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Mon, 10 Mar 2014
[ 17:01:37 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:347784
areca-cli sysutils files touched by this commit Command Line Interface for the Areca ARC-xxxx RAID controllers
bddsolve science files touched by this commit BDD-based satisfiability and reachability solver
bft science files touched by this commit Code_Saturne Base Functions and Types library
brian science files touched by this commit Clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks
bsp_upektfmess security  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Restricted UPEK TouchChip TFM/ESS Fingerprint BSP
chntpw security files touched by this commit Utility to set the password and edit registry on Microsoft NT system
cryptlib security files touched by this commit Powerful security programming toolkit
cryptopp security files touched by this commit Free C++ class library of Cryptographic Primitives
daa2iso sysutils files touched by this commit Convert PowerISO DAA files to ISO9660
dirbuster security files touched by this commit DirBuster allows file and directory brute forcing on web servers
dupmerge sysutils files touched by this commit Searches for files with equal content
ecs science files touched by this commit Code_Saturne Preprocessor
fvm science files touched by this commit Code_Saturne Finite Volume Mesh
hfsexplorer sysutils files touched by this commit HFSExplorer read Mac-formatted harddisks and disk images
httprint security files touched by this commit Restricted Web server fingerprinting tool
iaikpkcs11wrapper security files touched by this commit PKCS#11 Java wrapper
jbrofuzz security files touched by this commit JBroFuzz is a web application fuzzer
jdiskreport sysutils files touched by this commit Java program to graphically display disk usage statistics
jtopen sysutils files touched by this commit JTOpen is a Java library to access OS/400 or i5/OS system
kshutdown-kde4 sysutils files touched by this commit Advanced shutdown utility for KDE
liblinear science files touched by this commit Library for Large Linear Classification
libsvm science files touched by this commit Library for Support Vector Machines
mindterm-binary security files touched by this commit NO CDROM Full vt220 compatible Java SSH-1 client (not only for websites)
ncs science files touched by this commit Code_Saturne Kernel
ods2 sysutils files touched by this commit Utility for manipulating ODS-2 filesystems
pdixtract sysutils files touched by this commit Extracts or converts .pdi file sets to .iso
phpsecinfo security files touched by this commit PHP environment security auditing tool
psychopy science files touched by this commit Psychophysics toolkit for Python
py-AccessControl security files touched by this commit Security framework for Zope2
py-Products.PlonePAS security files touched by this commit Adapts the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone
py-RestrictedPython security files touched by this commit Restricted execution environment for Python
py-borg.localrole security files touched by this commit PAS plugin which can manage local roles via an adapter lookup
py-keyring security files touched by this commit Store and access your passwords safely
py-obspy science files touched by this commit Python framework for seismological observatories
py-plone.keyring security files touched by this commit Manage secrets
py-plone.openid security files touched by this commit OpenID authentication support for PAS
py-plone.protect security files touched by this commit Security for browser forms
py-plone.session security files touched by this commit Session based authentication for Zope
py-zope.authentication security files touched by this commit Definition of authentication basics for the Zope Framework
py-zope.login security files touched by this commit Login helpers for zope.publisher / authentication
quantis security files touched by this commit Libraries and utilities to access Quantis devices
quantis-kmod security  Ignore files touched by this commit Kernel driver for Quantis PCI/PCIe random number generator
rfstool sysutils files touched by this commit Read from a Reiser file system
rsyncbackup sysutils files touched by this commit Rsync frontend written in Perl
searchmonkey sysutils files touched by this commit Search using regexes for file names and text
uif2iso sysutils files touched by this commit Convert MagicISO UIF files to ISO9660
vstrip sysutils files touched by this commit VOB de-multiplexing tool, splitter, and VOB/IFO files processor
webscarab security files touched by this commit Framework for analysing HTTP and HTTPS web application traffic
xml-security security files touched by this commit Java library for XML Signature and Encryption
xorsearch security files touched by this commit Search for a given string in an XOR or ROL encoded binary file
yassl security  Deleted files touched by this commit Embedded SSL C-Library
Convert s* to USES=zip

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