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Wed, 26 May 2010
[ 11:18:46 jacula ] Original commit 
hs-ALUT audio files touched by this commit Binding for the OpenAL Utility Toolkit
hs-Agda math files touched by this commit Dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant
hs-Agda-executable math  Deleted files touched by this commit Command-line program for type-checking and compiling Agda programs
hs-DeepArrow devel  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Arrows for "deep application"
hs-Diff textproc files touched by this commit O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell
hs-FileManip devel  Deleted files touched by this commit Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
hs-GLURaw x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
hs-HGL graphics files touched by this commit Simple Haskell graphics library based on X11 or Win32
hs-HTTP www files touched by this commit Library for client-side HTTP
hs-MemoTrie devel files touched by this commit Trie-based memo functions
hs-MissingH devel files touched by this commit Large Haskell utility library
hs-MonadCatchIO-mtl devel files touched by this commit Monad-transformer version of the Control.Exception module
hs-ObjectName devel files touched by this commit Explicitly handled object names for Haskell
hs-OpenAL audio files touched by this commit Binding to the OpenAL cross-platform 3D audio API
hs-OpenGLRaw x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
hs-QuickCheck devel files touched by this commit Automatic testing of Haskell programs
hs-StateVar devel files touched by this commit State variables for Haskell
hs-Tensor devel files touched by this commit Tensor data types for Haskell
hs-TypeCompose devel files touched by this commit Type composition classes and instances
hs-arrows devel files touched by this commit Haskell arrow classes and transformers
hs-bio science files touched by this commit Bioinformatics library
hs-brainfuck lang files touched by this commit Brainfuck interpreter written in Haskell
hs-category-extras math  Deleted Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Various Haskell modules and constructs inspired by category theory
hs-cgi www files touched by this commit Haskell library for writing CGI programs
hs-checkers devel files touched by this commit Check properties on standard classes and data structures
hs-convertible devel files touched by this commit Typeclasses and instances for converting between types
hs-criterion benchmarks files touched by this commit Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis
hs-datetime devel files touched by this commit Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use in Haskell
hs-deepseq devel  Deleted files touched by this commit Fully evaluate Haskell data structures
hs-erf math files touched by this commit The error function, erf, and friends for Haskell
hs-fastcgi www files touched by this commit Haskell library for writing FastCGI programs
hs-feed textproc files touched by this commit Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds in Haskell
hs-fgl devel files touched by this commit Martin Erwig Functional Graph Library
hs-ghc-mtl devel files touched by this commit Mtl-compatible version of the Ghc-Api monads and monad-transformers
hs-ghc-paths devel files touched by this commit Knowledge of GHC's installation directories
hs-ghc-paths-docs devel  Deleted files touched by this commit Documentation for ghc-paths
hs-haskeline devel files touched by this commit Command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell
hs-haskell-src-exts devel files touched by this commit Manipulating Haskell source
hs-hint devel files touched by this commit Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
hs-hoogle devel files touched by this commit Haskell API Search
hs-hscolour print files touched by this commit Colourise Haskell code
hs-hscolour-docs print  Deleted files touched by this commit Documentation for HsColour
hs-hslogger devel files touched by this commit Versatile logging framework
hs-http-server www files touched by this commit Library for writing Haskell web servers
hs-json converters files touched by this commit Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON
hs-mime mail files touched by this commit Working with MIME types
hs-mmap devel files touched by this commit Memory-mapped files for POSIX and Windows
hs-mueval devel files touched by this commit Safely evaluate pure Haskell expressions
hs-mwc-random math files touched by this commit Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation
hs-oeis www files touched by this commit Haskell interface to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
hs-probability math files touched by this commit Probabilistic Functional Programming
hs-reactive devel  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Push-pull functional reactive programming
hs-readline devel files touched by this commit Interface to the GNU readline library
hs-safe devel files touched by this commit Library for safe (pattern match free) functions
hs-scgi www files touched by this commit Haskell library for writing SCGI programs
hs-show devel files touched by this commit 'Show' instances for Lambdabot
hs-smallcheck devel files touched by this commit Property-based testing library
hs-split devel files touched by this commit Combinator library for splitting lists
hs-statistics math files touched by this commit Library of statistical types, data, and functions
hs-tagsoup textproc files touched by this commit Parsing and extracting information from HTML/XML documents
hs-testpack devel files touched by this commit Test Utility Pack for HUnit and QuickCheck
hs-texmath textproc files touched by this commit Conversion of LaTeX math formulas to MathML or OMML
hs-transformers devel files touched by this commit Concrete functor monad transformers
hs-unamb devel files touched by this commit Unambiguous choice
hs-uniplate devel files touched by this commit Help writing simple, concise, and fast generic operations
hs-unix-compat devel files touched by this commit Portable POSIX-compatibility layer
hs-unlambda lang files touched by this commit Unlambda interpreter
hs-url www files touched by this commit Library for working with URLs
hs-utility-ht devel files touched by this commit Various small helper functions
hs-uuagc devel files touched by this commit Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht
hs-uulib devel files touched by this commit Haskell Utrecht Tools Library
hs-uvector devel  Deleted files touched by this commit Fast unboxed arrays with a flexible interface for Haskell
hs-uvector-algorithms devel  Deleted files touched by this commit Efficient algorithms for uvector unboxed arrays in Haskell
hs-vector-space math files touched by this commit Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives
hs-xml textproc files touched by this commit Simple XML library for Haskell
- Pass maintainership to

    audio/hs-ALUT, audio/hs-OpenAL, benchmarks/hs-criterion
    converters/hs-json, devel/hs-DeepArrow, devel/hs-FileManip
    devel/hs-MemoTrie, devel/hs-MissingH, devel/hs-MonadCatchIO-mtl
    devel/hs-ObjectName, devel/hs-QuickCheck, devel/hs-StateVar
    devel/hs-Tensor, devel/hs-TypeCompose, devel/hs-arrows
    devel/hs-checkers, devel/hs-convertible, devel/hs-datetime
    devel/hs-deepseq, devel/hs-fgl, devel/hs-ghc-mtl, devel/hs-ghc-paths
    devel/hs-ghc-paths-docs, devel/hs-haskeline
    devel/hs-haskell-src-exts, devel/hs-hint, devel/hs-hoogle
    devel/hs-hslogger, devel/hs-mmap, devel/hs-mueval, devel/hs-reactive
    devel/hs-readline, devel/hs-safe, devel/hs-show, devel/hs-smallcheck
    devel/hs-split, devel/hs-testpack, devel/hs-transformers
    devel/hs-unamb, devel/hs-uniplate, devel/hs-unix-compat
    devel/hs-utility-ht, devel/hs-uuagc, devel/hs-uulib
    devel/hs-uvector, devel/hs-uvector-algorithms, graphics/hs-HGL
    lang/hs-brainfuck, lang/hs-unlambda, mail/hs-mime, math/hs-Agda
    math/hs-Agda-executable, math/hs-category-extras, math/hs-erf
    math/hs-mwc-random, math/hs-probability, math/hs-statistics
    math/hs-vector-space, print/hs-hscolour, print/hs-hscolour-docs
    science/hs-bio, textproc/hs-Diff, textproc/hs-feed
    textproc/hs-tagsoup, textproc/hs-texmath, textproc/hs-xml
    www/hs-HTTP, www/hs-cgi, www/hs-fastcgi, www/hs-http-server
    www/hs-oeis, www/hs-scgi, www/hs-url, x11-toolkits/hs-GLURaw

Approved by:    pgj (mentor)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 75

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