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Sun, 8 Dec 2013
[ 18:05:35 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:335916
dnsmasq dns files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Lightweight DNS forwarder, DHCP, and TFTP server
dnsmasq-devel dns  Ignore files touched by this commit Lightweight DNS forwarder, DHCP, and TFTP server
Upgrade dnsmasq to new stable 2.68 release.

Fixes bind-interfaces with IPv6 on FreeBSD.

version 2.68
            Use random addresses for DHCPv6 temporary address
            allocations, instead of algorithmically determined stable

    Fix bug which meant that the DHCPv6 DUID was not available
    in DHCP script runs during the lifetime of the dnsmasq
    process which created the DUID de-novo. Once the DUID was
    created and stored in the lease file and dnsmasq
    restarted, this bug disappeared.

    Fix bug introduced in 2.67 which could result in erroneous
    NXDOMAIN returns to CNAME queries.

    Fix build failures on MacOS X and openBSD.

    Allow subnet specifications in --auth-zone to be interface
    names as well as address literals. This makes it possible
    to configure authoritative DNS when local address ranges
    are dynamic and works much better than the previous
    work-around which exempted contructed DHCP ranges from the
    IP address filtering. As a consequence, that work-around
    is removed. Under certain circumstances, this change wil
    break existing configuration: if you're relying on the
    contructed-range exception, you need to change --auth-zone
    to specify the same interface as is used to construct your
    DHCP ranges, probably with a trailing /6 like this:,eth0/6 to limit the addresses to
    IPv6 addresses of eth0.

    Fix problems when advertising deleted IPv6 prefixes. If
    the prefix is deleted (rather than replaced), it doesn't
    get advertised with zero preferred time. Thanks to Tsachi
    for the bug report.

    Fix segfault with some locally configured CNAMEs. Thanks
    to Andrew Childs for spotting the problem.

    Fix memory leak on re-reading /etc/hosts and friends,
    introduced in 2.67.

    Check the arrival interface of incoming DNS and TFTP
    requests via IPv6, even in --bind-interfaces mode. This
    isn't possible for IPv4 and can generate scary warnings,
    but as it's always possible for IPv6 (the API always
    exists) then we should do it always.

    Tweak the rules on prefix-lengths in --dhcp-range for
    IPv6. The new rule is that the specified prefix length
    must be larger than or equal to the prefix length of the
    corresponding address on the local interface.

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