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Thu, 27 Jun 2013
[ 06:48:44 bapt ] Original commit   Sanity Test Failure  Revision:321853
squirrelmail-abook_import_export-plugin mail files touched by this commit Allows for the importing of addressbooks from a CSV (comma separated values) file
squirrelmail-askuserinfo-plugin mail files touched by this commit Ask user to enter Full name and Email address at initial logon
squirrelmail-avelsieve-plugin mail files touched by this commit SquirrelMail plugin for Server-Side Mail Filtering management
squirrelmail-calendar_file_backend-plugin mail files touched by this commit File backend for SquirrelMail Calendar plugin
squirrelmail-calendar_sql_backend-plugin mail  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit SQL backend for SquirrelMail Calendar plugin
squirrelmail-change_ldappass-plugin mail files touched by this commit Allows users to change their passwords stored in LDAP Tree
squirrelmail-change_sqlpass-plugin mail files touched by this commit Allows users to change their passwords stored in a SQL database
squirrelmail-check_quota-plugin mail files touched by this commit Check/display users' mail quota (filesystem, IMAP-based, and cPanel)
squirrelmail-compatibility-plugin mail files touched by this commit Required by many plugins for compatibility with SquirrelMail
squirrelmail-email_footer-plugin mail files touched by this commit Automatically appends footer to SquirrelMail-generated emails
squirrelmail-login_auth-plugin mail files touched by this commit Automatically log in user based on HTTP authentication
squirrelmail-login_notes-plugin mail files touched by this commit Place notes on the login screen
squirrelmail-mark_read-plugin mail files touched by this commit Provides one-click link to mark read/unread all mails in a folder
squirrelmail-password_forget-plugin mail files touched by this commit Prevent reuse of login details by browsers at public terminals
squirrelmail-postfixadmin-plugin mail  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Lets users change password, vacation, and forwarding
squirrelmail-pupdate-plugin mail files touched by this commit Checks for plugin updates by parsing the SM site
squirrelmail-qmailadmin_login-plugin mail files touched by this commit Using the QmailAdmin cgi interface from SquirrelMail
squirrelmail-secure_login-plugin mail files touched by this commit This plugin will automatically turn on SSL security during login
squirrelmail-spam-buttons-plugin mail files touched by this commit Provides buttons with customizable action (for reporting spam, etc.)
squirrelmail-squirrel_logger-plugin mail files touched by this commit Logging functionality for your webmail interface
squirrelmail-timeout_user-plugin mail files touched by this commit Automatically logs a user out if they're idle for a set amount of time
squirrelmail-unsafe_image_rules-plugin mail files touched by this commit Determines what unsafe (web) images will be shown
squirrelmail-user_special_mailboxes-plugin mail files touched by this commit Lets define folders to be displayed at the top of the folders list
squirrelmail-vlogin-plugin mail files touched by this commit Adds multi-site-hosting capabilities to SquirrelMail
squirrelmail-websearch-plugin mail files touched by this commit Plugin for Websearch
CATEGORIES is defined in which is always loaded after .mk
inclusion leading to PKGORIGIN not being set when needed.
Nothing requires bsd.squirrelmail to be loaded after but the
Convert "${PORTDIR}/mail" to ${.CURDIR}/.. and remove all the

Reported by:	erwin

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 25

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