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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
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Mon, 22 Jul 2013
[ 14:34:23 vg ] Original commit   Revision:323455
avro devel files touched by this commit Data serialization system
avro-c devel files touched by this commit Data serialization system for ANSI C
avro-cpp devel files touched by this commit Data serialization system for C++
blastbeat www files touched by this commit High-performance HTTP/HTTPS/SPDY proxy
busybee devel files touched by this commit High-performance messaging layer
cityhash devel files touched by this commit Family of hash functions
ckpass security files touched by this commit Ncurses based password database client
clipgrab multimedia files touched by this commit Program to download videos from YouTube and etc
cocaine-core devel  Broken Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit Cocaine Application Engine
confetti textproc files touched by this commit Configuration file parser generator
conkyemail deskutils files touched by this commit Email script for conky
conkyforecast deskutils files touched by this commit Weather forecast script for conky
ctpp2 textproc files touched by this commit C++ library to use templates in C/C++ projects, version 2
cueplayer audio files touched by this commit CUE player
cursor-chameleon-anthracite x11-themes files touched by this commit Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-darkskyblue x11-themes files touched by this commit Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-pearl x11-themes files touched by this commit Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-skyblue x11-themes files touched by this commit Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-chameleon-white x11-themes files touched by this commit Chameleon Xcursors theme
cursor-ecliz x11-themes files touched by this commit Ecliz X cursor theme
deadbeef audio files touched by this commit Ultimate music player for Unix-like systems
dmg2img sysutils files touched by this commit DMG2IMG convert tool
easypaint graphics files touched by this commit Easy graphic editing program
eblob devel files touched by this commit Append-only low-level I/O library
epoch deskutils files touched by this commit Small and handy timeline application
fondu converters files touched by this commit Series of programs to interconvert between mac fonts
font-gost x11-fonts files touched by this commit GOST TrueType fonts
glpi-plugins-fusioninventory-server net-mgmt files touched by this commit Plugin of glpi to get information of networking devices
gvolwheel audio files touched by this commit Volume mixer
hfsexplorer sysutils files touched by this commit HFSExplorer read Mac-formatted harddisks and disk images
impressive graphics files touched by this commit The stylish way of giving presentations
kde4-windeco-crystal x11-themes files touched by this commit Transparent KDE window decoration
kde4-windeco-dekorator x11-themes files touched by this commit Transparent KDE4 window decoration
lastfm-desktop audio files touched by this commit Official desktop application suite
libe devel files touched by this commit High-performance datastructures and utilities for C++
libflate textproc files touched by this commit Template library used to deal with html code in CGI applications
libkpass security files touched by this commit Library for a reading/writing KeePass 1.x DB
libpo6 devel files touched by this commit POSIX wrappers for C++
libslave devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Mysql replication client library, embeddable into your C++ application
libxs devel files touched by this commit Open source lightweight messaging layer
massxpert science files touched by this commit The massXpert software for (bio)chemists
mediadownloader multimedia files touched by this commit Search, watch, and download from Google Image and YouTube
mehdiaplayer audio files touched by this commit Simple media player using Qt/Phonon
minitunes audio files touched by this commit Just another music player
mongrel2 www files touched by this commit Is an application, language, and network arch
nglogc devel files touched by this commit Flexible C logging API
nmapsi4 security files touched by this commit GUI frontend for the nmap scanning utility
nosqlbench benchmarks files touched by this commit Micro-benchmarking NoSQL storage
openpgm net files touched by this commit Implementation of the PGM reliable multicast protocol
p5-Catalyst-Model-Tarantool www files touched by this commit Tarantool interface for Catalyst based application
p5-DR-Tarantool databases files touched by this commit Perl driver for Tarantool
p5-FusionInventory-Agent net-mgmt files touched by this commit Agent for OCS Inventory server and FusionInventory for GLPI servers
p5-MR-Tarantool databases files touched by this commit Driver for an efficient Tarantool/Box NoSQL in-memory storage
p5-Net-CUPS print files touched by this commit Interface to the CUPS API
pingwi x11-fonts files touched by this commit PingWi Typography fonts
plasma-applet-fancytasks deskutils files touched by this commit Plasmoid fancy representation of your tasks and launchers
plasma-applet-simpleweatherforecast deskutils files touched by this commit Weather plasma applet for KDE4
py-avro devel files touched by this commit Data serialization system for python
py-jabberbot net-im files touched by this commit Simple Jabber Bot for Python
py-pyctpp2 textproc files touched by this commit Python interface to CTPP2 library
py-xmpppy net-im files touched by this commit Python library that provides easy scripting with Jabber
qelectrotech cad files touched by this commit QElectroTech is application to design electric diagrams
qiviewer graphics files touched by this commit Fast and lightweight image viewer
qkismet net-mgmt files touched by this commit Qt 4 GUI client for Kismet
qmetro misc files touched by this commit Map of the transport system for many city subways
qpdfview print files touched by this commit Tabbed DjVu/PDF/PS document viewer
qross devel files touched by this commit Qt-only fork of Kross, the KDE scripting framework
qtresistors science files touched by this commit Calculate resistance of resistor by the colors on the resistor
qxmpp net-im files touched by this commit QXmpp is an xmpp client library based on Qt & C++
qxmpp-leechcraft net-im  Deleted files touched by this commit XMPP client library based on C++ and Qt
replicant sysutils  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Replicant is a tool for creating replicated state machines
retranslator security files touched by this commit The update utility for Kaspersky applications
rubygem-bin_utils devel files touched by this commit Extracting binary integers from binary string and packing back
rubygem-iproto net files touched by this commit Ruby implementation of Mail.Ru iproto protocol
rubygem-murmurhash3 devel files touched by this commit Implementation of murmur3 hashing function
rubygem-sumbur devel files touched by this commit Consistent spreading for server balancing
rubygem-tarantool databases files touched by this commit Tarantool KV-storage client
scantailor graphics files touched by this commit Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages
smack devel files touched by this commit Low-level I/O storage library which packs data
stardict-computer russian files touched by this commit English-Russian Computer dictionary
stardict-engcom russian files touched by this commit English-Russian Dictionary of Computer Terms
stardict-pc russian files touched by this commit English-Russian PC-user dictionary
tarantool databases files touched by this commit High performance key/value storage server
tepsonic audio files touched by this commit TepSonic is a simple and fast audio player
toonel net files touched by this commit Tunneling with data compression
vacuum-im net-im files touched by this commit Crossplatform Jabber client
xwinwrap x11 files touched by this commit XWinWrap replace a desktop background with a movie or screensaver
zint graphics files touched by this commit Zint Barcode Generator
znotes deskutils files touched by this commit Simple notes managment application based on Qt 4
 - Changed my email
 - Trim Makefile headers and positions name and surname within

Approved by:	eadler, rm (mentors)

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