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Sun, 23 Oct 2005
[ 02:41:18 edwin ] Original commit 
mailscanner mail files touched by this commit Powerful virus/spam scanning framework for mail gateways
[MAINTAINER] mail/MailScanner: update to 4.46.2

 Update to 4.46.2

    1/10/2005 New in Version 4.46.2-2
    * New Features and Improvements *
    - Improved phishing net JavaScript detection to make reports more sensible.
    - Loads of additions to phishing net safe sites list (thanks Denis!).
    - Improved Install-Clam-SA package so that it sets up your /etc/
      file for you, by adding /usr/local/lib if necessary.
    - Increased the default expansion factor of archives for the clamav scanner.
    - Removed -j3 from call to Kaspersky in kaspersky-wrapper, on advice from
      Kaspersky users.

    * Fixes *
    - Fixed problem with a few TNEF files and the internal TNEF decoder,
      caused occasional crashes.
    - Fixed warnings with numeric tests in a couple of places.
    - Tested against SpamAssassin 3.1.0, one minor problem found and fixed.
    - Fixed minor bug in "actions" parser in ZMailer support code.

    1/9/2005 New in Version 4.45.4-1
    * New Features and Improvements *
    - Added MCP patches for SpamAssassin 3.0.4.
    - Added extra output about nodeps switch with for RPM.
    - Added "no bytes" lines to cancel out "use bytes" as it causes problems
      with multi-lingual subject lines.
    - Improved phishing net so that when you have multiple MailScanner servers
      all handling your incoming mail, links caught by the first one won't also
      be caught by the following ones. This caused the final message to contain
      multiple warnings about the same link. There is now just 1 warning.
    - New "Quarantine Modified Body" setting, default is "no". This will cause
      all modified messages to be quarantined, including messages which have
      had their HTML disarmed. Also optimised this so it never archives twice.
    - Added syslog-ing to BitDefender updater.
    - Improved web bug handler when disarmed by multiple MailScanners.
    - Added new configuration options to control whether you want to highlight
      phishing fraud links or modify the subject line or both.
      New options are :-
      Highlight Phishing Fraud (= yes        by default)
      Phishing Modify Subject  (= "{Fraud?}" by default)
      Phishing Subject Text    (= no         by default)
    - Phishing detection now handles URL's containing %xx characters pointing to
      web site names with é in them (and characters written like that).

    * Fixes *
    - Corrected bayes_file_mode in spam.assassin.prefs.conf on advice from
      Matt Kettler.
    - 'MailScanner -v' now prints out the version number of Convert::TNEF.
    - Group memberships problem on BSD fixed. Spam quarantine membership
      should now always be correct on BSD systems.
    - Tweaked ClamAV+SpamAssassin package so it skips the zlib-vcheck version
      check, it doesn't appear to be important and holds up newbies, which is
      a Bad Thing(TM).

PR:             ports/87842
Submitted by:   Jan-Peter Koopmann <>

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