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Mon, 26 Aug 2013
[ 16:06:38 bf ] Original commit   Revision:325401
abinit science  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Abinit calculates electronic structure of systems
adun biology  Deleted files touched by this commit Molecular Simulator for GNUstep
afni science files touched by this commit Advanced Functional Neuro Imaging
algol68g lang files touched by this commit Algol 68 Genie compiler
amide graphics files touched by this commit Medical Imaging Data Examiner
asymptote math files touched by this commit Powerful script-based vector graphics language
bogofilter mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Fast, teachable, learning spam detector
calligra editors files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. KDE graphic art and office suite
dieharder math files touched by this commit Random number generator testsuite
enblend graphics files touched by this commit Tool for image blending with multiresolution splines
fflas-ffpack math files touched by this commit Library for dense linear algebra over word-size finite fields
flowgrind benchmarks files touched by this commit Measure throughput and other metrics for TCP
getdp science files touched by this commit Rather general finite element solver using mixed finite elements
giacxcas math files touched by this commit NO CDROM Computer algebra system by Bernard Parisse
gnudatalanguage science files touched by this commit GDL, a free IDL compatible incremental compiler
gnuradio comms files touched by this commit Amateur Radio Software defined radio
gromacs science files touched by this commit Compute molecular dynamics
gsl math files touched by this commit The GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs
inkscape graphics files touched by this commit Full featured open source SVG editor
kst2 science files touched by this commit Data viewing and plotting tool
labplot math files touched by this commit Data plotting and function analysis tool for KDE
luminance graphics files touched by this commit Complete open source solution for HDR photography
nip2 graphics files touched by this commit Graphical user interface for VIPS
ocamlgsl math files touched by this commit Interface to GSL for the Objective Caml language
ocropus graphics files touched by this commit The OCRopus(tm) open source document analysis and OCR system
octave-forge-gsl math files touched by this commit Octave-forge package gsl
orpie math files touched by this commit Fullscreen RPN calculator for the console
p5-Math-GSL math files touched by this commit Perl interface to GNU Scientific Library
pspp math files touched by this commit Program for statistical analysis of sampled data
py-gsl math files touched by this commit Python interface to GNU Scientific Library
py-mlpy science files touched by this commit High performance Python package for predictive modeling
qgis graphics files touched by this commit Geographical Information System (GIS) data viewer
qtiplot math files touched by this commit Data analysis and scientific plotting
ruby-gsl math  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Ruby extension library for GSL (GNU Scientific Library)
sipp benchmarks files touched by this commit SIP benchmarking and testing tool
snd audio files touched by this commit Multitracking sound editor and utilities
step science files touched by this commit KDE 4 interactive physics simulator
Update math/gsl to 1.16 and adjust some dependent ports

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