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Wed, 3 Sep 2008
[ 12:29:01 itetcu ] Original commit 
tinderbox ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build tinderbox system
This is tinderbox 3.0.0 release with patches (see bellow).

Changes in 3.0 include:
* The www-exp module has been renamed webui, and a new web frontend has
been added called paefchen.
* All Tinderbox commands with the exception of tinderd are now performed
using the tc utility.
* The Hosts system has been removed as it was not really used, and not
really suited to the purpose of distributed builds.  The ground work has
been laid to support distributed builds, but that is not present in 3.0.
* A DISTFILE_URI config directive has been introduced to allow for
distributed distfile caches.
* The latest port fail reasons and patterns have been synced from
* The total size taken by a port build (in KB) is now tracked in the
database.  This can be obtained using the command ``tc getPortTotalSize
* Port build logs now contain OPTIONS and environment details.
* The ``tc addPort'' command assumes a recursive add by default.  This
can be disabled by passing the -R argument.
* Port dependencies are now recorded in the database when ``tc addPort''
is called without -R.  The dependency list can be retrieved with ``tc
getDependenciesForPort -d DIRECTORY -b BUILD''.
* The ``tc tbcleanup'' command now supports pruning stale distfiles,
stale packages, and not pruning old error logs.  See the README for
command line details.
* The default update type and update host are configurable at Setup and
Upgrade time.  The default update type has been changed from CVSUP to
* The last_fail_reason is now exported to the postPortBuild Hook.
* Fix the build time display if a tinderbuild takes longer than 24 hours.
* Add a new command, ``tc rescanPorts'' which updates the properties of
all ports in the datastore (including dependencies).
* Display the remake count in the webui frontends.
* Hack around a potential perl-related leftover false positive.
* A new -O option has been added to addPort/rescanPorts which enables
OPTIONS, but does not run rmconfig before calling config.  This way,
existing OPTIONS can be preserved.  The default behavior is to call
rmconfig to maintain POLA.
* The webui index page has been enhanced to make it more readable, and
more powerful.
* The number of ports not built due to dependency failures has been
added to the webui's main page.
* tc processLog -v now prints the matching text to aid with false
positive identification.

* In webui:
- Change tinderd queue view. Field for adding new ports is the first now.
- Show target port of current build.
- miwi's RSS module
- an other patch from miwi for inc_tinderbox.php.dist which should make
setting-up the webui easier on non-standard configurations.
* Bug-fix: Add o and O to the list of valid options for addPort.

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