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Thu, 18 Oct 2012
[ 13:01:49 gahr ] Original commit   Revision:306068
seed7 lang files touched by this commit High-level, extensible programming language
- Update to 05_20121007


  - An error message, that could occur when the Seed7 interpreter is
    compiled, is explained in the FAQ and to 'src/read_me.txt'.
  - A description of the for-step-statement was added to the manual.
  - The library make.s7i was improved. Now makefile dependencies can
    contain colons (:) and equal signs (=). The parameters of the echo
    command are parsed better now. Calls of the function callOwnProgram
    are also avoided now. This way the library works correctly, when it
    is used by programs other than make7.sd7.
  - The library tar.s7i was improved to set the file mode, when an
    archive is extracted.
  - Testcases for a variant of the @:= operator, which copies a string
    to another, were added to the program chkstr.sd7.
  - Interpreter and compiler were improved to support the situation,
    when source and destination of the @:= operator (action STR_POSCPY)
    are identical.
  - The compiler was improved to support the action ITF_DESTR.
  - The compiler was improved, to call C compiler and linker with
    specific options, such that unneeded functions are ommited (when
    the linker and executable file format support this feature).
  - The compiler was improved to remove debug symbols, unless called
    with -g (some makefiles now define LINKER_OPT_NO_DEBUG_INFO).
  - The function name(PROGRAM) was improved, to return the program name
    without following symbolic links.
  - The function path(PROGRAM) was improved, to follow symbolic links
    (see function followLink in cmd_rtl.c). Consequently dir(PROGRAM)
    also follows symbolic links.
  - The function CommandLineToArgvW in cmd_win.c was improved.
  - The files itf_rtl.c and itf_rtl.h, which contain interface
    functions, were added.
  - The makefile mk_mingc.mak was added to support compilation of the
    self extracting version of Seed7.

  - Experimental support for automatic memory management with reference
    counting was added to the interpreter.
  - The libraries external_file.s7i, field.s7i, stritext.s7i, gzip.s7i,
    listener.s7i, pixmap_file.s7i, shell.s7i, socket.s7i, strifile.s7i,
    dir.s7i, utf16.s7i, utf8.s7i and xmldom.s7i were improved to use
    the function toInterface.
  - The function name(PROGRAM) was improved, to return the name of the
    program without extension and without path.
  - The interpreter was improved to support the action ITF_DESTR.

Feature safe:	yes

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