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Thu, 7 Mar 2013
[ 09:54:35 gahr ] Original commit   Revision:313572
seed7 lang files touched by this commit High-level, extensible programming language
- Update to 05_20130303

  * The library editline.s7i has been added. This library defines a
    file type for linewise editing with history.
  * The manual chapter describing types, especially the type program,
    has been improved.
  * The calc.sd7 example has been improved to allow linewise editing.
  * The handling of the internal program representation in interpreter
    and compiler has been improved to free most unused memory.
  * The handling of the functions prgGlobalObjects, refArrToList,
    refHshDataToList, refHshKeyToList, refLocalVars and refSctToList
    in compiler and run-time library has been improved to free unused
  * The stack trace has been improved to display infix operators
    better and to write parameter names.
  * The compiler has been improved to support the action TYP_FUNC.
  * The functions copy_expression and free_expression in listutl.c
    have been optimized.
  * The function substitute_params has been added to match.c .
  * The functions free_params and free_name_list have been added to
    name.c .
  * The function dump_list has been added to objutl.c .
  * The function copy_params has been added to entutl.c .
  * The functions prot_float and prot_params have been added to
    traceutl.c .
  * The functions free_type and close_type have been added to
    typeutl.c .
  * The free list management has been improved to be configurable
    in config.h.
  * The memory management in heaputl.h has been improved to work with
  * The function free_file and remove_prog_files have been added to
  * The functions itf_cpy and itf_cpy2 in itflib.c have been improved
    to support assigning forward declared objects to an interface.
  * The function emptylist and the macro to_empty_list have been
    renamed to free_list and free_list2.
  * In prg_comp.c the function prgDeclObjects has been renamed to
  * In ref_data.c the functions refArrmaxidx, refArrminidx,
    refArrtolist, refScttolist and refHshKeyToList have been renamed
    to refArrMaxIdx, refArrMinIdx, refArrToList, refSctToList and
  * In ref_data.c the functions refResult, refResini and refSetParams
    have been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR when the argument is NULL
    or when it is not a BLOCKOBJECT.
  * In progs.s7i the functions sys_var, error_count, declared_objects,
    params, setParams, func_result, func_res_init, local_consts,
    local_vars, array_to_list, array_min_index, array_max_index,
    struct_to_list, hash_data_to_list, hash_key_to_list,
    interface_to_struct, obj_number, type_number and match_obj have
    been renamed to sysVar errorCount, globalObjects, formalParams,
    setFormalParams, resultVar, resultInitValue, localConsts,
    localVars, arrayToList, arrayMinIdx, arrayMaxIdx, structToList,
    hashDataToList, hashKeysToList, interfaceToStruct, objNumber,
    typeNumber and typeObject.
  * In seed7_05.s7i the functions is_func, is_varfunc, result_type and
    is_derived have been renamed to isFunc, isVarfunc, resultType and

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