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Mon, 11 Nov 2013
[ 10:50:46 gahr ] Original commit   Revision:333482
seed7 lang files touched by this commit High-level, extensible programming language
- Update to 05_20131110


  * Compiler and runtime library have been improved to work on Sparc
    64-bit machines under OpenBSD. Thanks go to Brian Callahan, for
    his support and for providing access to his Sparc 64-bit machine.
  * The FAQ explanation concerning portability has been improved.
  * The new library cc_conf.s7i has been added. This library manages
    configuration values for C compiler and runtime.
  * The compiler has been improved to use the library cc_conf.s7i.
  * The chapter about the defines used in version.h has been improved
    in src/read_me.txt.
  * The type rtlGenerictype has been renamed to generictype in the
    files of the runtime library. Now compiler and runtime library
    both use the name generictype.
  * The function checkForLimitedStringLiteralLength, a check for
    trigraph sequences and checks for the presence of getrlimit()
    and siglongjmp() have been added to chkccomp.c.
  * The function setupStack has been added to cmd_rtl.c. This function
    tries to raise the stack limit to STACK_SIZE.
  * Usages of USE_SIGSETJMP have been renamed to HAS_SIGSETJMP.
  * The table key_code has been improved in kbd_inf.c and kbd_poll.c.
    Now the erase char of the terminal interface (VERASE) is always
    returned as backspace (KEY_BS respectively '\8\'). This improves
    the behavior under Cygwin.
  * The function utf8_init has been changed in kbd_inf.c and
    kbd_poll.c to assume UTF-8 mode when no locale environment
    variable is set.
  * The function msgDigest in msgdigest.s7i has been changed to use
  * The function configValue has been moved from osfiles.s7i to
  * The macro REALLOC_STRI_SIZE_SMALLER has been added to heaputl.h.
    Several usages of REALLOC_STRI_SIZE_OK in the runtime library have
    been changed to usages of REALLOC_STRI_SIZE_SMALLER.
  * The compiler has been improved to initialize boolean and
    enumeration elements of structs with the values value.boolvalue
    respectively value.enumvalue. This is necessary to work correctly
    on big-endian systems.
  * Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the actions
    ACT_EQ and ACT_NE.

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