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I am looking for an LTO tape library. Do you have one to spare?
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Tue, 20 Dec 2011
[ 00:21:54 pgollucci ] Original commit 
rubygem-activerecord-jdbc-adapter databases files touched by this commit JDBC adapter for ActiveRecord, for use within JRuby on Rails
rubygem-activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter databases files touched by this commit ActiveRecord driver for MySQL using JDBC running under JRuby
rubygem-albino textproc files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper for pygmentize
rubygem-amqp-utils net files touched by this commit Command line utilies for interacting with AMQP compliant queues
rubygem-ansi devel files touched by this commit Gem enabling ANSI code based colorization and stylization of output
rubygem-app_config devel files touched by this commit Ruby gem for storing application configuration
rubygem-archive-zip archivers files touched by this commit Provides interface to working with ZIP archives
rubygem-attic devel files touched by this commit Place to hide private instance variables in your Ruby objects
rubygem-benelux devel files touched by this commit Mad way to time Ruby codes
rubygem-bunny net files touched by this commit Another synchronous Ruby AMQP client
rubygem-callsign comms files touched by this commit Provides a Ruby-Frontend to ham Radio Callsign Lookup
rubygem-chunky_png graphics files touched by this commit Ruby library to read and write PNG images
rubygem-coffee-script devel files touched by this commit Ruby CoffeeScript is a bridge to the JS CoffeeScript compiler
rubygem-coffee-script-source devel files touched by this commit CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript
rubygem-columnize devel files touched by this commit Sorts an Array in Column Order
rubygem-couchrest databases files touched by this commit Provides a simple interface on top of CouchDBs RESTful HTTP API
rubygem-delayed_job_data_mapper databases  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit DataMapper backend for delayed_job
rubygem-dm-chunked_query databases files touched by this commit Allows performing chunked queries
rubygem-drydock devel files touched by this commit Build seaworthy command-line apps with a powerful Ruby DSL
rubygem-em-websocket www files touched by this commit EventMachine based WebSocket server
rubygem-escape_utils textproc files touched by this commit Faster string escaping routines for your web apps
rubygem-execjs devel files touched by this commit ExecJS lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby
rubygem-familia databases files touched by this commit Organize and store ruby objects in Redis
rubygem-fastri devel files touched by this commit Fast RDoc documentation browser for ruby
rubygem-file-tail devel files touched by this commit Ruby library that allows Ruby to 'tail' files
rubygem-getopt-declare devel  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Declaratively Expressed Command-Line Arguments via Regular Expressions
rubygem-gibbler devel files touched by this commit Git-like hashes for Ruby objects
rubygem-hike devel files touched by this commit Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths
rubygem-hoe devel files touched by this commit Simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles
rubygem-http_parser.rb net files touched by this commit Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser
rubygem-innate www files touched by this commit Powerful web-framework wrapper for Rack
rubygem-io-like devel files touched by this commit The interface of IO objects to classes providing a few simple methods
rubygem-kgio devel files touched by this commit Provides non-blocking I/O methods
rubygem-larch mail files touched by this commit Larch copies messages from one IMAP server to another
rubygem-launchy devel files touched by this commit Helper class for launching cross-platform applications
rubygem-lockfile devel files touched by this commit Ruby library for creating NFS safe lockfiles
rubygem-main devel files touched by this commit Class Factory and Dsl for Generating Command Line Programs
rubygem-memcache databases files touched by this commit Ruby bindings for libmemcached
rubygem-minitest devel files touched by this commit Minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities
rubygem-msgpack devel files touched by this commit Gems for MessagePack
rubygem-net-irc irc files touched by this commit Ruby library for implementing IRC server and client
rubygem-oauth2 net files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol
rubygem-open4 devel files touched by this commit Open4 manages child processes and their io handles
rubygem-pg databases files touched by this commit Ruby interface to PostgreSQL library
rubygem-platform devel files touched by this commit Hopefully robust platform sensing
rubygem-png graphics files touched by this commit Almost-pure-ruby PNG library
rubygem-polyglot devel files touched by this commit Provides a registry of file types
rubygem-posix-spawn devel files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper for posix_spawnp(2) for faster process spawning
rubygem-public_suffix_service dns files touched by this commit Parse and decompose domain names into TLD, domain, and subdomains
rubygem-puppet-module sysutils  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Creates, installs and searches for Puppet modules
rubygem-rack-protection www files touched by this commit Collection of Rack middleware to protect against opportunistic attack
rubygem-railsless-deploy devel  Deleted Deprecated files touched by this commit Replacement for the rails deploy strategy which ships with Capistrano
rubygem-rb-inotify devel files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper for libinotify, using ffi
rubygem-rdoc devel files touched by this commit RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects
rubygem-redis databases files touched by this commit Ruby client library for Redis, the key value storage server
rubygem-rjb java  Ignore files touched by this commit Call Java Code from Ruby
rubygem-robots www files touched by this commit Simple library to parse robots.txt files
rubygem-rspec-core devel files touched by this commit RSpec Core provides the structure for writing executable examples
rubygem-rspec-expectations devel files touched by this commit Rspec-expectations adds should and should_not to every object
rubygem-rspec-mocks devel files touched by this commit Rspec-mocks provides a test-double framework for rspec
rubygem-ruby-debug-base devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger
rubygem-ruby-debug-ide devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit IDE interface for ruby-debug
rubygem-ruby-mp3info audio files touched by this commit Ruby library to access information on mp3 files
rubygem-ruby-termios comms files touched by this commit Ruby interface to termios
rubygem-ruby_parser devel files touched by this commit Ruby parser written in pure ruby
rubygem-sexp_processor devel files touched by this commit Generic sexp processing tools
rubygem-sqlite3-ruby databases files touched by this commit Ruby interface to the SQLite DB engine version 3
rubygem-stella devel files touched by this commit Define realistic testplans and run them against your webapps
rubygem-stomp devel files touched by this commit Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol gem
rubygem-storable devel files touched by this commit Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats
rubygem-subexec devel files touched by this commit Subexec spawns a subprocess with an optional timeout
rubygem-sysinfo devel files touched by this commit All your system-independent infoz in one handy class
rubygem-test devel files touched by this commit Run automated tests
rubygem-test-unit devel files touched by this commit Improved version of Test::Unit bundled in Ruby
rubygem-tins devel files touched by this commit Useful tools library in Ruby
rubygem-turn devel files touched by this commit New output format for Test::Unit
rubygem-twitter_oauth security files touched by this commit Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby
rubygem-uglifier www files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
rubygem-uri-redis net files touched by this commit Support for parsing redis://host:port/dbindex/keyname
rubygem-url_escape www files touched by this commit Fast replacement for CGI.escape and Rack::Utils.escape
- Point at the homepage consistently as defined by

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