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Sat, 3 Aug 2013
[ 13:44:01 mat ] Original commit   Sanity Test Failure  Revision:324191
2mandvd multimedia files touched by this commit DVD authoring and slideshow tool
3dc games files touched by this commit 3-Dimensional Chess for X Window System
abcselect audio files touched by this commit Extract parts, movements, etc from abc music files
abills net files touched by this commit Billing system for dialup, VPN, and VoIP management
ace devel files touched by this commit Adaptive Communication Environment for C++
acm games files touched by this commit Arial combat simulator for X11
adzap www files touched by this commit Filter out animated ad banners from web pages
align textproc files touched by this commit Text column alignment filter
amavis-stats security files touched by this commit Simple AMaViS statistics generator based on rrdtool
asc games files touched by this commit Turn based, multiplayer strategic game with nice graphics
asfiles x11-fm files touched by this commit X11 file manager. Dockable in WindowMaker
audiotag audio files touched by this commit Command-line tool for mass tagging/renaming of audio files
autozen audio files touched by this commit Adjust brain waves with sound
bodr science files touched by this commit Chemistry data like element and isotope properties, atomic radii, etc
bontmia sysutils files touched by this commit Small tool for incremental backups over network
bookmarkbridge www files touched by this commit Synchronize bookmarks between multiple browsers
cc65 devel files touched by this commit Cross-compiler for 6502-based systems, includes 65816 assembler
check_multi net-mgmt files touched by this commit Multi-purpose wrapper plugin for Nagios
chipvault cad files touched by this commit Project organizer for VHDL and Verilog RTL hardware designs
chtml www files touched by this commit Chunked HTML templating engine
click net  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit The Click Modular Router
clonehdd sysutils files touched by this commit Tool for clone HDD on FreeBSD
code2html textproc files touched by this commit Sourcecode to HTML converter
cvsdadm devel files touched by this commit Tool for CVSd pserver user administration
dbs benchmarks files touched by this commit Distributed network benchmarking system
dim sysutils files touched by this commit Directory lister which sorts the file list in 2D
dinotrace cad files touched by this commit Graphical signal trace waveform viewer
dynamechs graphics files touched by this commit Multibody Dynamic Simulation Library
falconseye games files touched by this commit NetHack derivative
find-zlib security files touched by this commit Scans files for statically linked zlib (libz) code
freeswitch-core net  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit FreeSwitch SoftSwitch Port
freeswitch-core-devel net  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit FreeSwitch SoftSwitch Port
freewais-sf net  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Enhanced Wide Area Information Server
gecode devel files touched by this commit Generic Constraint Development Environment
geda cad files touched by this commit GPL Electronic Design Automation tools
geda-utils cad files touched by this commit The gEDA's utilities
giram graphics files touched by this commit POV-Ray oriented modeller
glgraph math files touched by this commit OpenGL based function grapher
gmtk multimedia files touched by this commit Library for gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer
gnatsweb4 databases files touched by this commit Gnatsweb, a GNATS web interface
golem x11-wm files touched by this commit Small window manager with themes and plugins
gprename x11-fm files touched by this commit Perl script for renaming multiple files
gtimer deskutils files touched by this commit Timer for your personal activities
gtkgraph graphics files touched by this commit Graphing calculator using GTK+
gtkpool games files touched by this commit 2D pool game using the GTK+ toolkit
hinfo net files touched by this commit Utility primarily designed to find the owner of an IP block
hlstats games  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. A real-time statistics generator for Half-Life and its mods
hyperic-sigar sysutils  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit SIGAR - System Information Gatherer and Reporter
icoutils graphics files touched by this commit Convert/extract images in Microsoft Windows(R) icon/cursor files
ida graphics files touched by this commit Small and fast motif-based image viewer and editor
im-ja japanese files touched by this commit Japanese input module for GTK2 japanese files touched by this commit Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
jlj deskutils files touched by this commit Jerry's command-line entry system
kbiff mail files touched by this commit Mail notification utility for KDE with nice features
kover print files touched by this commit WYSIWYG CD cover printer
kripp security files touched by this commit Lightweight network password sniffer
kshowmail mail files touched by this commit POP3 mail checker for KDE
l0phtcrack security files touched by this commit Restricted Cracks SAMBA or Windows NT passwords
lagan biology files touched by this commit Efficient tools for large-scale multiple alignments of genomic DNA
lambda math files touched by this commit Lambda calculus interpreter
latexmk print files touched by this commit Tool to completely automate generating output from LaTeX documents
latrine games files touched by this commit Curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr
lavaps sysutils  Deleted files touched by this commit Lava lamp of currently running processes
ldap2dns net files touched by this commit Maintain DNS zones using an LDAP directory
leaktracer devel files touched by this commit Trace and analyze memory leaks in C++ programs
mahjong games files touched by this commit Networked Mah Jong program, together with a computer player
mencal deskutils files touched by this commit Simple variation of the unix command cal
mp3check audio files touched by this commit Tool for checking and fixing MP3 archive inconsistencies
mp3riot audio files touched by this commit Mp3riot creates mp3 playlists, HTML files, etc
mrtg-mysql-load databases files touched by this commit MySQL load analysis fetcher for MRTG
muttprint print files touched by this commit Utility to print mail for most any mail client
namefix sysutils files touched by this commit Batch renamer
naturaldocs devel files touched by this commit Extensible, multi-language source code documentation generator
ne editors files touched by this commit Nice and powerful editor
netleak net-mgmt files touched by this commit Tool to detect connectivity between network segments
nomyso converters files touched by this commit Convert MASM/TASM files to NASM compatible sources
nrpe2 net-mgmt  Deleted files touched by this commit Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
openrm graphics files touched by this commit Development environment used to build 2D/3D/stereo graphics
openvanilla-modules textproc  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Input method modules for OpenVanilla
optimax games files touched by this commit Core War optimizer written in Perl
p5-qdbm databases files touched by this commit Perl API for QDBM
paexec devel files touched by this commit Parallel executor, distributes tasks over network
pengpong games files touched by this commit Cross-platform pong game written in SDL
picasm devel  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Portable assembler for 16C84 series PICs
plplot math files touched by this commit Scientific plotting package
popfile mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Automatic mail classification tool, acts as a POP3 proxy
postgis databases  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL databases
powerman sysutils files touched by this commit Tool for doing remote power control
ppl devel files touched by this commit C++ library for the manipulation of convex polyhedra
pslist sysutils files touched by this commit Utility to view or send signals to processes with all their children
ptools games files touched by this commit Accessory programs for pMARS (Core War simulator)
pvmpov graphics  Deleted files touched by this commit Distributed rendering package for Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
quickie www files touched by this commit Small footprint, fast Wiki engine written in C++
ratmen x11-wm files touched by this commit Simple program for displaying a menu in a window
re_graph textproc files touched by this commit Regular Expression Graphing Program
rubinius lang files touched by this commit LLVM based ruby language implementation
sam2p graphics files touched by this commit Converts raster (bitmap) image formats into PS or PDF files
script4rss www files touched by this commit Easily create scripts to convert HTML pages to RSS feeds
sigit mail  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit A tool to create random signatures
smtpscan security files touched by this commit Remote SMTP server version detector
snortsnarf security files touched by this commit Generate HTML report summaries from snort incident alerts
squirrelmail-multilogin-plugin mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Allows manual selection of login server on login page
squirrelmail-notes-plugin mail files touched by this commit Allows you to create notes
squirrelmail-notify-plugin mail files touched by this commit Notify when new mail arrives
squirrelmail-quota_usage-plugin mail files touched by this commit View quota and current usage
squirrelmail-sasql-plugin mail files touched by this commit Edit SpamAssassin settings stored in an SQL DB
squirrelmail-shared_calendars-plugin mail files touched by this commit iCal-compliant calendaring for SquirrelMail
squirrelmail-wetteronline-plugin mail files touched by this commit Plugin for the weather in Germany
ssvnc net files touched by this commit Enhanced TightVNC Viewer (SSVNC: SSL/SSH VNC viewer)
stepmania-devel games files touched by this commit Rrhythm game simulator
syslinux sysutils files touched by this commit Boot loader for the Linux operating system
tcc lang  Ignore files touched by this commit Tiny C Compiler
titlefix sysutils files touched by this commit Renames files in a proper English title format
websieve mail files touched by this commit Web based Cyrus IMAP user admin client
wise biology files touched by this commit Intelligent algorithms for DNA searches
wol net files touched by this commit Tool to wake up Wake-On-LAN compliant computers
xapian-omega10 www  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit CGI search application built on Xapian
xchat1 irc  Deleted files touched by this commit X11 IRC client using the GTK+ toolkit, and optionally, GNOME
xmame emulators  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit NO CDROM UNIX/X11 port of the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)
xmandel graphics files touched by this commit Window based interface to Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets
xplot math files touched by this commit X11 plotting package
xslint textproc files touched by this commit XSL(T) stylesheet checker
zangband games files touched by this commit NO CDROM Zangband (Zelazny Angband) with color, X11 support
zebedee security files touched by this commit Encrypted, secure compressed TCP tunnel
- Convert to new perl framework
- Remove MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=yes, it's the default.

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