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Fri, 14 Sep 2001
[ 10:47:23 wjv ]  
nntpcache news files touched by this commit NO CDROM News caching/anti-spam/server-merging system
- Update to version 2.4.0b5   - Remove a verifiably bad site from MASTER_SITES. 
 - Remove duplicate entry (DNS entry points to same IP) from MASTER_SITES.   -
Add new mirror to MASTER_SITES.   - Change MAINTAINER to -ports, as the previous
maintainer (and author) has     expressed a lack of interest in continued
maintenance of this port.   - Deploy DOCSDIR.   - General clean-up and
reorganisation of Makefile.   - Remove PKGMESSAGE completely, since this port
requires no user action which     is out of the ordinary (I do not consider
editing configuration files to be     out of the ordinary), and it contains no
information which is not also     contained elsewhere in a more standardised
location.   - Add NO_CDROM, as this software is not free and never has been.   -
Bring the startup script installed in ${PREFIX}/etc/rc.d up to current    
standards (I hope).   - Install a fully functional startup script in
${PREFIX}/etc/rc.d (as most     ports now do), instead of an inactive .sample
startup script.   - Install HTML documentation.   - Deploy %%PORTDOCS%% pragma
in pkg-plist.   - Make SPOOLDIR a user-tweakable option (default: /var/spool). 
NNTPCache     will cache news articles in ${SPOOLDIR}/nntpcache.   - Remove the
non-standard "hardlink-pgp-files" target from Makefile.   - Comment out the
run-time dependency on security/pgp for now.  The only     NNTPCache
functionality which depends on PGP is very optional indeed and     furthermore,
there is now a plethora of PGPish ports for the user to choose     from.  (This
may need to be tweaked further, since NNTPCache builds without     PGP support
if PGP is not detected during the configurations stage.)    

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modify unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/Makefile
modify unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/distinfo
modify unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/files/nntpcached.rc
import unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/files/patch-src-authinfo_pam.ext
remove unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/pkg-message
modify unknown /ports/head/news/nntpcache/pkg-plist
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