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Tue, 27 Jun 2006
[ 03:58:58 rafan ] Original commit 
CJK chinese  Deleted files touched by this commit A LaTeX2e macro package which enables the use of CJK scripts
bibtool textproc files touched by this commit Command line manipulation of BibTeX files
dictd-database chinese files touched by this commit Chinese <-> English dictd words database
enscript chinese files touched by this commit ASCII to PostScript filter
enscript-letter print files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. ASCII to PostScript filter
freetype-tools print  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Tools for FreeType 1
libsvm science files touched by this commit Library for Support Vector Machines
libsvm-python science files touched by this commit Library for Support Vector Machines
mailgraph mail files touched by this commit RRDtool frontend for Postfix statistics
ncurses devel files touched by this commit Library for terminal-independent, full-screen output
omnitty net files touched by this commit Curses-based SSH multiplexer
oxim chinese files touched by this commit Open X Input Method server
p5-Color-Rgb graphics files touched by this commit Simple rgb.txt parsing class
p5-Data-Hierarchy devel files touched by this commit Handle data in a hierarchical structure
p5-Encode converters files touched by this commit Provides interfaces between strings and the rest of the system
p5-Encode-HanConvert chinese files touched by this commit Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings
p5-Encode-JIS2K converters files touched by this commit JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings
p5-File-BaseDir devel files touched by this commit Use the freedesktop basedir spec
p5-File-MimeInfo devel files touched by this commit Determine file type
p5-IO-Digest devel files touched by this commit Calculate digests while reading or writing
p5-IO-Pager devel files touched by this commit Select a pager, optionally pipe it output if destination is a TTY
p5-Kwiki-Diff www  Deleted Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Kwiki Diff Plugin
p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple devel files touched by this commit Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
p5-Module-ScanDeps devel files touched by this commit Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
p5-PAR devel files touched by this commit Perl Archive Toolkit
p5-PPerl devel files touched by this commit Make perl scripts persistent in memory
p5-PerlIO-eol devel files touched by this commit PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings
p5-PerlIO-via-dynamic devel files touched by this commit Dynamic PerlIO layers
p5-PerlIO-via-symlink devel files touched by this commit Symbolic link PerlIO layers
p5-SVN-Mirror devel files touched by this commit Mirror remote subversion repository to local
p5-SVN-Simple devel files touched by this commit Simple interface to SVN::Delta::Editor
p5-SVN-Web devel files touched by this commit Subversion repository web frontend
p5-VCP-Dest-svk devel files touched by this commit VCP destination driver for svn/svk
p5-XML-Clean textproc files touched by this commit Ensure, that *(HTML)* text pass throught an XML parser
pear-Net_IMAP mail files touched by this commit PEAR class that provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
svk devel files touched by this commit Distributed Version Control System
xemacs21 chinese  Deleted files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. XEmacs text editor version 21, with XIM support and Big5 settings
Change to my email.

Approved by:    delphij (mentor)

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