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Sat, 18 May 2013
[ 19:49:02 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:318444
poudriere ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build and test system
- Update to 3.0

  - ZFS support is now optional:
    * NO_ZFS can be set to disable ZFS usage
    * TMPFS_ALL can be used to the build 100% in memory via tmpfs
  - Jail/Port properties are no longer stored in ZFS. They will
    be automatically converted on the first execution. This means
    that downgrading to 2.x is not easily possible.
  - Removed cron command
  - queue/daemon added
    * These will be expanded more in 3.1 and the usage may change.
  - New HTML/AJAX interface using jQuery
  - Build times are now tracked
  - Runaway builds are now automatically killed after 7200/84600
    seconds of no output / max build time
  - Build logs are now saved forever and not removed on every build.
    testport will store its logs into "bulk" dir for now as well.
  - Ability to resume a previous bulk -a build by using -B (this
    is mostly for exp-runs as it allows grouping incremental logs
    in with the previous logs). By default the buildname defaults
    to YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS for every build.
  - Install depends just-in-time in the proper sequence ordering,
    instead of all upfront. This also fixes differences between
    testport and bulk with regards to run-depends.
  - Give a port all the special depends distfiles it needs during
    build as well. This fixes issues with fetching and distfiles.
  - Add basic hook support in /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/hooks
  - CHECK_CHANGED_OPTIONS now defaults to verbose
  - Add CHECK_CHANGED_DEPS (default yes) to automatically detect
    direct dependency changes and rebuild packages if needed. This
    allow automatically detecting default postgresql/mysql/perl
    changes requiring rebuild of ports. Note this has a bug with
    ports that depend on libraries that are in base, but have a
    port fallback. This will be addressed in 3.1.
  - The reason for packages being deleted during the startup is
    now more verbose
  - Speedup packaging by reducing I/O
  - Port testing: Add "preinst_fs_violation" which will detect
    ports that touch the filesystem during fetch/build before
    calling install.
  - Lots of performance improvements. Poudriere is now lock-free
    and has very little overhead.
  - Various documentation/typo fixes
  - Support value of 'no' for NO_RESTRICTED and SAVE_WRKDIR
  - Add new latest-per-pkg symlinks into the root bulk/ dir and
    bulk/jail/ dirs to link back to the most recent builds for
    each package
  - Add new subcommand 'status' which lists running builds. Specify
    -j[pz] to view the current status of a specific build and all of
    its jobs
  - Fix support for jails with ':' in them
  - Buildtimes are now tracked

  - ports:
    * Support checking out a different branch with -B

  - testport:
    * -d option has been removed
    * testport -i improvements:
      - Network enabled
      - Works even when build fails
      - RUN_DEPENDS now installed
      - Add hostname into /etc/hosts
      - tty usage is fixed
    * Add .keep support for wrkdir saving

  - bulk:
      * New C index builder for pkg_* builds
      * Add -N: skip generating package repository or INDEX
      * Add -T: Use TRY_BROKEN
      * Add -F: Try to download from the original mirror and
        ignore all FreeBSD mirrors
      * Allow specifying -f multiple times

  - jail:
      * -c: Add -P ./ to patch the src tree with
        the given patch before building it
      * -c: Fix on recent CURRENT by using DB_FROM_SRC

Thank you to all contributors and testers

Please report and discuss defects in #poudriere on freenode
or report to

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