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Wed, 27 Feb 2008
[ 15:10:54 ehaupt ] Original commit 
jakarta-commons-beanutils java files touched by this commit JavaBeans utility library
jakarta-commons-chain devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit API implementing Chain of Responsiblity design pattern
jakarta-commons-cli java files touched by this commit Java library for command line arguments and options
jakarta-commons-codec java files touched by this commit Implementations of common encoders and decoders
jakarta-commons-collections java files touched by this commit Classes that extend/augment the Java Collections Framework
jakarta-commons-configuration devel files touched by this commit Java package for the reading of configuration/preferences files
jakarta-commons-daemon devel files touched by this commit Wrapper code to start/stop a Java application as a daemon
jakarta-commons-dbcp java files touched by this commit The DBCP Component
jakarta-commons-dbutils databases files touched by this commit JDBC helper library
jakarta-commons-digester textproc files touched by this commit XML-to-Java-object mapping utility package
jakarta-commons-discovery java files touched by this commit Java library for locating resources (including classes)
jakarta-commons-httpclient java files touched by this commit Package implementing the client side of the HTTP standard
jakarta-commons-io devel files touched by this commit Collection of I/O utilities for Java
jakarta-commons-jelly lang files touched by this commit XML based scripting engine
jakarta-commons-jxpath devel files touched by this commit Utilities for manipulating Java Beans using the XPath syntax
jakarta-commons-lang java files touched by this commit Jakarta library with helper utilities for the java.lang API
jakarta-commons-logging java files touched by this commit Generic logging wrapper library
jakarta-commons-math math files touched by this commit Java library of self-contained mathematics and statistics components
jakarta-commons-modeler devel files touched by this commit Mechanisms to create Model MBeans compatible with JMX specification
jakarta-commons-net net files touched by this commit Collection of network protocol implementations for Java
jakarta-commons-pool java files touched by this commit Jakarta Object-pooling API
jakarta-commons-primitives java files touched by this commit Library supporting Java primitive types
Apache Commons project are no longer hosted under MASTER_SITES_APACHE
jakarta/commons subdirectory, they have been moved one directory up.

Introduce MASTER_SITE_APACHE_COMMONS_SOURCE and adjust 22 ports accordingly.

PR:             121041
Submitted by:   Marcin Cieslak <>
Approved by:    portmgr (linimon)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 23

Showing files for just one port: devel/jakarta-commons-chain

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1 file found
modify 1.4 View diff View revision /ports/head/devel/jakarta-commons-chain/Makefile
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