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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
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Mon, 30 Jun 2014
[ 05:51:03 eadler ] Original commit   Revision:359802
2ping net-mgmt files touched by this commit Bi-directional ping utility
byobu sysutils files touched by this commit Profile and configuration utilities for GNU Screen
cramfs sysutils files touched by this commit The compressed ROM filesystem
cryptstring security files touched by this commit Crypto Strings for PHP
db46 databases  Deleted Deprecated files touched by this commit The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.6
db47 databases  Deleted Deprecated files touched by this commit The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.7
db48 databases  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.8
debhelper sysutils files touched by this commit Helper programs for debian/rules
flat-frog www files touched by this commit Templating engine working in php
flvtool++ multimedia files touched by this commit Tool for hinting and manipulating the metadata of FLV files
fusefs-s3fs sysutils files touched by this commit FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
geekbench benchmarks files touched by this commit Cross-platform benchmark suite
gregarius www files touched by this commit Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggregator
igbinary converters  Deleted files touched by this commit Replacement for the standard PHP serializer
isl devel files touched by this commit Integer Set Library
libzmq2 net files touched by this commit ZeroMQ core library (Version 2)
liquibase databases files touched by this commit Database Change Management
lrzip archivers files touched by this commit Long Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP
mod_memcache www files touched by this commit Apache 2.2.x module to manage apr_memcache connections
mod_realdoc www files touched by this commit Apache module to support atomic deploys
mydumper databases files touched by this commit MySQL Data Dumper
openark-kit databases files touched by this commit Common utilities for MySQL
opencore-amr audio files touched by this commit OpenCORE implementation of AMR Narrowband & Wideband speech codec
p5-Amazon-SimpleDB databases files touched by this commit Low-level perlish interface for working with Amazon SimpleDB service
p5-AnyEvent-Gearman devel files touched by this commit Asynchronous Gearman client/worker module for AnyEvent applications
p5-App-Rad devel files touched by this commit Rapid creation of command line applications
p5-App-Trace devel files touched by this commit Embedded debug statements, including call/return tracing
p5-Array-Unique devel files touched by this commit Tie-able array that allows only unique values
p5-Authen-TypeKey security files touched by this commit TypeKey authentication verification
p5-BBS-UserInfo net files touched by this commit Base class of BBS::UserInfo::XXX
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Maple3 net files touched by this commit Get user information of Maple3-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Maple3itoc net files touched by this commit Get user information of Maple3itoc-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Ptt net files touched by this commit Get user information of PTT-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-SOB net files touched by this commit Get user information of SOB-style BBS
p5-BBS-UserInfo-Wretch net files touched by this commit Get user information of Wretch-style BBS
p5-BS-Event devel files touched by this commit Class that provides an event callback interface
p5-Blog-Spam www files touched by this commit Blog & Forum SPAM Detection
p5-CLASS devel files touched by this commit Alias for __PACKAGE__
p5-CSS-Compressor textproc files touched by this commit Perl extension for CSS minification
p5-Cache-BDB databases files touched by this commit Object caching wrapper around BerkeleyDB
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-OpenID www files touched by this commit OpenID Authentication
p5-Cisco-Reconfig net-mgmt files touched by this commit Parse and generate Cisco configuration files
p5-Class-Accessor-Children devel files touched by this commit Automated child-class/accessor generation
p5-Class-Accessor-Complex devel files touched by this commit Arrays, hashes, booleans, integers, sets, and more
p5-Class-Std-Utils devel files touched by this commit Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects
p5-Clone-More devel files touched by this commit Perl module for natively copying Perl data structures
p5-Config-INI-Simple devel files touched by this commit Simple reading and writing from an INI file
p5-Data-IPV4-Range-Parse net files touched by this commit Perl extension parsing IPv4 ranges
p5-Data-Miscellany devel files touched by this commit Collection of miscellaneous subroutines
p5-Data-Range-Compare devel files touched by this commit Find gaps & intersections in lists of ranges
p5-Data-Rmap devel files touched by this commit Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure
p5-Dist-Joseki devel files touched by this commit Tools for the prolific module author
p5-Emplacken www files touched by this commit Manage multiple plack apps with a directory of config files
p5-Encode-CNMap chinese files touched by this commit Enhanced Chinese encodings with Simplified-Traditional auto-mapping
p5-File-Find-Closures devel files touched by this commit Functions you can use with File::Find
p5-File-Find-Rule-Filesys-Virtual devel files touched by this commit File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual
p5-File-Pid devel files touched by this commit Pid File Manipulation
p5-File-Slurp-Tree devel files touched by this commit Slurp and emit file trees as nested hashes
p5-Fuse-Simple sysutils files touched by this commit Simple way to write filesystems in Perl using FUSE
p5-Getopt-Attribute devel files touched by this commit Attribute wrapper for Getopt::Long
p5-HTML-Adsense www files touched by this commit Create adsense widgets easily
p5-HTML-RSSAutodiscovery www files touched by this commit Methods for retrieving RSS-ish information from an HTML document
p5-Hash-WithDefaults devel files touched by this commit Class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults
p5-IO-All-LWP devel files touched by this commit IO::All interface to LWP
p5-IPC-Mmap-Share devel files touched by this commit Safely share structures among processes using anonymous mmap
p5-IPC-Open3-Simple devel files touched by this commit Simple alternative to IPC::Open3
p5-Image-Imgur graphics files touched by this commit Perl extension for uploading images to
p5-Image-Magick-Iterator graphics files touched by this commit Sequentially read Image::Magick object from a filehandle
p5-Image-MetaData-GQview graphics files touched by this commit Perl extension for GQview image metadata
p5-Inline-TT devel files touched by this commit Provides inline support for template toolkit 2.x
p5-JQuery devel files touched by this commit Interface to Jquery, a language based on JavaScript
p5-Jabber-Lite net-im files touched by this commit Standalone library for communicating with Jabber servers
p5-Lingua-ZH-HanDetect chinese files touched by this commit Guess Chinese text's variant and encoding
p5-Lingua-ZH-WordSegmenter chinese files touched by this commit Simplified Chinese Word Segmentation
p5-List-AllUtils devel files touched by this commit Combines List::Util and List::MoreUtils in one bite-sized package
p5-Log-Simple devel files touched by this commit Basic runtime logger
p5-Luka devel files touched by this commit Exception handling and reporting framework
p5-MRTG-Parse net-mgmt files touched by this commit Parsing and utilizing logfiles generated by MRTG Tool
p5-Mail-SendEasy mail files touched by this commit Send plain/html e-mails through SMTP servers
p5-Makefile-DOM textproc files touched by this commit Simple DOM parser for Makefiles
p5-Math-CDF math files touched by this commit Generate probabilities and quantiles
p5-Math-Geometry math files touched by this commit Geometry related functions
p5-Modern-Perl lang files touched by this commit Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one import
p5-MooseX-Types-Perl devel files touched by this commit Moose types that check against Perl syntax
p5-NNML news  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Restricted Is Interactive Minimal NNTP server
p5-Net-ACL net-mgmt files touched by this commit Class representing a generic access-list/route-map
p5-Net-Cassandra net files touched by this commit Interface to Cassandra
p5-Net-IP-RangeCompare net files touched by this commit Perl extension for IP Range Comparisons
p5-Net-LimeLight-Purge net files touched by this commit LimeLight Purge Service API
p5-Net-OpenStack-Attack net files touched by this commit Tools for stress testing an OpenStack deployment
p5-Net-PubSubHubbub-Publisher net files touched by this commit Client library to ping a PubSubHubbub hub
p5-Net-RBLClient dns files touched by this commit Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel
p5-Net-SMTP-TLS mail files touched by this commit SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH
p5-Net-Todoist net files touched by this commit Todoist API
p5-Object-Array devel files touched by this commit Array references with accessors
p5-Object-Container devel files touched by this commit Simple object container
p5-OurNet-BBSAgent net files touched by this commit Scriptable telnet-based virtual users
p5-PDF-Writer textproc files touched by this commit PDF writer abstraction layer
p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires www files touched by this commit Perl module mod_expires for Plack
p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor www files touched by this commit Plack middleware to handle X-Forwarded-For headers
p5-Plucene-Analysis-CJKAnalyzer textproc files touched by this commit Analyzer for CJK texts
p5-Proc-PidUtil sysutils files touched by this commit PID file management utilities
p5-RPC-Simple net files touched by this commit Perl classes to handle simple asynchronous RPC calls with call-back
p5-Regexp-Common-profanity_us textproc files touched by this commit Provide regexes for U.S. profanity
p5-Regexp-DefaultFlags textproc files touched by this commit Set default flags on regular expressions
p5-SOAP-MySOAP net files touched by this commit Extremely basic SOAP client module
p5-SVG-DOM2 graphics files touched by this commit SVG extension to the popular XML::DOM2
p5-Search-Odeum textproc files touched by this commit Perl interface to the Odeum inverted index API
p5-ShipIt-Step-Manifest devel files touched by this commit ShipIt step for recreating the MANIFEST
p5-Solr textproc files touched by this commit Perl extension for interfacing with Solr
p5-Term-Encoding devel files touched by this commit Detect encoding of the current terminal
p5-Test-Benchmark devel files touched by this commit Make sure something really is faster
p5-Test-HasVersion devel files touched by this commit Check Perl modules have version numbers
p5-Test-Singleton devel files touched by this commit Test for Singleton classes
p5-Text-Delimited textproc files touched by this commit Module for parsing delimited text files
p5-Text-Emoticon textproc files touched by this commit Factory class for Yahoo! and MSN emoticons
p5-Text-Tags textproc files touched by this commit Parses folksonomy space-separated tags
p5-Tie-Simple devel files touched by this commit Variable ties made easier: much, much, much easier
p5-WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop www files touched by this commit SpamCop reporting automation
p5-WWW-WebArchive www files touched by this commit Retrieve old versions of public web pages from various web archives
p5-Web-Query www files touched by this commit Yet another scraping library like jQuery
p5-Web-oEmbed www files touched by this commit oEmbed consumer
p5-WebService-NoPaste www files touched by this commit Pastebin web application to upload snippets of text
p5-WebService-Pushover www files touched by this commit Interface to Pushover API
p5-What net files touched by this commit Find out about running services
p5-XML-Canonical textproc files touched by this commit Perl Implementation of Canonical XML
p5-XML-CanonicalizeXML textproc files touched by this commit Extension for inclusive/exclusive canonicalization of XML
p5-Xymon net-mgmt files touched by this commit Xymon Base Module
p5-Xymon-Client net-mgmt files touched by this commit Interface to xymon/hobbit client
p5-Xymon-Server net-mgmt files touched by this commit Xymon Server Interface
p5-Yahoo-BBAuth security files touched by this commit Perl interface to the Yahoo! Browser-Based Authentication
p5-subatom devel files touched by this commit Produce an atom feed from subversion commits
pear-Net_Gearman devel files touched by this commit Gearman client libraray for PHP
pecl-memcached databases files touched by this commit PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
pecl-zookeeper devel files touched by this commit PHP extension for interfacing with Apache ZooKeeper
php-Auth_OpenID security  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit PHP OpenID library
php-Auth_OpenID2 security  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit PHP OpenID library
php-composer devel files touched by this commit Dependency Manager for PHP
pigz archivers files touched by this commit Parallel GZIP
punbb www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board
py-iplib net files touched by this commit Convert amongst many different IPv4 notations
py-pudb devel files touched by this commit Full-screen, console-based Python debugger
py-pylibmc databases files touched by this commit Python wrapper around the libmemcached interface
py-swift databases files touched by this commit Highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store
repng2jpeg graphics files touched by this commit Tool to recompress JPEG/PNG/GIF
ruby-flvtool2 multimedia  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files
sharedance databases files touched by this commit Daemon to centralize keys and associated data
sprinkle net files touched by this commit Stomp messaging broker written in Python
sqlitemanager databases files touched by this commit Multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database
super-smack benchmarks files touched by this commit Benchmarking, stress testing, and load generation tool for Databases
sysfsutils devel files touched by this commit System Utilities Based on Sysfs
the_silver_searcher textproc files touched by this commit Code-searching tool similar to ack but faster
tokyotyrant databases files touched by this commit Network interface of Tokyo Cabinet
yconalyzer net files touched by this commit TCP Traffic Analyzer
ydict chinese files touched by this commit Command line tool of Yahoo! Dict
multiple: reset gslin's maintainer
	By request of Gea-Suan Lin <> - reset ports to ports@FreeBSD.

	Gea-Suan Lin's work is much appreciated.

Approved by:	portmgr (implicit) (not really, skipping NO_STAGE check)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 155

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