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Wed, 10 Jul 2013
[ 19:01:44 ohauer ] Original commit   Revision:322728
apache22 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Version 2.2.x of Apache web server with prefork MPM.
vuxml security files touched by this commit Vulnerability and eXposure Markup Language DTD
- update to apache-2.2.25
- update vuxml with additional CVE-2013-1896 entry

Changes with Apache 2.2.25

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2013-1896 (
     mod_dav: Sending a MERGE request against a URI handled by mod_dav_svn with
     the source href (sent as part of the request body as XML) pointing to a
     URI that is not configured for DAV will trigger a segfault. [Ben Reser

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2013-1862 (
     mod_rewrite: Ensure that client data written to the RewriteLog is
     escaped to prevent terminal escape sequences from entering the
     log file.  [Eric Covener, Jeff Trawick, Joe Orton]

  *) core: Limit ap_pregsub() to 64MB and add ap_pregsub_ex() for longer
     strings.  The default limit for ap_pregsub() can be adjusted at compile
      time by defining AP_PREGSUB_MAXLEN.  [Stefan Fritsch, Jeff Trawick]

  *) core: Support the SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT optimization
     on Linux kernel versions 3.x and above.  PR 55121.  [Bradley Heilbrun

  *) mod_setenvif: Log error on substitution overflow.
     [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) mod_ssl/proxy: enable the SNI extension for backend TLS connections
     [Kaspar Brand]

  *) mod_proxy: Use the the same hostname for SNI as for the HTTP request when
     forwarding to SSL backends. PR 53134.
     [Michael Weiser <michael>, Ruediger Pluem]

  *) mod_ssl: Quiet FIPS mode weak keys disabled and FIPS not selected emits
     in the error log to debug level.  [William Rowe]

  *) mod_ssl: Catch missing, mismatched or encrypted client cert/key pairs
     with SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile/Path directives. PR 52212, PR 54698.
     [Keith Burdis <keith>, Joe Orton, Kaspar Brand]

  *) mod_proxy_balancer: Added balancer parameter failontimeout to allow server
     admin to configure an IO timeout as an error in the balancer.
     [Daniel Ruggeri]

  *) mod_authnz_ldap: Allow using exec: calls to obtain LDAP bind
     password.  [Daniel Ruggeri]

  *) htdigest: Fix buffer overflow when reading digest password file
     with very long lines. PR 54893. [Rainer Jung]

  *) mod_dav: Ensure URI is correctly uriencoded on return. PR 54611
     [Timothy Wood <tjw>]

  *) mod_dav: Make sure that when we prepare an If URL for Etag comparison,
     we compare unencoded paths. PR 53910 [Timothy Wood <tjw>]

  *) mod_dav: Sending an If or If-Match header with an invalid ETag doesn't
     result in a 412 Precondition Failed for a COPY operation. PR54610
     [Timothy Wood <tjw>]

  *) mod_dav: When a PROPPATCH attempts to remove a non-existent dead
     property on a resource for which there is no dead property in the same
     namespace httpd segfaults. PR 52559 [Diego Santa Cruz

  *) mod_dav: Do not fail PROPPATCH when prop namespace is not known.
     PR 52559 [Diego Santa Cruz <diego.santaCruz>]

  *) mod_dav: Do not segfault on PROPFIND with a zero length DBM.
     PR 52559 [Diego Santa Cruz <diego.santaCruz>]

PR:		ports/180248
Submitted by:	Jason Helfman jgh@

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