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Tue, 13 Mar 2012
[ 16:15:36 pgollucci ] Original commit 
p5-Algorithm-Evolutionary devel files touched by this commit Library for doing evolutionary computation in Perl
p5-Alien-wxWidgets x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Perl5 module for building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries
p5-Any-Moose-Convert devel files touched by this commit Convert Moose libraries to Mouse ones, or vice versa
p5-AnyEvent-Filesys-Notify devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for AnyEvent compat to monitor file/dir changes
p5-AnyEvent-RabbitMQ net files touched by this commit Asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client
p5-AnyEvent-Twitter net files touched by this commit Implementation of the Twitter API for AnyEvent
p5-AnyMQ-AMQP net files touched by this commit AMQP binding for AnyMQ
p5-Apache-ASP www files touched by this commit Active Server Pages for Apache
p5-App-CLI devel files touched by this commit App::CLI - Dispatcher module for command line interface programs
p5-App-GitGot devel files touched by this commit Tool to make it easier to manage multiple git repositories
p5-App-GitHub devel files touched by this commit GitHub Command Tools
p5-App-Pm2Port ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Creating port from perl module
p5-Archive-Any archivers files touched by this commit Single interface to deal with file archives
p5-Archive-Extract archivers files touched by this commit Generic archive extracting mechanism
p5-Archive-Extract-Libarchive archivers files touched by this commit Generic archive extracting mechanism (using libarchive)
p5-Archive-Peek archivers files touched by this commit Peek into archives without extracting them
p5-Archive-Tar archivers files touched by this commit Perl module for creation and manipulation of tar files
p5-Archive-Zip archivers files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Perl module to create, manipulate, read, and write Zip archive files
p5-Astro-SpaceTrack astro files touched by this commit Retrieve orbital data from
p5-Astro-satpass astro files touched by this commit Classes and app to compute satellite visibility
p5-Audio-M4P multimedia files touched by this commit M4P / MP4 / m4a Quicktime audio and video tools
p5-Audio-MPD audio files touched by this commit Class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers
p5-Authen-Bitcard security files touched by this commit Bitcard authentication verification
p5-Authen-Simple security files touched by this commit Simple authentication framework
p5-AutoLoader devel files touched by this commit Load subroutines only on demand
p5-B-Hooks-EndOfScope devel files touched by this commit Execute code after a scope finished compilation
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check devel files touched by this commit Wrap OP check callbacks
p5-B-Hooks-Parser devel files touched by this commit Interface to perls parser variables
p5-B-Utils devel files touched by this commit Helper functions for op tree manipulation
p5-BSD-devstat devel files touched by this commit Perl extension of devstat(3) API
p5-BSON databases files touched by this commit Pure Perl implementation of MongoDB BSON serialization
p5-BZ-Client devel files touched by this commit Client for the Bugzilla web services API
p5-Bash-Completion shells files touched by this commit Extensible system to provide bash completion
p5-Bio-Das biology files touched by this commit Client-side library for Distributed Genome Annotation System
p5-Blog-Spam www files touched by this commit Blog & Forum SPAM Detection
p5-Bot-Training misc files touched by this commit Plain text training material for bots like Hailo and MegaHAL
p5-Bot-Training-MegaHAL misc files touched by this commit Provide megahal.trn via Bot::Training
p5-Bot-Training-StarCraft misc files touched by this commit Provide starcraft.trn via Bot::Training
p5-Brackup sysutils files touched by this commit Flexible backup tool
p5-Bread-Board devel files touched by this commit Solderless way to wire up your application components
p5-Bread-Board-Declare devel files touched by this commit Create Bread::Board containers as normal Moose objects
p5-Business-PayPal www files touched by this commit Perl extension for automating PayPal transactions
p5-CAD-Drawing graphics files touched by this commit Methods to create, load, and save vector graphics
p5-CGI-Application-Dispatch www files touched by this commit Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects
p5-CGI-Compress-Gzip www files touched by this commit CGI::Compress::Gzip - CGI with automatically compressed output
p5-CGI-SpeedyCGI www files touched by this commit Speed up perl CGI scripts by running them persistently
p5-CPAN-Checksums devel files touched by this commit Perl module to write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
p5-CPAN-Meta devel files touched by this commit The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
p5-CPAN-Mini devel files touched by this commit CPAN::Mini - create a minimal mirror of CPAN
p5-CPAN-YACSmoke devel files touched by this commit Yet Another CPAN Smoke Tester
p5-CPANPLUS devel files touched by this commit Ameliorated interface to the CPAN
p5-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build devel files touched by this commit CPANPLUS plug-in to use Module-Build
p5-CSS-DOM www files touched by this commit Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets
p5-CSS-Minifier-XS textproc files touched by this commit XS based CSS minifier
p5-Cache-AgainstFile devel files touched by this commit Cache data structures parsed from files, watching for updates
p5-Cache-Memcached-Fast databases files touched by this commit Fast Perl client for memcached, a distributed memory cache daemon
p5-Carp-Always-Color devel files touched by this commit Carp::Always, but with color
p5-Catalyst-Action-REST www files touched by this commit Automated REST Method Dispatching for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-OpenID www files touched by this commit OpenID credential for Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication framework
p5-Catalyst-Devel www files touched by this commit Catalyst Development Tools
p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema www files touched by this commit DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class
p5-Catalyst-Model-Memcached www files touched by this commit Wrapper for memcached imitating Catalyst models
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication www files touched by this commit Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-FastMmap www files touched by this commit FastMmap sessions for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static www files touched by this commit Serve static files with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-Encoding www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Unicode aware Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Runtime www files touched by this commit The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework (Runtime)
p5-Catalyst-View-Email www files touched by this commit Catalyst View for Email
p5-Catalyst-View-Mason www files touched by this commit Mason view class for Catalyst
p5-Class-Accessor-Complex devel files touched by this commit Arrays, hashes, booleans, integers, sets, and more
p5-Class-Accessor-Grouped devel files touched by this commit Lets you build groups of accessors
p5-Class-DBI-Lite databases  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Lightweight ORM for Perl
p5-Class-Load-XS devel files touched by this commit XS implementation of parts of Class::Load
p5-Class-Tom devel files touched by this commit A perl module to transport objects from one system to another
p5-Config-AutoConf devel files touched by this commit Perl module to implement some of AutoConf macros
p5-Config-JSON devel files touched by this commit JSON based config file system
p5-Config-Std devel files touched by this commit Load and save configuration files in a standard format
p5-Const-Fast devel files touched by this commit Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes
p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour converters files touched by this commit Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages
p5-Crypt-DH-GMP net files touched by this commit Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly
p5-Crypt-OpenPGP security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Pure-Perl OpenPGP-compatible PGP implementation
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-CA security files touched by this commit Perl extension for OpenSSL CA API
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA security files touched by this commit Perl5 module to RSA encode and decode strings using OpenSSL
p5-Crypt-PBKDF2 security files touched by this commit The PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm
p5-Crypt-SaltedHash security files touched by this commit Perl extension to work with salted hashes
p5-Crypt-Simple security files touched by this commit Perl encrypt stuff simply
p5-DBD-Pg databases files touched by this commit Provides access to PostgreSQL databases through the DBI
p5-DBIx-Class databases files touched by this commit Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper
p5-DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn databases files touched by this commit Automatically encode columns
p5-DBIx-Class-QueryProfiler databases files touched by this commit DBIx::Class profiler
p5-DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader databases files touched by this commit Dynamic definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema
p5-DBIx-Class-Schema-PopulateMore databases files touched by this commit Enhanced populate method
p5-DBIx-QueryLog databases files touched by this commit Perl extension for logging queries for DBI
p5-DBIx-Sunny databases files touched by this commit Simple DBI wrapper supports SQLite and MySQL
p5-DBM-Deep databases files touched by this commit Pure perl persistent multi-level hash/array DBM
p5-Data-Clone devel files touched by this commit Polymorphic data cloning
p5-Data-Dump-Streamer devel files touched by this commit Stream a highly accurate breadth first data dump in Perl code
p5-Data-Dumper-Simple devel files touched by this commit Easily dump variables with names
p5-Data-Entropy security files touched by this commit Entropy (randomness) management
p5-Data-Printer devel files touched by this commit Colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects
p5-Data-Random devel files touched by this commit Perl module for generating random data
p5-Data-Section-Simple devel files touched by this commit Read data from __DATA__
p5-Data-Serializer devel files touched by this commit Modules that serialize data structures
p5-Data-Stream-Bulk devel files touched by this commit N at a time iteration API
p5-Data-Throttler-Memcached devel files touched by this commit Memcached-Based Data::Throttler
p5-Data-Validator devel files touched by this commit Rule based validator on type constraint system
p5-Data-Visitor devel files touched by this commit Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures
p5-DateTime devel files touched by this commit Date and time object
p5-DateTime-Astro devel files touched by this commit Functions For Astromical Calendars
p5-DateTime-TimeZone devel files touched by this commit Time zone object base class and factory
p5-Devel-CallChecker devel files touched by this commit Custom op checking attached to subroutines
p5-Devel-CheckOS devel files touched by this commit Perl5 module to check currently running OS
p5-Devel-Declare devel files touched by this commit Adding keywords to Perl, in Perl
p5-Digest-MD5 security files touched by this commit Perl5 interface to the MD5 algorithm
p5-Digest-SHA security files touched by this commit Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl security files touched by this commit Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 in pure Perl
p5-Digest-SHA1 security files touched by this commit Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm
p5-Digest-TransformPath devel files touched by this commit Implements the TransformPath concept
p5-Dist-CheckConflicts devel files touched by this commit Declare version conflicts for your dist
p5-DynaLoader-Functions devel files touched by this commit Deconstructed dynamic C library loading
p5-Email-MIME mail files touched by this commit Easy MIME message parsing
p5-Encode converters files touched by this commit Provides interfaces between strings and the rest of the system
p5-Encode-HanConvert chinese files touched by this commit Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings
p5-Eval-Closure devel files touched by this commit Safely and cleanly create closures via string eval
p5-Excel-Template textproc files touched by this commit Perl module for templating Excel files
p5-ExtUtils-CBuilder devel files touched by this commit Compile and link C code for Perl modules
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker devel files touched by this commit Designed to write a Makefile for an extension module
p5-ExtUtils-ParseXS devel files touched by this commit Converts Perl XS code into C code
p5-FCGI-Client www files touched by this commit Perl extension for fastcgi protocol client library
p5-FCGI-Engine www files touched by this commit Flexible engine for running FCGI-based applications
p5-FEAR-API www files touched by this commit Web Scraping Zen
p5-Feersum www files touched by this commit A PSGI engine for Perl based on EV/libev
p5-File-Fetch ftp files touched by this commit Generic file fetching mechanism
p5-File-Find-Rule-Perl devel files touched by this commit Common rules for searching for Perl things
p5-File-HStore devel files touched by this commit Store files on a filesystem using a simple hash-based storage
p5-File-HomeDir-PathClass devel files touched by this commit File::HomeDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-File-MMagic-XS devel files touched by this commit Guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic)
p5-File-MimeInfo devel files touched by this commit Determine file type
p5-File-Pid-Quick devel files touched by this commit Associates a PID file with your script
p5-FileHandle-Unget devel files touched by this commit FileHandle which supports ungetting of multiple bytes
p5-FusionInventory-Agent net-mgmt files touched by this commit Agent for OCS Inventory server and FusionInventory for GLPI servers
p5-FuzzyOcr mail files touched by this commit Plugin for SpamAssassin which scans image attachments for spam
p5-Geo-Coder-Bing misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the Bing Maps API
p5-Geo-Coder-Geocoder-US misc files touched by this commit Geocode a location using
p5-Geo-Coder-Many misc files touched by this commit Module to tie together multiple Geo::Coder::* modules
p5-Geo-Coder-Mapquest misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with Mapquest
p5-Geo-Coder-Multimap misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the Multimap Open API
p5-Geo-Coder-Navteq misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the Navteq MapTP AJAX API
p5-Geo-Coder-OSM misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API
p5-Geo-Coder-Ovi misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the Ovi Maps API
p5-Geo-Coder-PlaceFinder misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with Yahoo PlaceFinder
p5-Geo-Coder-TomTom misc files touched by this commit Geocode addresses with the TomTom route planner
p5-Geo-IPfree net files touched by this commit Look up country from an IP Address
p5-Geo-Parse-OSM textproc files touched by this commit OpenStreetMap XML file regexp parser
p5-Geometry-Primitive graphics files touched by this commit Primitive Geometry Entities
p5-Getopt-Compact-WithCmd devel files touched by this commit Sub-command friendly, like Getopt::Compact
p5-Getopt-Euclid devel files touched by this commit Executable Uniform Command-Line Interface Descriptions
p5-Git-PurePerl devel files touched by this commit Pure Perl interface to Git repositories
p5-Google-SAML-Request net files touched by this commit Create or parse Google\'s SAML requests
p5-Google-SAML-Response net files touched by this commit SAML responses for Google\'s SSO implementation
p5-Graph-ReadWrite graphics files touched by this commit Reading and Writing a variety of graph file formats
p5-GraphViz graphics files touched by this commit GraphViz - Perl interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
p5-GraphViz2 graphics files touched by this commit Wrapper for AT&T Graphviz
p5-HTML-Format textproc files touched by this commit Module to format HTML to text or PS
p5-HTML-HTML5-Entities textproc files touched by this commit Pure Perl drop-in replacement for HTML::Entities
p5-HTTP-Body www files touched by this commit HTTP Body Parser
p5-HTTP-Cache-Transparent www files touched by this commit Implementation of http get that keeps a local cache of fetched pages
p5-HTTP-Message www files touched by this commit Representation of HTTP style messages
p5-HTTP-Response-Encoding www files touched by this commit Adds encoding() to HTTP::Response
p5-Hailo textproc files touched by this commit A pluggable Markov engine analogous to MegaHAL
p5-Hash-FieldHash devel files touched by this commit Lightweight field hash implementation
p5-IO-Prompt devel files touched by this commit Interactively prompt for user input
p5-IO-Socket-SSL security files touched by this commit Perl5 interface to SSL sockets
p5-IO-Toolkit devel files touched by this commit IO::Toolkit - Perl extension to create logfiles
p5-IO-Zlib archivers files touched by this commit IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
p5-IPC-Cmd devel files touched by this commit Finding and running system commands made easy
p5-Image-Info graphics files touched by this commit Perl module for getting image information
p5-Image-Pngslimmer graphics files touched by this commit Slims (dynamically created) PNGs
p5-Image-Size graphics files touched by this commit Perl5 module to determine the size of images in several common formats
p5-JSON-RPC devel files touched by this commit Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 1.1 protocol
p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS textproc files touched by this commit XS based JavaScript minifier
p5-Jifty www files touched by this commit Jifty -- Just Do It -- Yet another web framework
p5-Jifty-DBI databases files touched by this commit Jifty::DBI - An object-relational persistence framework
p5-KinoSearch textproc  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit A Perl search engine library
p5-LWP-Authen-Wsse www files touched by this commit Library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP
p5-Lexical-Var devel files touched by this commit Perl module for static variables without namespace pollution
p5-Lingua-EN-NamedEntity textproc files touched by this commit Basic Named Entity Extraction algorithm
p5-List-AllUtils devel files touched by this commit Combines List::Util and List::MoreUtils in one bite-sized package
p5-List-Rotation-Cycle devel files touched by this commit Cycle through a list of values
p5-Log-Dispatch-Dir devel files touched by this commit Log messages to separate files in a directory, with rotate options
p5-Log-Log4perl devel files touched by this commit Log4j implementation for Perl
p5-Mail-DKIM mail files touched by this commit Perl5 module to process and/or create DKIM email
p5-Mail-Graph mail files touched by this commit Perl module for drawing graphical stats for mails/spams
p5-Mail-SpamAssassin japanese  Deleted files touched by this commit SpamAssassin with patches to handle multibyte character
p5-Mail-SpamAssassin mail  Deleted files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Highly efficient mail filter for identifying spam
p5-Markup-Perl www files touched by this commit Support perl code inside CGI scripts using simple tags
p5-Marpa lang files touched by this commit Parse any Language You Can Describe in BNF
p5-Marpa-HTML textproc files touched by this commit High-level HTML Parser
p5-Marpa-PP lang files touched by this commit Pure Perl version of Marpa
p5-Marpa-XS lang files touched by this commit XS version of Marpa
p5-Math-GSL math files touched by this commit Perl interface to GNU Scientific Library
p5-Math-Prime-XS math files touched by this commit Detect and calculate prime numbers with deterministic tests
p5-Math-RPN math files touched by this commit Reverse polish math expression evaluation
p5-MetaCPAN-API devel files touched by this commit Comprehensive, DWIM-featured API to MetaCPAN
p5-Mixin-Linewise devel files touched by this commit Write your linewise code for handles; this does the rest
p5-Module-Build devel files touched by this commit Build and install Perl modules
p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse devel files touched by this commit Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
p5-Module-CoreList devel files touched by this commit See what modules shipped with versions of Perl
p5-Module-Depends devel files touched by this commit Identify the dependencies of a distribution
p5-Module-Implementation devel files touched by this commit Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module
p5-Module-Install devel files touched by this commit Standalone, extensible Perl module installer
p5-Module-Install-XSUtil devel files touched by this commit Utility functions for XS modules
p5-Module-Load-Conditional devel files touched by this commit Looking up Perl modules information/loading at runtime
p5-Module-Pluggable devel files touched by this commit Automatically give your module the ability to have plugins
p5-Module-Pluggable-Ordered devel files touched by this commit Call module plugins in a specified order
p5-Module-ScanDeps devel files touched by this commit Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
p5-Module-Signature security files touched by this commit Module signature file manipulation
p5-MogileFS-Utils sysutils files touched by this commit MogileFS tools
p5-MojoMojo www files touched by this commit Catalyst & DBIx::Class powered Wiki
p5-Mojolicious www files touched by this commit High level MVC web framework written in Perl
p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-Database www files touched by this commit Handling of DBI based connections in Mojolicious
p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-Mongodb www files touched by this commit Use MongoDB in Mojolicious
p5-MongoDB databases files touched by this commit Mongo Driver for Perl
p5-Monitor-Simple sysutils files touched by this commit Simple monitoring of applications and services
p5-Moose devel files touched by this commit Complete modern object system for Perl 5
p5-MooseX-Attribute-Chained devel files touched by this commit Attribute that returns the instance to allow for chaining
p5-MooseX-Getopt devel files touched by this commit Moose role for processing command line options
p5-MooseX-Log-Log4perl devel files touched by this commit Logging role for Moose based on Log::Log4perl
p5-MooseX-MarkAsMethods devel files touched by this commit Mark overload code symbols as methods
p5-MooseX-MethodAttributes devel files touched by this commit Code attribute introspection
p5-MooseX-POE devel files touched by this commit The Illicit Love Child of Moose and POE
p5-MooseX-StrictConstructor devel files touched by this commit Make your MooseX object constructors blow up on unknown attributes
p5-MooseX-Types-Perl devel files touched by this commit Moose types that check against Perl syntax
p5-Mouse devel files touched by this commit Moose minus the antlers
p5-MouseX-App-Cmd devel files touched by this commit Mashes up MouseX::Getopt and App::Cmd
p5-MouseX-Foreign devel files touched by this commit Extends non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes
p5-Multiplex-CMD devel files touched by this commit Perl5 module which provides Multiplexed Fork Client
p5-Net-Amazon net files touched by this commit Framework for accessing via SOAP and XML/HTTP
p5-Net-Amazon-AWSSign net files touched by this commit Perl extension to create signatures for AWS requests
p5-Net-Amazon-S3 net files touched by this commit Use the Amazon S3 - Simple Storage Service
p5-Net-Appliance-Session net files touched by this commit Run command-line sessions to network appliances
p5-Net-Async-XMPP net-im files touched by this commit Asynchronous XMPP client and server
p5-Net-BitTorrent net-p2p files touched by this commit BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol class
p5-Net-CLI-Interact net files touched by this commit Toolkit for CLI Automation
p5-Net-DNS-SEC dns files touched by this commit DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS
p5-Net-DirectConnect net-p2p  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Perl Direct Connect lib and client
p5-Net-Domain-ExpireDate dns files touched by this commit Perl module obtain expiration date of domain names
p5-Net-FTPServer ftp files touched by this commit Full-featured, secure, extensible, and configurable Perl FTP server
p5-Net-FreshBooks-API www files touched by this commit Easy OO access to the API
p5-Net-GrowlClient net files touched by this commit Perl implementation of Growl Network Notification Protocol
p5-Net-HTTP net files touched by this commit Low-level HTTP client
p5-Net-OAuth net files touched by this commit An implementation of the OAuth protocol
p5-Net-OpenID-Common security files touched by this commit Libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server
p5-Net-OpenID-Consumer net files touched by this commit Library for consumers of OpenID identities
p5-Net-POP3-SSLWrapper mail files touched by this commit Perl extension for simple POP3S wrapper for Net::POP3
p5-Net-SAP net files touched by this commit Session Announcement Protocol (rfc2974) packet parser
p5-Net-SinFP security files touched by this commit Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite
p5-Net-Todoist net files touched by this commit Todoist API
p5-Net-Twitter net files touched by this commit Perl interface to
p5-Net-XMPP net-im files touched by this commit Net::XMPP provides Perl Developer access to the XMPP protocol
p5-ORLite databases files touched by this commit Perl5 extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM
p5-Object-Pluggable devel files touched by this commit A base class for creating plugin-enabled objects
p5-PAR devel files touched by this commit Perl Archive Toolkit
p5-PAR-Packer devel files touched by this commit PAR Packager
p5-PDF-API2 textproc files touched by this commit Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
p5-PGPLOT graphics files touched by this commit Perl5 extension which makes available the pgplot library
p5-POE devel files touched by this commit Multitasking and networking framework for perl
p5-POE-API-Peek devel files touched by this commit Peek into the internals of a running POE environment
p5-POE-Component-DirWatch devel files touched by this commit POE directory watcher
p5-POE-Component-Resolver dns files touched by this commit A non-blocking getaddrinfo() resolver
p5-POE-Component-SSLify security files touched by this commit Integrate SSL into POE
p5-POE-Filter-Zlib archivers files touched by this commit POE filter wrapped around Compress::Zlib
p5-PPI textproc files touched by this commit Analyze and manipulate Perl code without using perl itself
p5-PPIx-Regexp textproc files touched by this commit PPI regular expression parser
p5-Package-Stash devel files touched by this commit Routines for manipulating stashes
p5-Package-Stash-XS devel files touched by this commit Faster and more correct implementation of the Package::Stash API
p5-Padre editors  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
p5-Params-Check devel files touched by this commit Generic input parsing/checking mechanism for Perl
p5-Params-Classify devel files touched by this commit Argument type classification
p5-Params-Util devel files touched by this commit Utility functions to aid in parameter checking
p5-Params-Validate devel files touched by this commit Validate method/function parameters
p5-Parse-CPAN-Packages devel files touched by this commit Parse 02packages.details.txt.gz from CPAN
p5-Parse-Perl lang files touched by this commit Interpret string as Perl source
p5-Parse-RecDescent devel files touched by this commit Recursive descent parsing framework for Perl
p5-Path-Dispatcher devel files touched by this commit Perl flexible and extensible dispatch
p5-Perl-MinimumVersion textproc files touched by this commit Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code
p5-Perl-Version devel files touched by this commit Parse and manipulate Perl version strings
p5-PerlIO-Layers devel files touched by this commit Query the properties/capabilities of filehandle
p5-PerlIO-Util devel files touched by this commit Selection of general PerlIO utilities
p5-PerlIO-via-MD5 devel files touched by this commit PerlIO layer for creating an MD5 digest of a file
p5-Perlanet www files touched by this commit Program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds
p5-Plack-Middleware-Expires www files touched by this commit Perl module mod_expires for Plack
p5-Plack-Middleware-XForwardedFor www files touched by this commit Plack middleware to handle X-Forwarded-For headers
p5-Plack-Test-ExternalServer www files touched by this commit Run HTTP tests on external live servers
p5-Pod-Coverage-TrustPod devel files touched by this commit Declare trusted symbol names in POD
p5-Pod-POM textproc files touched by this commit POD Object Model
p5-Pod-ProjectDocs textproc files touched by this commit Generates CPAN like pod pages
p5-Pod-Simple textproc files touched by this commit Framework for parsing Pod
p5-Pod-Site www files touched by this commit Build browsable HTML documentation for your app
p5-Pod-Strip textproc files touched by this commit Remove POD from Perl code
p5-Pod-Tree textproc files touched by this commit Create a static syntax tree for a POD
p5-PostScript-PPD print files touched by this commit Read PostScript Printer Definition files
p5-Prophet databases files touched by this commit Prophet is a distributed database system
p5-Protocol-XMPP net-im files touched by this commit Protocol-level support for XMPP interaction
p5-RPC-XML net files touched by this commit XML-RPC client and server library for Perl
p5-Redis databases files touched by this commit Perl binding for Redis database
p5-Regexp-Grammars devel files touched by this commit Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes
p5-Router-Simple www files touched by this commit Simple HTTP Router
p5-S3 net files touched by this commit Library in Perl for working with the Amazon S3 REST interface
p5-SES mail files touched by this commit Perl module of Amazon Simple Email Services
p5-SMS-Send comms files touched by this commit Driver-based API for sending SMS messages
p5-SMS-Send-TW-Socket2Air comms files touched by this commit SMS::Send driver for Socket2Air
p5-SMS-Send-TW-chtsns comms files touched by this commit SMS::Send driver for SNS service of CHT
p5-SOAP-Lite net files touched by this commit SOAP::Lite - Client and server side SOAP implementation
p5-SOAP-Lite-060 net  Deleted files touched by this commit SOAP::Lite - Client and server side SOAP implementation
p5-SOAP-Transport-FTP ftp files touched by this commit FTP Client support for SOAP::Lite
p5-SOAP-Transport-JABBER net-im files touched by this commit Jabber-based transport backend for SOAP::Lite
p5-SQL-Translator databases files touched by this commit Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
p5-SQLite-Work databases files touched by this commit Report on and update an SQLite database
p5-SVN-Mirror devel files touched by this commit Mirror remote subversion repository to local
p5-SVN-S4 devel files touched by this commit Wrapper for subversion program
p5-SVN-Simple devel files touched by this commit Simple interface to SVN::Delta::Editor
p5-SWF-File graphics files touched by this commit Manipulating Flash movie (SWF) files
p5-Smart-Comments devel files touched by this commit Comments that do more than just sit there
p5-Socket net files touched by this commit Networking constants and support functions
p5-Socket-GetAddrInfo net files touched by this commit RFC 2553's getaddrinfo and getnameinfo functions
p5-Socket-Multicast6 net files touched by this commit Constructors and constants for IPv4/IPv6 multicast socket operations
p5-String-ToIdentifier-EN textproc files touched by this commit Convert Strings to English Program Identifiers
p5-Sys-Info-Base devel files touched by this commit Base class for Sys::Info
p5-Tatsumaki www files touched by this commit Non-blocking web framework based on Plack and AnyEvent
p5-Template-Plugin-Filter-Minify-CSS textproc files touched by this commit CSS::Minifier filter for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Plugin-Filter-Minify-CSS-XS textproc files touched by this commit CSS::Minifier::XS filter for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Plugin-Filter-Minify-JavaScript textproc files touched by this commit JavaScript::Minifier filter for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Plugin-Filter-Minify-JavaScript-XS textproc files touched by this commit JavaScript::Minifier::XS filter for Template Toolkit
p5-Term-ProgressBar devel files touched by this commit Perl extension to display a progress bar
p5-Term-UI devel files touched by this commit Term::ReadLine UI made easy
p5-Test-Exception-LessClever devel files touched by this commit Test::Exception simplified
p5-Test-InDistDir devel files touched by this commit Test environment setup for development with IDE
p5-Test-Inline devel files touched by this commit Inlining your tests next to the code being tested
p5-Test-Pod devel files touched by this commit Check for POD errors in files
p5-Test-Script devel files touched by this commit Test::Script - Cross-platform basic tests for scripts
p5-Test-Spec devel files touched by this commit Write tests in a declarative specification style
p5-Test-TCP devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for testing TCP program
p5-Test-Trap devel files touched by this commit Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc
p5-Text-ASCIITable textproc files touched by this commit Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters
p5-Text-PDF print files touched by this commit A PDF manipulation module
p5-Text-Padding textproc files touched by this commit Simple way of formatting a text
p5-Text-Quote textproc files touched by this commit Quotes strings as required for perl to eval them back correctly
p5-Text-VimColor textproc files touched by this commit Syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim
p5-Tk-Action x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Action abstraction for Tk
p5-Tk-Pod textproc files touched by this commit Simple Pod browser with hypertext capabilities in a Toplevel widget
p5-Tk-Role-Dialog x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Moose role for enhanced Tk dialogs
p5-Tk-Role-HasWidgets x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Keep track of your Tk widgets
p5-Tree-Simple-VisitorFactory devel files touched by this commit Set of visitor objects for traversing Tree::Simple hierarchies
p5-TryCatch lang files touched by this commit First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters
p5-URI-Fetch www files touched by this commit Smart URI fetching/caching
p5-URI-Find textproc files touched by this commit Perl module to find URIs in arbitrary text
p5-URI-Query net files touched by this commit URI query string manipulation
p5-URI-Title www files touched by this commit Get the titles of things on the web in a sensible way
p5-Umph-Prompt multimedia files touched by this commit Interactive prompt module for umph and similar programs
p5-Unicode-String converters files touched by this commit These are experimental Perl5 modules to handle various Unicode issues
p5-Video-Info multimedia  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps
p5-WWW-AtMovies-TV www files touched by this commit Retrieve TV information from
p5-WWW-Baseball-NPB www files touched by this commit Fetches Japanese baseball games information
p5-WWW-Contact www files touched by this commit Contact importer for all the major email systems
p5-WWW-Facebook-API www files touched by this commit Facebook API implementation in Perl
p5-WWW-Mechanize-GZip www files touched by this commit Use WWW::Mechanize by requesting gzip-compression from the webserver
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Pluggable www files touched by this commit Custmomize WWW::Mechanize via plugins
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Shell www files touched by this commit Interactive shell for www/p5-WWW-Mechanize
p5-WWW-Plurk www files touched by this commit Unofficial API
p5-WWW-iTunesConnect www files touched by this commit Client interface for Apple's iTunes Connect service
p5-Wx-Perl-ProcessStream x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Perl5 module to access IO of external processes via events
p5-XML-Feed textproc files touched by this commit Perl5 modules for Syndication feed parser and auto-discovery
p5-XML-Generator textproc files touched by this commit Simple Perl module for generating XML documents
p5-XML-LibXML-PrettyPrint textproc files touched by this commit Add pleasant whitespace to a DOM tree
p5-XML-SAX-Machines textproc files touched by this commit Manage collections of SAX processors
p5-XML-Stream textproc files touched by this commit XML::Stream provides you with access to XML Stream
p5-XS-Object-Magic devel files touched by this commit Opaque, extensible XS pointer backed objects using sv_magic
p5-arclog sysutils files touched by this commit Archive the log files monthly
p5-bignum math files touched by this commit Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl
p5-lib-abs devel files touched by this commit Relative use lib in absolute way
p5-namespace-clean devel files touched by this commit Keep imports and functions out of your namespace
p5-parent devel files touched by this commit Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
p5-podlators textproc files touched by this commit Modules to convert and parse POD (Plain Old Documentation)
p5-reslog sysutils files touched by this commit Reverse-resolve IP in Apache log files
p5-tagged audio files touched by this commit Read, change, and write different tags of MP3 audio files
p5-uni-perl devel files touched by this commit Modern perl with Unicode
- Revert ports/165605 as requested by portmgr@

Note: devel/p5-B-Size and devel/p5-Devel-Arena
where intentionally not restored.

PR:             ports/165605
Approved by:    portmgr (bapt)
Feature safe:   yes (I sure hope so)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 387

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