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Wed, 28 Jan 2004
[ 14:00:27 phantom ] Original commit 
jdk14 java  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. Restricted NO CDROM Java Development Kit 1.4.2
1. Switch 5.x version of jdk14 back to libc_r as default threading library.
   We switched FreeBSD-5.x port to libkse as default threading library before
   releasing of patchset 6, but users who has most of stuff linked against
   libc_r and attempted to use jdk linked against libkse got into local hell
   of threading libraries mix.  So, rollback to libc_r by default and add
   PTHREAD_LIBS support for this port.

   IMPORTANT: In order to use libkse as threading library for jdk14 you
   have to use rtld's libmap feature or recompile your ports stuff (like
   mozilla) with libkse.

   NOTE: libkse still has issues with java debug support, so if you're going
   to use debuging (JVMDI) stuff - leave with libc_r for now.

2. Disable IPv6 support by default.  Unfortunatelly due to security reasons
   IPv4-to-IPv6 addresses mapping is disabled by default in FreeBSD-5.x, so
   those who would like to use Java Networking stuff had to manually
   enable it.  To make jdk14 port more user-friendly IPv6 is disabled now
   on compile time.  Those who need this stuff enabled have to use WITH_IPV6
   compile time option.

3. Add MINIMAL compile option.  If this option is used to build
   jdk14 port then plugin, javaws and demos stuff will not be installed
   and/or packaged.  Also (as noted in [5]) X11 runtime dependancy will
   not be registered into built package.

4. Strip runtime depends of jdk14 port.  There's no need to require open-motif
   to be runtime depends since libXm is staticly linked into

5. Make X11 runtime dependancy conditional (via urwfonts) in !WITHOUT_PLUGIN
   case only.  This should affect only prebuilt package users:  there's no
   need to install X11 libraries if you're going to use non-GUI stuff only
   (i.e. tomcat or jboss)

6. Add ${LOCALBASE}/lib to the deafult search path for JNI libraries.


Reported by:    many [1]
Submitted by:   glewis [6]
Requested by:   marcus [6]

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/java/jdk14/files/disable-ipv6.patch
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/java/jdk14/files/patch-deploy::Makefile
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/java/jdk14/files/patch-vm::os_bsd.cpp
modify 1.21 View diff View revision /ports/head/java/jdk14/pkg-plist
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