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Thu, 10 Dec 2009
[ 23:46:04 dougb ] Original commit 
portmaster ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Manage your ports without external databases or languages
Bug Fixes
1. In the test for -PP being alone on the command line I forgot the
-dash at the beginning of the second test so it was falsely picking
up ports with names like p5-Devel-PPPort.

2. If you are building more than one port on the command line, and you
use --packages-build and/or --delete-build-only, and one of the ports
on the command line would otherwise qualfiy as a build-only dep, it was
falsely being treated as such. Solve this problem by adding all ports
on the command line to the run_dl_g list in multiport().

3. With the new parser if you use -v with --check-port-dbdir it's going
to be $1, not $2.

4. Don't unset the packages_init function till we're actually done using it

5. If you are using -g plus one of the --packages* options then creation
of the new package will fail since there is nothing for 'make package'
to work with. So change backup_package() to a more generic form called
pm_pkg_create and use that for both making backup packages and making
a new local package from an installed package.

6. In order to facilitate 5, update the dependency information in an
installed package's +CONTENTS file before creating the new package.

Minor Tweaks
1. Include the [-v] in the detailed usage() for --check-port-dbdir too

2. Make the output of --version more clear to everyone who isn't me  :)

3. If DISTDIR is its own zfs filesystem then the code to delete empty
DIST_SUBDIRs can cause problems, so special case it in its own function.

4. Remove some white space

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