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Wed, 12 Nov 2008
[ 15:58:29 itetcu ] Original commit 
tinderbox ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build tinderbox system
Update to 3.1.1 - Bug fix and feature release.

This release brings many bug fixes and some new features, particularly with the
webui frontend:
    * The rc.d script has been renamed tinderd, and modernized.
        See the README for more details.
    * A tinderd_debug option has been added to the tinderd rc.d script to
        control whether or not to write output to /dev/null.
    * Add a new tinderd config option, TINDERD_LOGFILE. When this is set, all
        tinderbuild output from a tinderd cycle will be appended to this
        logfile. By default, the logfile is /dev/null.
    * Reintroduce user permissions functionality in the webui from 2.x.
    * Add RSS support for the latest_buildports view (webui).
    * Add buttons to tinderd queue view to remove all or all built entries from
        the queue (webui).
    * Automatically set rootdir and wwwrooturi variable (webui).
    * Show target port of current build (webui).
    * Fix a slew of Postgres upgrade and install bugs. Note: not all upgrade
        bugs have been fixed. The schema changes in 3.1 may need to be applied
        manually to Postgres databases.
    * Fix a case where a failed build could lead to false-positive leftovers.
    * Fix a regression where the wrong module name was used. This broke tinderd
    * Prevent dereferencing a null value in the Build Ports Queue code when a
        port is no longer associated to a Build.
    * Fix rescanPorts' command line arguments, and allow it to be invoked as a
        shell command.
    * Use the installed Jail's /usr/share/mk directory when doing a make
        distribution. This fixes a Jail build of 7.X on recent -CURRENT.
    * Add -k to the conig-recursive command so that it doesn't die if one
        chooses to skip a port.
    * Don't make it fatal if the rm of the directory fails in cleanDir. This
        may very well fail if the target is a mount point.
    * Some setup steps in the README have been clarified.

!!!NOTE!!!This release includes a schema change, so be sure to run the
following before using 3.1:

./tc Upgrade

The contributors to this release are Beat G├Ątzi, Ion-Mihai Tetcu, Aron
Schlesinger, Alexander Logvinov, Wesley Shields, Martin Wilke, and Boris

Local patches:
- install a favicon for the webui
- show last 30 ports per page in "Current and Latest Builds" page (webui)
- when sorting by "Last Build Attempt" in list build page sort descending --
latest built first (webui)

PR:             ports/128785 (based on)
Submitted by:   bsam@

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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