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Sun, 15 Dec 2013
[ 16:22:17 wg ] Original commit   Revision:336553
balazarbrothers games files touched by this commit Free software 3D puzzle game
fnorb devel files touched by this commit CORBA 2.0 ORB written in Python
freevo multimedia files touched by this commit Open source digital jukebox
gaupol multimedia files touched by this commit Subtitle editor
gnomesudoku games files touched by this commit GNOME Sudoku game
hgview devel files touched by this commit Fast Mercurial log navigator written in pyqt4
hotwire-shell x11 files touched by this commit Hotwire is an object-oriented hypershell
picard audio files touched by this commit Next generation MusicBrainz Tagger
postfix-policyd-spf-python mail files touched by this commit Pure Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking
py-4suite-xml textproc  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Collection of Python tools for XML processing
py-anonfunc devel files touched by this commit Python module that provides easy anonymous function
py-bsddb databases files touched by this commit Standard Python bindings to the Berkeley DB library
py-cxx devel files touched by this commit Make it easier to extend Python with C++
py-dnspython dns files touched by this commit DNS toolkit for Python
py-eyed3 audio files touched by this commit Python module for processing ID3 tags
py-fltk x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Python interface to FLTK window toolkit
py-gdbm databases files touched by this commit Python bindings to the GNU dbm library
py-gyp-devel devel files touched by this commit Generate Your Projects
py-ldaptor net files touched by this commit Pure-python LDAP module for Twisted
py-libplist devel files touched by this commit Python bindings for libplist
py-mx-experimental devel files touched by this commit The eGenix mx Extensions - EXPERIMENTAL Package
py-numeric math files touched by this commit The Numeric Extension to Python
py-prewikka www files touched by this commit Frontend for the Prelude IDS
py-protocols devel files touched by this commit Python module extending the PEP 246 adapt() function
py-setuptools devel files touched by this commit Python packages installer
py-soya3d graphics files touched by this commit Very high level 3D engine for Python
py-sqlite3 databases files touched by this commit Standard Python binding to the SQLite3 library
py-tkinter x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Python bindings to the Tk widget set
py-utidy www files touched by this commit Python interface to tidy-lib
py-wxPython26 x11-toolkits  Deleted files touched by this commit Python bindings for the wxWidgets/GTK GUI toolkit
py-wxPython28 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Python bindings for the wxWidgets/GTK GUI toolkit
py-yaml devel files touched by this commit Python YAML parser
pychm textproc files touched by this commit Bindings for CHMLIB library
scons devel files touched by this commit Build tool alternative to make
svnmailer mail files touched by this commit Tool to post subversion repository commit information
tegaki-recognize japanese files touched by this commit Open-Source Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition
tel deskutils files touched by this commit Little console-based phone book manager
terminator x11 files touched by this commit Multiple GNOME terminals in one window
trac-wysiwyg www files touched by this commit WYSIWYG editor for Trac wiki
umit security files touched by this commit Nmap frontend developed with Python and PyGTK
veusz science files touched by this commit Scientific plotting package
x-tile deskutils files touched by this commit GNOME applet to tile the opened windows
zenmap security files touched by this commit GUI frontend for the Nmap scanning utility
zim editors files touched by this commit Desktop wiki editor
Use setuptools for all Python ports.

Setuptools is the preferred method to manage Python distributions after
many changes to the packaging ecosystem over the past couple of years.

Only ports using USE_PYDISTUTILS= yes are affected by this commit, ports using
USE_PYDISTUTILS= easy_install remains the same however this usage is now
deprecated and should be converted to USE_PYDISTUTILS= yes.

Some Python distributions do not work with setuptools out of the box because
they extend the install command from distutils and not setuptools, and
so they need to be patched accordingly.

pip (which leverages setuptools) works around the issue by using eggs, however
we want to get rid of those as well, as support for "flat" installation is
unavailable or has other issues associated with it.

This work allows us to unify how python packages are built, ensure that Python
distributions are installed consistently, reduces complexity for Python port
maintainers and paves the way for simplifying the Python ports framework in
the future.

With hat on:	python
Reviewed by:	koobs, antoine
Exp-run:	bdrewery
Approved by:	bdrewery (portmgr)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 45

Showing files for just one port: devel/py-setuptools

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1 file found
modify 336553 View diff View revision /ports/head/devel/py-setuptools/Makefile
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