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Thu, 18 Dec 2008
[ 02:24:04 linimon ] Original commit 
cedet devel files touched by this commit Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
cw sysutils files touched by this commit Non-intrusive color wrapper for common commands
dictionary textproc files touched by this commit Dictionary client for Emacs
ecb devel files touched by this commit Emacs Code Browser
emms audio files touched by this commit The Emacs Multi-Media System
exim-doc-html mail files touched by this commit Documentation for the Exim MTA in multiple formats
fcitx chinese files touched by this commit Flexible Input Method Framework
ipython devel files touched by this commit Enhanced Interactive Python shell
muse textproc files touched by this commit Authoring and publishing environment for Emacs
planner.el deskutils  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit PlannerMode is an organizer and day planner for Emacs
py-HTMLgen www files touched by this commit Python library for the generation of HTML documents
py-durus devel files touched by this commit Persistent object storage system for Python
py-feedparser textproc files touched by this commit Universal feed parser written in Python
py-formencode www files touched by this commit HTML form validation, generation, and conversion package
py-myghtyutils devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Container and Utility Functions from the Myghty Template Framework
py-nose devel files touched by this commit Discovery-based unittest extension
py-pastescript www files touched by this commit Pluggable command-line frontend
py-pexpect misc files touched by this commit Pure Python Expect-like module
py-protocols-devel devel files touched by this commit Protocol Definition, Declaration, and Adaptation for Python
py-qp www files touched by this commit Python web framework to use qpy and durus together
py-qpy www files touched by this commit Generating safely-quoted html text from python code
py-routes www files touched by this commit Routing package for Python that matches URLs to dicts and vice versa
py-ruledispatch devel files touched by this commit Rule-based Dispatching and Generic Functions
py-sqlalchemy databases files touched by this commit Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper
py-sqlobject databases files touched by this commit Python object for manipulation with SQL table row
pyblosxom www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Lightweight weblog system
quixote www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Framework for developing web applications in Python
rlwrap devel files touched by this commit Readline wrapper
roundup www files touched by this commit Issue-Tracking System for Knowledge Workers
tree-widget editors files touched by this commit Tree widget for Emacs
xtla devel files touched by this commit Emacs front-end to tla
Reassign ports maintained by dryice@ for now due to other commitments.

Hat:    portmgr

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