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Tue, 1 Feb 2005
[ 13:36:41 tobez ] Original commit 
perl5 lang  Deleted files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. Practical Extraction and Report Language
Update to 5.6.2.  Also:

- redirect output from h2ph to /dev/null [1];
- fix File::Path insecure file/directory permissions [2];
  this resolves CAN-2004-0452
- for OSVERSION < 500036, create symlinks in /usr/bin not only for
  perl and suidperl, but also for a2p, c2ph, find2perl, h2ph, h2xs,
  perlbug, perlcc, perldoc, pl2pm, pod2html, pod2latex, pod2man,
  pod2text, s2p, and splain;  perl and suidperl are still enough for
  more recent FreeBSD versions [3];
- clean up created symlinks upon deinstallation [4];
- try to cleanup symlinks created by older versions of lang/perl5 and
  lang/perl5.8, during both installation and deinstallation [5];
- added support for DISABLE_BSDPAN environment variable [6];
- be explicit about use.perl usage after installation of 4.X systems,
  and on systems where lang/perl5.8 is prefered to lang/perl5; the exact
  range is OSVERSION < 500036 || OSVERSION >= 502100 [7];
- respect __MAKE_CONF partially (the build-time value is used) [8];
- use.perl is now the same as pkg-install is now the same as
  pkg-deinstall;  apart from the changes already mentioned above, this
  is a shell script now;
- use.perl's logic is also simplified in several ways [9];
- fix a BSDPAN bug [10];
- create and remove %%SITE_PERL%%/%%PERL_ARCH%%/auto, just
  like  lang/perl5.8 does, to silent pointyhat [11];
- apply a patch to handle daylight saving time correctly in
  POSIX::strftime [12];
- the port now creates and uses shared, as lang/perl5.8 port
- move MAN3 manual pages under ${PREFIX}/lib/perl5/${PERL_VER}/perl, as
  to avoid conflict with some of the p5 ports;
- do not build suidperl by default any longer;  one should use
  ENABLE_SUIDPERL to do that;
- move out manpage list to a separate;
- in general, the port layout is made much more similar to lang/perl5.8,

Outstanding issues: Module::Build support for BSDPAN, SU_CMD support (PR
70831), PR 64963 (partially), and anything else that I forgot.

[1] Nudged by: krion
[2] Reported by: nectar
    Patch from: Chris Turner @ RedHat
[3] PR: 55760, 57151, 58406
[4] Requested by: kris
    PR: 54262
[5] PR: 51281, 51539
[6] PR: 57134
[7] PR: 60736
[8] PR: 74431
[9] Perl version submitted by des, implemented in sh
[10] Reported by: Alexander Nagilum <freebsd %at% nagilum de>
[11] PR: 71390
[12] PR: 74042, perl bug 18238

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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16 files found
modify 1.64 View diff View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/Makefile
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/
modify 1.15 View diff View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/distinfo
modify 1.4 View diff View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/patch-POSIX.xs
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/
remove 1.2 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/
remove 1.9 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/patch-ac
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/
remove 1.3 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/patch-makedepend
modify 1.7 View diff View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/files/use.perl
remove 1.10 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/pkg-install
remove 1.2 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/pkg-message
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/pkg-message-prefer58
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/pkg-message-sysperl
modify 1.31 View diff View revision /ports/head/lang/perl5/pkg-plist
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