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Wed, 24 Jul 2013
[ 08:19:07 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:323578
adplay audio files touched by this commit AdLib player using adplug library
amigadepacker archivers files touched by this commit Tool for depacking some compressed Amiga formats
asciio graphics files touched by this commit Perl/GTK application that lets you draw ASCII charts using a GUI
audacious-dumb audio files touched by this commit Audacious plugin that support the IT, XM, S3M, or MOD formats
bcrypt security files touched by this commit Cross-platform blowfish encryption utility
bestfit misc files touched by this commit Optimally choose files to be put on a CD (or other media)
bloboats games files touched by this commit Boat racing game in the spirit of Elasto Mania or X-Moto
bmp-fc audio  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Future Composer input plug-in for beep-media-player
bmp2html graphics files touched by this commit BMP to HTML converter
brag news files touched by this commit Download and assemble multipart binaries from newsgroups
bsdsfv security files touched by this commit Flexible SFV checksum utility
bsflite net-im files touched by this commit Lightweight command line AIM client
bunny devel files touched by this commit Closed loop, high-performance, general purpose protocol-blind fuzzer
cdircmp sysutils files touched by this commit Compare directories and select files to copy
checkmate audio files touched by this commit Command-line utility for checking mp3 files for errors
cidr net-mgmt files touched by this commit RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
cksfv security files touched by this commit Create or manipulate Simple File Verification (SFV) checksum files
cmospwd sysutils files touched by this commit BIOS password recovery tool
corkscrew net files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. HTTP tunnelling utility for SSH
countrycodes misc files touched by this commit ISO 3166 country code finder
createtorrent net-p2p files touched by this commit Create BitTorrent files from the command line
ctris games files touched by this commit Colorized, small, and flexible Tetris(TM)-clone for the console
cyrus2courier mail files touched by this commit Cyrus-IMAP to Maildir++ conversion utility
ddate misc files touched by this commit Command to print the date in Discordian date format
dhex editors files touched by this commit Ncurses-based hex-editor with diff mode
disktype sysutils files touched by this commit Disk formatting type autodetector
distilator ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Command-line script to check the availability of a ports distfiles
dnswall dns files touched by this commit Daemon that filters out private IP addresses in DNS responses
drg2sbg converters files touched by this commit Convert propiatary .drg file format into SBaGen format
dvdbackup sysutils files touched by this commit Backup content from DVD to hard disk
ecm archivers files touched by this commit Compresses CD images by stripping unnecessary EDC/ECC data
edid-decode sysutils files touched by this commit Decodes binary EDID information from monitors
exrtools graphics files touched by this commit Utilities for manipulating with HDR images in OpenEXR format
fatback sysutils files touched by this commit Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems
fdupes sysutils files touched by this commit Fdupes is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files
festalon audio files touched by this commit Command line player for .nsf and .hes audio files
fig2sxd graphics files touched by this commit Convert .xfig files to the OpenOffice draw format
fldiff textproc files touched by this commit Graphical diff program using FLTK
fusefs-ext4fuse sysutils files touched by this commit EXT4 implementation for FUSE
gbsplay audio files touched by this commit Emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy(TM)
gnu-watch misc files touched by this commit GNU watch command
grafx2 graphics files touched by this commit Pixelart-oriented bitmap painting program
gtk-launch x11 files touched by this commit Fast GTK+ program launcher
gzrecover archivers files touched by this commit GZIP recovery toolkit
highlnk sysutils files touched by this commit Tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks
hilite sysutils files touched by this commit Command-line utility to highlight anything printed to stderr
htmlise textproc files touched by this commit Formats plain text as HTML
httest www files touched by this commit HTTP Test Tool
httping net files touched by this commit Ping-like tool for HTTP requests
icat graphics files touched by this commit Displays images in 256-color capable terminals
idea security files touched by this commit Command-line IDEA encryption and decryption utility
iec16022 graphics files touched by this commit Create 2D barcodes, also known as DataMatrix
isync mail files touched by this commit Maintain local copies of remote IMAP folders w/synchronized flags
jpegoptim graphics files touched by this commit Utility to optimize jpeg files
libadplug audio files touched by this commit AdLib emulator library supporting many formats
libbinio devel files touched by this commit Binary I/O stream class library
libexplain devel files touched by this commit Library which may be used to explain Unix and Linux system call errors
libmodplug audio files touched by this commit ModPlug mod-like music shared libraries
libxmp audio files touched by this commit Module rendering library for xmp
lmclock x11-clocks files touched by this commit Xerox Lisp machine clock clone
logstalgia sysutils files touched by this commit Website access log visualization tool
magicrescue sysutils files touched by this commit File recovery tool which recovers deleted files from a block device
malint audio files touched by this commit MPEG Audio stream validator
mar archivers files touched by this commit Simple binary file format for storing arbitrary meta and user data
mathomatic math files touched by this commit Highly portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System)
metacam graphics files touched by this commit Digital camera EXIF meta-information reader
micro_proxy net files touched by this commit Really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
mikmod audio files touched by this commit Mod player which plays MTM, STM, XM, MOD, S3M, ULT, UNI, and IT mods
milkytracker audio files touched by this commit Music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2
milter-callback mail files touched by this commit Milter to perform a envelope-from sender verification on target MX
minissdpd net files touched by this commit UPnP IGD discovery speed enhancer
modplugplay audio files touched by this commit Command-line music mod player using libmodplug
mp-player audio files touched by this commit Curses based module tracker using libmikmod
mp3guessenc audio files touched by this commit Utility for guessing which encoder was used to encode an mp3 file
nagstamon net-mgmt files touched by this commit Nagios status monitor for your desktop
nbsmtp mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Simple program for outgoing SMTP delivery
netwalker-ircc irc files touched by this commit Lightweight curses-based IRC client
nload net files touched by this commit Console application which monitors network traffic in real time
notify-osd deskutils files touched by this commit On-screen-display notification agent using libnotify
nslint dns files touched by this commit Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
nyancat net files touched by this commit Animated telnet server that renders a loop of the nyan cat animation
op security files touched by this commit Controlled privilege escalation tool
openspc audio  Ignore files touched by this commit Command-line player for .spc and .zst files
p5-Catalyst-View-XML-Feed www files touched by this commit Perl extension for Catalyst view for RSS, Atom, or other XML feeds
p5-Data-TreeDumper-Renderer-GTK devel files touched by this commit GTK renderer for Data::TreeDumper
p5-Dir-Purge sysutils files touched by this commit Purge directories to a given number of files
p5-Eval-Context devel files touched by this commit Evaluate Perl code in context wrapper
p5-GPS astro files touched by this commit Perl interface to GPS receivers
p5-Google-Search www files touched by this commit Interface to the Google AJAX Search API and suggestion API
p5-HTML-DOM www files touched by this commit Implementation of the HTML Document Object Model
p5-JE www files touched by this commit Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine
p5-Package-Generator devel files touched by this commit This module lets you quickly and easily construct new packages
p5-Perl-Unsafe-Signals devel files touched by this commit Allow unsafe handling of signals in selected blocks
p5-Reddit www files touched by this commit Module for interacting with Reddit
p5-Sendmail-AccessDB mail files touched by this commit Perl5 interface to the Sendmail access.db list
p5-Sort-Array devel files touched by this commit Powerful array sorting Perl interface
p5-Test-Spelling devel files touched by this commit Check for spelling errors in POD files
p5-Text-vCard textproc files touched by this commit Package to parse, edit and create multiple vCards (RFC 2426)
p5-Uniq devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for managing a uniq list of values
p5-WWW-Scripter www files touched by this commit Module for scripting web sites that have scripts
p5-WWW-Scripter-Plugin-Ajax www files touched by this commit WWW::Scripter plugin that provides the XMLHttpRequest object
p5-WWW-Scripter-Plugin-JavaScript www files touched by this commit JavaScript plugin for WWW::Scripter
pecomato graphics files touched by this commit Command-line picture metadata processor
penguinsap audio files touched by this commit Command-line Atari(TM) .sap player
pidgin-bs net-im files touched by this commit Pidgin plugin to prevent instant message spam
pidgin-privacy-please net-im files touched by this commit Privacy plugin for the pidgin instant messenger
pkcrack security files touched by this commit Utility for breaking pkzip encryption
playgsf audio files touched by this commit Command-line player for gsf audio files
ppmd archivers files touched by this commit Fast archiver with good compression ratio
proxytunnel security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Connects stdin and stdout to an origin server through an HTTPS proxy
pure-sfv security files touched by this commit Utility to test and create .sfv files
py-ipcalc net-mgmt files touched by this commit Module to perform IP subnet calculations
recoverjpeg graphics files touched by this commit Recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures from a peripheral
recvnet net files touched by this commit Recvnet (inverse telnet) is a utility for debugging tcp connections
ree misc files touched by this commit Tool to dump your ROM extensions
remserial comms files touched by this commit Bridge between a TCP/IP network port and a character-oriented device
resid audio files touched by this commit Cycle-based SID emulator engine
rsync net files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Network file distribution/synchronization utility
rtf2html textproc files touched by this commit Simple rtf2html converter
schism audio files touched by this commit Module tracker editor/player resembling impulse tracker
sfront audio files touched by this commit Translator that converts MP4-SA files into efficient C programs
shc misc files touched by this commit Generic script compiler
sidplayer audio files touched by this commit C64 SID tune player
socat net files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Multipurpose relay and more
subtitleeditor multimedia files touched by this commit Subtitle editor
sylpheed mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Lightweight, featureful, and fast GTK+ based e-mail client
talkfilters misc files touched by this commit Set of filters to convert English text to various stereotyped dialects
tcpreplay net-mgmt files touched by this commit Tool to replay saved packet capture files
telak graphics files touched by this commit Tool to draw pictures on your root window
thinglaunch x11 files touched by this commit Very fast launcher program for X
tmpreaper sysutils files touched by this commit Cleans up files in directories based on their age
tthsum security files touched by this commit Command-line utility for generating and checking TTH message digests
uade audio files touched by this commit Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator
uni2ascii textproc files touched by this commit Convert between UTF-8 Unicode and 7-bit ASCII equivalents
unlzx archivers files touched by this commit Extracts .lzx archives from Amiga systems
unmass archivers files touched by this commit Extract game archives such as wad, dar, mea exe's, and many more
unzoo archivers files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. ZOO archive extractor
vii sysutils files touched by this commit Execute a command repeatedly and scroll the output
vpnc security files touched by this commit Client for Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator
watchfolder sysutils files touched by this commit Watch folders for new files and process them
wav2cdr audio files touched by this commit Converts WAV files into CDR audio file format
weedit sysutils files touched by this commit File duplicate scanner with database support
weex ftp files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Non-interactive FTP client
wuzzah sysutils files touched by this commit Command-line utility for stalking users
xfce4-generic-slider deskutils files touched by this commit Slider plugin to adjust and/or monitor any numeric variable
xfce4-notification-daemon deskutils files touched by this commit Port of Gnome's notification-daemon for the Xfce desktop
xfce4-notifyd deskutils files touched by this commit Visually-appealing notification daemon for Xfce
xlreader textproc files touched by this commit Convert .xls spread sheets to tab delimited CSV or SQL inserts
xmlindent textproc files touched by this commit XML stream reformatter
xmms-ahx audio files touched by this commit XMMS plugin for playing AHX tunes
xmms-nsf audio files touched by this commit XMMS input-plugin for playing Nintendo(TM) NSF audio files
xmms-openspc audio  Ignore files touched by this commit SPC player for XMMS using OpenSPC
xmms-sexypsf audio files touched by this commit XMMS plugin for playing .psf files
xmms-volnorm audio files touched by this commit Volume Normalizer plugin for XMMS
xmms-xymms audio files touched by this commit Sega Genesis GYM plugin for XMMS
xmp audio files touched by this commit Player for many different Amiga and PC module formats
xterm x11 files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Terminal emulator for the X Window System
xwit x11 files touched by this commit X interface tool
yell audio files touched by this commit Command-line pc speaker bell
zeroer sysutils files touched by this commit Command-line utility for wiping unallocated space on a filesystem
zonenotify dns files touched by this commit DNS notify sender written in C
Remove MAKE_JOBS_SAFE which is now default.

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