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Sun, 11 May 2014
[ 18:03:34 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:353722
poudriere-devel ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build and test system
- Update to checkin f86a423218

    * Reduce jail restarting for networking access by now always starting
      2 jails. One with networking support and one without. This allows
      not constantly restarting jails to enable/disable networking, which
      causes a lot of jail lock contention.
    * Color support has been added. This is disabled by any of:
      1. poudriere -N <sub-command>
      2. stdout or stderr NOT in a TTY (piped)
      3. USE_COLORS=no in poudriere.conf
    * Add DURATION_FORMAT and BUILDTIME_FORMAT to allow changing time
      display and default build name.
    * madvise(MADV_PROTECT) the main poudriere process to allow it to cleanup
      on failure from out-of-swap.
    * Running commands as non-root will *auto queue* them to poudriered
      if it is running. See rc.d/poudriered.
    * HTML/Web major changes:
      - Stop polling the server once the build is done.
      - There is now a top-level and jail-level page. The top-level only
        shows the *latest* build for each jail-ports-set combination.
        The jail-level only shows for a specific jail-ports-set combination.
        These pages will only be updated with builds done after upgrading.
        This may change before 3.1 release using a statsd to populate with
        all historical builds as well.
      - The main build page has been majorly reworked.
        * It no longer has 2 columns which overlap each other when zoomed in.
          The site is now much more responsive to zooming and mobile viewing.
        * More links to logs and elapsed times are shown
        * More system and build stats are shown such as "Impulse" which is
          the rate of package building over the last 2-10 minutes. This is
          done in browser/js currently so will reset when reloading the page.
      - The layout for httpd setup has changed. Now instead of duplicating
        the html/assets into every build dir, the html dir from
        /usr/local/share/poudriere/html/ should be served directly
        and the /data dir should be symlinked or aliased to the equivalent
        /usr/local/poudriere/data/logs/bulk/ dir on your system. See
        /usr/local/share/examples/poudriere/nginx.conf.sample for an
        example nginx setup.
     ** Note that this is still being improved for 3.1 and may undergo some
        backwards-incompatible changes before release.
    * status: Major changes.
      - By default only show running builds
      - Use -a to show all builds, not just latest
      - Use -f to show finished builds, only latest
      - Add -c for a more compact format
      - Displaying the SIGINFO/builder output now requires -b.
      - -B/-j/-p/-z can be used to filter the output.
    * Show buildtimes in output now.
    * TIMESTAMP_LOGS has been improved
    * poudriered is no longer installed in sbin/
    * Fix MAX_MEMORY so it actually works. Note that this may break openjdk
    * Fix incorrect timeout message shown during install phase
    * jail -l, ports -l, status: Auto format width of columns to output
    * jail: Add back -i support to show information about a jail
    * Improvements to fork less often
    * testport: Now default to -n. Add -P to test with custom prefix.
    * testport -I: Fix longstanding bug of displaying wrong jail -k hint.
    * qemu-mips support
    * ports: Allow -B with git method
    * All the fixes from the 3.0.16 release as well:
      * Disable DEVELOPER from make.conf; Poudriere will automatically
        set it when appropriate. This prevents testing of port dependencies
        that were not requested to be tested.
      * distclean: Prevent removing all files by accident.
      * Having PKG_REPO_SIGNING_KEY set but the file missing is now fatal.
      * kern.securelevel >=1 is now fatal.
      * Fix 'kill: No such process' warnings with older /bin/sh (8.x)
      * Fix crash on 8.3 due to bug with $(()) handling of _vars (fixed in
        base r234001)
      * Fix case of packages always rebuilding with "changed options" when
        the port has an OPTION defined multiple times (such as fixed in
        ports r352512)
      * Fix 'Terminated' warning showing at shutdown with older /bin/sh (fixed
        by r218105 but never made it to stable/8)

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