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Sat, 16 Jan 2010
[ 14:45:49 kuriyama ] Original commit 
p5-AcePerl biology files touched by this commit Perl5 interface to the ACEDB genome database system
p5-Apache-PageKit www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit MVCC web framework using mod_perl, XML and HTML::Template
p5-Apache-XBEL textproc  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Apache mod_perl handler to render an XBEL file as an HTML tree
p5-Attribute-Persistent devel files touched by this commit Attribute::Persistent - Really lazy persistence
p5-Authen-Captcha security files touched by this commit Perl module to verify the human element in transactions
p5-AxKit www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit XML Delivery Toolkit for Apache/Perl
p5-Bundle-Slash www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit A bundle to install all modules used for Slash
p5-Catalyst-Example-InstantCRUD www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Create a working CRUD Catalyst example with the least of effort
p5-Crypt-PasswdMD5 security files touched by this commit Perl module that provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() function
p5-Cvs devel files touched by this commit Cvs - Object oriented interface to the CVS command
p5-DBIx-Class-DigestColumns databases files touched by this commit Automatic digest columns
p5-DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn databases files touched by this commit Automatically encode columns
p5-Data-Localize devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for alternate data localization API
p5-DateTime-Format-HTTP devel files touched by this commit HTTP date conversion routines
p5-Devel-Cover devel files touched by this commit Code coverage metrics for Perl
p5-FEAR-API www files touched by this commit Web Scraping Zen
p5-Finance-QuoteTW finance files touched by this commit Fetch quotes of mutual funds in Taiwan
p5-Finance-TW-TSEQuote finance files touched by this commit Check stock quotes from Taiwan Security Exchange
p5-HTML-FillInForm-ForceUTF8 www files touched by this commit FillInForm with UTF-8 encoding
p5-HTML-Template-JIT www files touched by this commit Perl module to compile HTML Templates with Inline::C
p5-HTTP-WebTest www files touched by this commit Tests remote URLs or local web files
p5-Lingua-JA-Fold devel files touched by this commit Lingua::JA::Fold - fold a Japanese text
p5-Locale-Maketext-Gettext devel files touched by this commit Joins gettext and Maketext frameworks
p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon devel files touched by this commit Use other catalog formats in Locale::Maketext
p5-Locale-libintl devel files touched by this commit Internationalization library for Perl
p5-MIME-Tools mail files touched by this commit Set of perl5 modules for MIME
p5-Maypole www files touched by this commit MVC web application framework
p5-MooseX-Getopt devel files touched by this commit Moose role for processing command line options
p5-Net-SSH-Perl net files touched by this commit Perl5 module implementing both the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
p5-Path-Class devel files touched by this commit Cross-platform path specification manipulation
p5-PerlPoint-Package textproc files touched by this commit PerlPoint is both a presentation and a documentation toolset
p5-Pod-Coverage devel files touched by this commit Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive
p5-Pod-XML textproc files touched by this commit Module to convert POD to XML
p5-Regexp-Copy textproc files touched by this commit Copy the contents of one Regexp object to another
p5-Samba-LDAP net files touched by this commit Manage a Samba PDC with an LDAP Backend
p5-Sysadm-Install sysutils files touched by this commit Typical installation tasks for system administrators
p5-Test-File-Contents devel files touched by this commit Test routines for examining the contents of files
p5-Test-Inline devel files touched by this commit Inlining your tests next to the code being tested
p5-Test-TempDir devel files touched by this commit Temporary files support for testing
p5-TheSchwartz devel files touched by this commit Reliable job queue
p5-VCS devel files touched by this commit Library for generic Version Control System access in Perl
p5-WWW-Mediawiki-Client www files touched by this commit Very simple cvs-like interface for Mediawiki websites
p5-XML-Validator-Schema textproc files touched by this commit Perl module for validating XML documents against a W3C XML Schema
p5-arclog sysutils files touched by this commit Archive the log files monthly
p5-podlators textproc files touched by this commit Modules to convert and parse POD (Plain Old Documentation)
p5-reslog sysutils files touched by this commit Reverse-resolve IP in Apache log files
- Remove unneeded dependencies which is in perl-5.8.9 dist from ports
  maintained by (perl|ports|kuriyama)

- Targets are: Test::Simple, Digest::MD5, Locale-Maketext,
  ExtUtils::MakeMaker, ExtUtils::ParseXS, File::Temp, Getopt::Long,
  Encode, Digest, Pod::Parser, File::Spec.

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 46

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