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Sat, 2 Jun 2007
[ 08:36:21 hrs ] Original commit 
klayout cad files touched by this commit A Qt-based GDS2 Viewer
Update to 0.10.  Changes include:

- OASIS files can be read as well now. The reader automatically
  determines the kind of file. OASIS layer names are supported. Due to
  the complexity of the OASIS specification, or more precisely the
  effort required to test a reader for meeting the specification, OASIS
  support currently is regarded to be in "beta" state.

- Layers can now be organized hierarchically. Layers can be grouped
  which allows to control visibility and other properties for the group
  as a whole. Layers can be removed from the layer view list or new
  layer views can be created.

- The layout can be transformed (rotated, shifted, mirrored) now. This
  transformation is specified in the layer panel as a part of the layer
  source specification. An optional transformation can be applied per
  layer or layer group. This way for example, different layouts can be
  aligned over each other.

- Shape properties now are supported. Each shape may carry optional
  properties that are read from GDS or OASIS files. A property selector
  can be applied per layer view, so that a layer only shows these shapes
  that match the given property selection.

- As an experimental feature, the inverse layout tree can be
  visualised by allowing the minimum hierarchy level to go into the
  negative range. The effect of this is, that a cell is shown in the
  context of all of it's direct parents, if the first hierarchy level is
  set to -1. If set to -2, the cell is shown in the context of all of
  it's parents and grandparents and so on. Since there is no particular
  optimiziation for this feature, performance may be poor, if a cell
  must be painted in a huge number of contexts. In addition, the context
  displayed does not participate in selection or ruler snapping.

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