programs
sidplayer audio files touched by this commit C64 SID tune player
spfval mail files touched by this commit SPF validator
tardy archivers files touched by this commit Manipulate the file headers in tar archive files in various ways
telak graphics files touched by this commit Tool to draw pictures on your root window
textmaze games files touched by this commit Generates mazes on a text terminal and lets you traverse them
thinglaunch x11 files touched by this commit Very fast launcher program for X
tthsum security files touched by this commit Command-line utility for generating and checking TTH message digests
typespeed games files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS
uni2ascii textproc files touched by this commit Convert between UTF-8 Unicode and 7-bit ASCII equivalents
unlzx archivers files touched by this commit Extracts .lzx archives from Amiga systems
unzoo archivers files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. ZOO archive extractor
vii sysutils files touched by this commit Execute a command repeatedly and scroll the output
watchfolder sysutils files touched by this commit Watch folders for new files and process them
wav2cdr audio files touched by this commit Converts WAV files into CDR audio file format
wuzzah sysutils files touched by this commit Command-line utility for stalking users
xlreader textproc files touched by this commit Convert .xls spread sheets to tab delimited CSV or SQL inserts
xmms-nsf audio files touched by this commit XMMS input-plugin for playing Nintendo(TM) NSF audio files
xmms-openspc audio  Ignore files touched by this commit SPC player for XMMS using OpenSPC
xmms-sexypsf audio files touched by this commit XMMS plugin for playing .psf files
yell audio files touched by this commit Command-line pc speaker bell
zeroer sysutils files touched by this commit Command-line utility for wiping unallocated space on a filesystem
zonenotify dns files touched by this commit DNS notify sender written in C
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