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Sun, 19 Dec 2010
[ 08:51:20 makc ] Original commit 
scilab math files touched by this commit Scientific software package for numerical computations
Update to 5.3.0

Upstream changes:

Port changes:
 -Drop dependency on readline from ports - this was never removed from the 4.x
  port and isn't used
 -Make UMFPACK off by default - the only reason it was on by default was for
  consistency among 5.2.x versions, since I didn't expose the knob through
  OPTIONS properly until 5.2.2
 -Update JGraphX to compatible version for Scilab 5.3.0
 -Scilab does not start java in the normal way (with javavmwrapper) so the
  JAVA_HOME environment variable isn't set properly. Explictly set JAVA_HOME
  to whatever was used to build the port. This seems to correct occasional
  crashes on startup.
 -Use batik-all.jar instead of batik.jar - has some extra classes in it
 -Additional dependency: java/jakarta-commons-beanutils
 -"bsdjava" (java/jdk16) doesn't work with this version. Require diablo or
 -Switch to a dynamic plist for include/scilab, lib/scilab, and share/scilab.
  These directories vary quite a bit depending on what options are set but
  should be exclusive to scilab.
 -Reorganize post-patch section so java related substitutions aren't done
  unless building with java
 -Fix NOPORTDOCS to actually do something
 -Silence post-patch output
 -Remove rename of Visual Basic demos - BSD make couldn't handle the unquoted
  spaces in the path names, but this port now uses GNU make
 -Remove unnecessary find statements in pre-install
 -Remove empty directories in DATADIR/modules - toolboxes don't like them
 -Fix where threads incorrectly detected as Linux style
 -A couple patches are no longer necessary
 -ATOMS (package manager for downloading toolboxes in binary form) is not
  available for FreeBSD. It tries to download a list of available packages
  from the Scilab website (based on uname). There is no list for FreeBSD and
  it HTTP 404's. Scilab misinterprets this and says "Please connect to the
  Internet", which is a bit misleading. Patch to indicate that this will never
  work. I considered faking the uname to Linux, but there are no RPMs in ports
  for math-type things, like fortran, blas/lapack, etc. so I doubt anything
  would run. Porting any desired toolboxs is probably the best route.
 -Fix ATOMS to use fetch instead of requiring wget or curl (Due to the
  previous issue, this will only be useful for 3rd party repositories)
 -Fix toolbox build macros to not write to PREFIX/share/scilab when building
  as root

PR:             ports/153274
Submitted by:   Rob Farmer (maintainer)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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15 files found
modify 1.73 View diff View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/Makefile
modify 1.19 View diff View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/distinfo
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/extra-patch-NOPORTDOCS
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/extra-patch-bin-JAVA_HOME
modify 1.2 View diff View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-build.incl.xml
modify 1.2 View diff View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-etc-librarypath.xml
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-atoms-macros-atoms_gui-atomsGui.sci
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-atoms-macros-atoms_internals-atomsAUWriteAccess.sci
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-atoms-macros-atoms_internals-atomsDownload.sci
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-core-includes-Thread_Wrapper.h
remove 1.2 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-core-src-c-getmemory.c
import 1.1 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/patch-modules-dynamic_link-macros-ilib_gen_Make_unix.sci
remove 1.2 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/
remove 1.2 View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/files/
modify 1.21 View diff View revision /ports/head/math/scilab/pkg-plist
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