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Thu, 19 Jun 2014
[ 15:04:31 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:358428
poudriere-devel ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build and test system
- Update to checkin df5632bbea

  * bulk: Always clean restricted packages when done building if NO_RESTRICTED
    is set
  * bulk: Don't rebuild unneeded deps which were not specified on the cmdline.
    NOTE: This means that partial builds will not create a consistent repo of
          other existing packages. I.e., running bulk PORT1 PORT2 and then
          running bulk PORT1 will make it only create a consistent repo
          for PORT1. Always build with the ports you expect to be there.
  * Fix 'msg_error' not defined errors.
  * pkgclean/distclean: Consider hardlinks for size calculation
  * distclean:
    - Fix some false-positives
    - Support multiple -p options
    - Parallelization improvements
  * HTML:
    - Fix skipped column sorting
    - Pkg/Hour: Don't show 'Infinity' for older builds
    - More column width tweaks to fix word breaking
    - Fix skipped filter
  * jail:
    - Better support for native builds on powerpc and other archs,
      -a now accepts TARGET.TARGET_ARCH or TARGET_ARCH.
    - Add several new methods (see poudriere.8). Note that some
      of these may change a lot before release.
      * Null import an existing jail: -m null -M path
      * Install from existing src/obj dir: -m src=PATH
      * Install from tarball: -m tar=PATH
    - Always run -u after -c to get latest freebsd-updates
    - Fix -r and give hints on next steps
    - Try to modify the jail on creation less and do it during build
      startup instead.
  * Updates to log processing to offset common "cluster" reason
  * Better QEMU support
  * Better deadlock detection analysis
  * testport: Add -w to save workdir just as bulk has
  * Sign the pkg.txz for pkg(7) when using SIGNING_COMMAND
  * portsnap interactive support
  * Try to handle long mount points better with MNAMELEN limit of 88
    by shortening many internal paths and hashing the mastername when
  * Support poudriere.d/[jail-][ptname-][setname-]poudriere.conf (this support
    is a bit unreliable still)
  * status: Add -r to show results of a build
  * Remove DURATION_FORMAT and always show HH:MM:SS to avoid wrapping at
    24 hours back to 00.
  * Improvements to internal timestamp utility
  * Fixes for update_stats lock crashes
  * Fixes for 'make clean' crashes which typically crashes a builder
  * Avoid restarting jail on build start to help with lock contention

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