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Sat, 11 Feb 2006
[ 20:08:53 mux ] Original commit 
csup net  Deleted Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit A rewrite of the CVSup file updating client in C
Update to csup-snap-20060211:
- Add support for retries when the connection is rejected by the server
  and the associated -1 and -r maxRetries options.
- Add missing description for the -4 and -6 options in csup.1.
- Ignore the return value of a chflags() call in fattr_install() to
  match CVSup.  This fixes csup over NFS.
- Correctly handle any locking error with assertions.
- Make the multiplexer code fully dynamic and cancelable.
- Handle errors in the sender and receiver threads correctly by closing
  the multilpexer and waking up all the threads blocked on any of the
  channels.  This means we don't hang when being disconnected for
- Make several functions of the chan API, most notably chan_read() and
  chan_write() take a struct chan * instead of an id.  This saves a
  mutex lock and unlock for each call to these functions, and also
  reduces the contention on the multiplexer lock.
- Change the stream API so that we can associate a stream with a void *
  to support the previous change.  Update all the consumers.
- Optimize the scheduling of the sender thread so that it's not
  possible to have some channels starve others.
- Optimize mkdirhier() so that it saves many access() calls on average.
- Always set the "no rsync" option to the collections since we don't
  support the rsync updating algorithm yet.  I have yet to see a CVSup
  server trying to send me rsync updates of files in checkout mode but
  better safe than sorry.
- Fix the RCS keyword handling.  Updating the OpenBSD-src collection
  from an OpenBSD CVSup server now works.
- Correctly handle deletion requests for directories.
- And various minor bugfixes.

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