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Mon, 2 Jun 2014
[ 01:42:11 osa ] Original commit   Revision:356190
redis-devel databases files touched by this commit Persistent key-value database with built-in net interface
Upgrade from 3.0.0-beta2 to 3.0.0-beta5.
Fix lua/luajit-specific extra patches.


--[ Redis 3.0.0 Beta 5 (version 2.9.54) ] Release date: 26 may 2014

This is the 5th beta of Redis 3.0.0. It does not include any real
worthwhile change (just three days passed since the previous beta), but
fixes two stupid bugs preventing cluster tests to pass.

--[ Redis 3.0.0 Beta 4 (version 2.9.53) ] Release date: 23 may 2014

This is the fourth beta of Redis 3.0.0.

>> General changes

* [NEW] Scripting engine performances improvements.
* [NEW] Log format slightly changed to report current node role.

* [FIX] Correct the HyperLogLog stale cache flag to prevent unnecessary

>> Cluster changes

* [NEW] redis-trib: ability to import data from standalone Redis instances.
* [NEW] redis-trib: "fix" subcommand much better at fixing errors.
* [NEW] CLUSTER RESET implemented, it is now possible to completely reset
        nodes and create a new cluster without restarting anything.
* [NEW] Slave validity factor (max estimated data age to still failover)
        is now under the control of the user, and can be configured via
        redis.conf or CONFIG SET. Option name cluster-slave-validity-factor.
* [NEW] Cluster test: failure detection and failover initial tests.
* [NEW] CLUSTER MEET: better error messages when address is invalid.
* [NEW] Bulk-accept new Cluster nodes in the Cluster bus instead of
        performing just a single accept() per event fired.

* [FIX] Bypass data_age check for manual failovers.
* [FIX] Fixed data_age computation / check integer overflow.
* [FIX] Various fixes to Tcl client.tcl Redis Cluster client used in tests.
* [FIX] Better handling of stolen slots.
* [FIX] Don't accept cluster bus connections during startup.

>> Sentinel changes

* [NEW] Generate +config-update-from event when a new config is received.
* [NEW] Log when a failover will be re-attempted again.

* [FIX] Sentinel: Add "dir /tmp" directive in example sentinel.conf.

--[ Redis 3.0.0 Beta 3 (version 2.9.52) ] Release date: 5 may 2014

This is the third beta of Redis 3.0.0.

>> General changes

* [NEW] New data structure: the HyperLogLog (see 2.8 release notes).
* [NEW] Lexicograhical range queries in sorted sets (see 2.8 release notes).
* [NEW] LRU algorithm precision greatly improved.

* [FIX] Redis is now much more responsive to reply with LOADING / BUSY errors.

>> Cluster changes

* [NEW] Cluster testing framework and initial tests.
* [NEW] Cluster epochs collision resolution (make Redis Cluster more resilient
        to admin and programming errors).
* [NEW] Persist / fsync some global state to ensure correct crash-recovery
* [NEW] New command introduced: CLUSTER SET-CONFIG-EPOCH, still not used
        by redis-trib. Will be used to speedup the assignment of unique
        epochs to different nodes at cluster creation time. For now this is
        handled as a side effect of the cluster epochs collision resolution.

* [FIX] Different fixes to redis-trib cluster creation.
* [FIX] Fix an error in the CLUSTER NODES output for nodes slots.

>> Sentinel changes

* [NEW] Sentinels are now able to send update messages in a peer-to-peer
        fashion even if no Redis instances are available. Now the Sentinel
        liveness property that the most updated configuration in a given
        partition is propagated to all the Sentinels is extended to partitions
        without reachable instances.
* [NEW] Sentinel safety properties are now ensured in a crash-recovery system
        model since some state is persisted on disk before replying to other
        nodes, and reloaded at startup.
* [NEW] Sentinel now uses CLIENT SETNAME so that it is easy to identify
        Sentinels using CLIENT LIST among other clients.
* [NEW] Sentinel failure detection and reconnection code improved.


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