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Tue, 16 Apr 2013
[ 22:09:15 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:315913
poudriere-devel ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build and test system
- Update to checkin 52e5de4fd8

      - Install depends just-in-time in the proper sequence ordering, instead of
all upfront.
        This also fixes differences between testport and bulk with regards to
      - Give a port all the special depends distfiles it needs during build as
well. This fixes
        issues with fetching and distfiles.
      - Add basic hook support in /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/hooks
      - bulk: New C index builder for pkg_* bulks
      - bulk: Automatically detect direct dependency changes. This should detect
        postgresql/mysql/perl updates (change of default versions) without
        needing user interraction.
      - Delete empty directories when cleaning up repositories
      - Add ftp-archive method for old releases
      - jail: consistently accept svn revision number
      - bulk -T: Implement try-broken
      - bulk -F: fetch-orginal - This flag tries to download from the original
        and ignores all FreeBSD mirrors
      - jail -c -P ./ Patch the src tree with the given patch
before building it
      - Add a small C code to determine if a directory is empty (faster than
find for this)
      - jail -u: Fix 'Error: 1 argument expected: jname'
      - ports -F: Fix not populating method file
      - ports -u: Fix backwards compatibility with snap dir
      - Fix NO_ZFS still causing zfs.ko kernel module to be loaded
      - Raise default nohang time to 7200 and add MAX_EXECUTION_TIME/NOHANG_TIME
      - ports -d: Fix deleting the ports tree
      - jail -d: Fix deleting jails
      - testport: Add .keep support for wrkdir saving
      - Speedup packaging by reducing I/O
      - Fix crash in siginfo_handler() via cache_get_pkgname() if origin is
      - ZSH completion fixes
      - Documentaiton fixes
      - Various leftover fixes
      - Various other fixes

Feature safe:	yes

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