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Tue, 3 Mar 2009
[ 17:15:12 itetcu ] Original commit 
tinderbox ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Port build tinderbox system
MFD:    Latest stable tinderbox release from ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel and
add conflict with ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel

itetcu      2009-02-26 02:11:43 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel Makefile distinfo
  Update to 3.2 release. This release offers no changes over Release Candidate
  Here is a summary of changes from Tinderbox 3.1.2 to 3.2:
  * A new tc function, ``tbversion'' has been added to print the version
  of Tinderbox.  This command relies on a ${pb}/.version file which is
  generated when the Tinderbox release distribution is created.  Be sure
  to copy this file if you copy the contents of the Tinderbox release to
  another location.
  * Log file markup support has been added.  Log files can be viewed with
  certain patterns colorized to make them easier to spot (e.g. GCC
  warnings).  Currently, the list of patterns is not easily changeable,
  but a facility to add new patterns is forthcoming.
  * A new tc function, ``copyBuild'' has been added which allows one to
  copy attributes (e.g. env files, ports, packages, etc.) from one Build
  to another.
  * Quiet tinderd if a port in the queue does not exist.
  * The log file header lines in port build logs have been reordered for
  easier (human) reading.  If this changes causes too much consternation
  for existing scripts, it can be reverted.
  * Fix a bug with Postgres in that psql wants to output space-delimited
  results by default, and this can mess up upgrades.
  * A -u argument has been added to ``addBuildPortsQueueEntry'' so that a
  username can be set for a queue entry.
  * The ``addBuildPortsQueueEntry'' command now looks up users by both
  name and ID.  This fixes a bug where tinderd doesn't send Build
  completion mail.
  * The error spit out by ``listBuildPortsQueue'' when the queue is empty
  has been removed.
  * Two new inc_tinderbox config variables have been added:
  reload_interval_latest and reload_interval_current which allow one to
  set the reload interval for the ``Current and Latest Builds'' page while
  no port is building and while a port is building respectively.
  * Some additional error checking has been added to the webui.
  * A search interface has been added for searching for ports in the
  * Canonical PHP tags are now used instead of short tags.  This makes it
  easier to deploy Tinderbox in various configurations.
  * The tinderd queue view has been changed.  The field for adding new
  ports is now first.
  * A favicon.ico file is now shipped for the webui.
  * Some other bugs have been fixed in the webui.
  * The ``tbversion'' command usage has been added.
  * An bug in the log file parsing code which could result in fetch
  failure false positives has been fixed.
  * The search interface has been added to the top of the homepage.
  * The Delete buttons have been moved to the top of the page.
  * Some migration issues have been fixed.

  The contributors to Tinderbox 3.2's development and testing are Beat
  G_tzi, Martin Wilke, Matt, Ion-Mihai Tetcu, Frank Wall, Boris
  Samorodov, Cory R. King, and Aron Schlesinger.

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