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Wed, 23 Jul 2014
[ 14:22:09 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:362699
pkg ports-mgmt files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Package manager
Update to 1.3.0

Since pkg 1.2:
- 373 files changed, 66973 insertions(+), 38512 deletions(-)
- 29 differents contributors
- Merge of one of the 2013 Summer of code project

- New solver that can support external solvers using the CUDF format and the
internal SAT solver
- pkg-ssh(8) is now sandboxed with capsicum if it is available
- pkg-ssh(8) now uses poll(2)
- Remove StringList usage to improve portability
- Rework the build system to use autotools to help portability
- Now fetching is done to a temporary location and cleaned up if it fails
- pkg-audit: remove support for portaudit compact database (only VulnXML will be
- Improved UI experience based on jmmv write up
- Reworking the database locking mechanism into a finer grain and more clever
- Dynamic conflict handling if a conflict on files is detected at the sanity
check level, try to solve the problem again with the new conflict information
- Fix %t (timestamp) modifier in pkg_printf(3)
- Full output now has a new field "date installed"
- New pkg -o A=B to overwrite configuration from command line without the need
of defining environment variables
- pkg-install now can handle local files
- pkg-add is now an alias on pkg-install
- Simplify API by using more and more libucl objects (hidden behind an opaque
- Rework multirepository handling
- Prepare code for repository abstraction support
- Sandbox signature checking and extraction
- Support long options
- Rework the extraction process
- unicity of a package is now origin~name allowing subpackages and flavours
- Improve ui for all commands
- pkg lock -l now list the locked packages
- symlinks now has a checksum to ensure they are valid
- pkg backups generated by the distributed script are now plain sql files
- Tons of bugfixes
- Tons of behavour fixes

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10 files found
modify 362699 View diff View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
modify 362699 View diff View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
import 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/extra-patch-docs_pkg.8
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/extra-patch-pkg_pkg.8
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg__pkg_elf.c
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg__pkg_ports.c
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-rquery-I
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-scripts__periodic__Makefile
remove 362699 View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-versionscript
modify 362699 View diff View revision /ports/head/ports-mgmt/pkg/pkg-plist
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