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Tue, 18 Jun 2013
[ 11:46:52 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:321181
autopano-sift-c graphics files touched by this commit Restricted Automatic panorama control point generation tool, C port
biloba games files touched by this commit Strategy board game for 2 to 4 players
chexedit editors files touched by this commit Full screen text mode Hex editor using the [n]curses library
connectfive games files touched by this commit Place five pieces in a row on a 3D board
critterding games files touched by this commit Evolving Artificial Life
crrcsim games files touched by this commit Model-airplane flight simulation program
dangen games files touched by this commit Shoot'em up game where accurate shooting matters
egoboo games files touched by this commit 3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack
exifprobe graphics files touched by this commit Probes JPEG or TIFF images and reports contents and structure
f1spirit-remake games files touched by this commit Remake of classic F1 Spirit racing game
fishsupper games files touched by this commit Guide a cat across a series of rivers, jumping from log to log
flyhard games files touched by this commit Game resembling Thrust, but with lots of shooting and puzzles
freera games files touched by this commit Westwood red alert game engine
ftgl graphics files touched by this commit OpenGL FreeType fonts rendering library
funnyboat games files touched by this commit Side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea
gitg devel files touched by this commit GTK-based git repository viewer
glosm graphics files touched by this commit 3D OpenGL renderer for OpenStreetMap
glpng graphics files touched by this commit Library to easily load PNG files as an OpenGL textures
glsfcave games files touched by this commit Control a ribbon to avoid hitting walls
gnudoku games files touched by this commit Free program for creating and solving Su Doku puzzles
gnurobbo games files touched by this commit Reimplementation of LK Avalon's Robbo for the Atari XE/XL
gunfudeadlands games files touched by this commit Far West themed 2D shooter featuring bullet time
hnb editors  Ignore files touched by this commit Hierarchical NoteBook a data organizer
interlogic games files touched by this commit Move colored balls through the maze connecting it with each other
jag games files touched by this commit 2D arcade-puzzle game like KDiamonds
jigzo games files touched by this commit OpenGL jigsaw puzzle game
kartofel games files touched by this commit Connect the dots in order without crossing over yourself
kiki games files touched by this commit Kiki the nanobot is a 3-D puzzle game
love devel files touched by this commit Open-source 2D game engine
love07 devel files touched by this commit Open-source 2D game engine
love5 devel files touched by this commit Open-source 2D game engine
makehuman graphics files touched by this commit Application for parametrical modeling of 3D humanoid characters
maxr games files touched by this commit Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded
meandmyshadow games files touched by this commit Me and My Shadow puzzle/platform game
memonix games files touched by this commit Brain teasers, puzzle, and memory games for kids in one pack
meritous games files touched by this commit Action-adventure dungeon crawl game
nathive graphics files touched by this commit Lightweight image editor
nimuh games files touched by this commit Puzzle game destined to improve the knowledge of Andalusia
npush games files touched by this commit Curses-based logic game similar to Sokoban and Boulder Dash
openmortal games files touched by this commit Parody of the once popular coin-up fighting game, Mortal Kombat
osgg games files touched by this commit OldSkool Gravity Game
outerspace games files touched by this commit On-line strategy game
p5-Tree-R devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for the Rtree data structure and algorithms
p5-WeakRef devel files touched by this commit API to the Perl weak references
pachi games files touched by this commit Platform game similar to Manic Miner
passage games files touched by this commit Experimental video game by Jason Rohrer
penguin-command games files touched by this commit Clone of the classic game Missile Command
pengupop games files touched by this commit Online multiplayer clone of Bust a Move
pink-pony games files touched by this commit Tron-like multiplayer racing game
py-pyglet graphics  Ignore files touched by this commit Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python
py-rabbyt graphics files touched by this commit Fast sprite library for Python
qt4-style-float x11-themes files touched by this commit Style for Qt 4 and KDE
qt4-style-phase x11-themes files touched by this commit Widget style for Qt 4 and KDE 4
qt4-style-quantumstyle x11-themes files touched by this commit SVG themeable style for Qt 4 and KDE
quesoglc graphics files touched by this commit Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer
ri-li games files touched by this commit Drive a toy wood train in many levels - snake-like arcade game
scramble games files touched by this commit From 6 letters you are to create as many words as you can
sdlsand games files touched by this commit Simulation of falling sand and other materials
sfml devel files touched by this commit Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
shootingstar games files touched by this commit SDL/OpenGL top-down shooter
simplevaders games files touched by this commit Space-Invaders like 2D space shooter
sk1libs graphics files touched by this commit Set of python libraries for sK1 Project
stormbaancoureur games files touched by this commit Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
structuresynth graphics files touched by this commit Rule-based 3D structure generator
tokamak devel files touched by this commit High performance real-time physics library
uniconvertor graphics files touched by this commit Universal vector graphics translator
uniconvw graphics files touched by this commit Gtk+ frontend for UniConvertor
untahris games files touched by this commit Play several classic fun, simple arcade games in multiplayer mode
wavplay audio files touched by this commit Wav player and recorder
wings graphics files touched by this commit Polygon mesh modeler written in Erlang
wings-devel graphics  Deleted files touched by this commit A polygon mesh modeler written in Erlang
xorgramana games files touched by this commit Logic word puzzle game set inside a series of mazes
xtron games files touched by this commit Avoid running into walls, your own tail, and that of your opponent
- Trim Makefile headers
- Drop ABI versions from LIB_DEPENDS
- OptionsNG
- Pet portlint
- Switch to dynamic plist where useful

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