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Wed, 12 Jun 2013
[ 18:00:45 gjb ] Original commit   Revision:320710
cfengine sysutils files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Systems administration tool for networks
cfengine-devel sysutils  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit A systems administration tool for networks
cfengine35 sysutils files touched by this commit Systems administration tool for networks

 - Mark IGNORE since development has not branched yet

Add cfengine 3.5.0:

New features:
  - classes promises now take an optional scope constraint.
  - new built-in functions: every, none, some, nth, sublist, uniq, filter
  - cf-promises flag --parse-tree is replaced by --policy-output-format=,
    requiring the
    user to specify the output format (none, cf, json)
  - cf-promises allows partial check of policy (without body common
    control) without integrity check; --full-check enforces integrity check
  - agent binaries support JSON input format (.json file as generated
    by cf-promises)
  - cf-key: new options --trust-key/-t and --print-digest/-p
  - Class "failsafe_fallback" is defined in when main
    policy contains errors and
    failsafe is run because of this
  - add scope attribute for body classes (Redmine #2013)
  - Better diagnostics of parsing errors
  - Error messages from parser now show the context of error
  - new cf-agent option: --self-diagnostics
  - new output format, and --legacy-output
  - warnings for cf-promises.
  - Enable zeroconf-discovery of policy hubs for automatic bootstrapping
    if Avahi is present
  - Support for sys.cpus on more platforms than Linux & HPUX

  - parser no longer allows ',' after promiser or promisee. must be
    either ';' or lval
  - Make parser output in GCC compatible format the only supported format
    (remove --gcc-brief-format flag)
  - Silence license warnings in Enterprise Free25 installations
  - action_policy => "warn" causes not_kept classes to be set on
    promise needing repair.
  - command line option version (-V) now prints a shorter parsable
    version without graphic
  - implicit execution of server and common bundles taking arguments
    is skipped in cf-serverd.
  - WARNING: option --policy-server removed, require option to --bootstrap
  - process promises don't log if processes are out of range unless you
    run in verbose mode
  - reports promises are now allowed in any context (Redmine #2005)
  - cf-report has been removed
  - cf-execd: --once implies --no-fork
  - Version info removed from mail subject in the emails sent by cf-execd.
    The subject will only contain "[fqname/ipaddress]" instead of
    "communnity/nova [fqname/ipaddress]".
    Please change your email filters accordingly if necessary.
  - "outputs" promise type is retired. Their semantics was not clear,
    and the functionality
    is better suited for control body setting, not a promise.
  - Tokyo Cabinet databases are now automatically checked for
    correctness during opening. It should prevent a number of issues
    with corrupted TC databases causing binaries to hang.
  - Improved ACL handling on Windows, which led to some syntax changes.
    We now consistently use the term "default" to describe ACLs that
    can be inherited by child objects. These keywords have received new names:
      acl_directory_inherit -> acl_default
      specify_inherit_aces -> specify_default_aces
      The old keywords are deprecated, but still valid. In addition, a new
      keyword "acl_inherit" controls inheritance behavior on Windows. This
      feature does not exist on Unix platforms. (Redmine #1832)
  - Networking code is moved from libpromises to its own library,
    libcfnet. Work has begun on making the API more sane and thread-safe.
    Lots of legacy code was removed.
  - Add getaddrinfo() replacement in libcompat (borrowed from PostgreSQL).
  - Replace old deprecated and non thread-safe resolver calls with
    getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo().
  - Hostname2IPString(), IPString2Hostname() are now thread-safe, and are
    returning error when resolution fails.
  - Running cf-execd --once now implies --no-fork, and also does not wait
    for splaytime to pass.
  - execresult(), returnszero() and commands promises no longer requires
    the first word
    word to be an absolute path when using the shell. (Part of Redmine #2143)
  - commands promises useshell attribute now accepts "noshell" and
    "useshell" values. Boolean values are accepted but deprecated. (Part of
    Redmine #2143)
  - returnszero() now correctly sets the class name in this scenario  (Part of
    Redmine #2143):
        "commandfailed" not => returnszero("/bin/nosuchcommand", "noshell");

  - bundles are allowed to be empty (Redmine #2411)
  - Fixed '.' and '-' not being accepted by a commands module. (Redmine #2384)
  - Correct parsing of list variables by a command module. (Redmine #2239)
  - Fixed issue with package management and warn. (Redmine #1831)
  - Fixed JSON crash. (Redmine #2151)
  - Improved error checking when using fgets(). (Redmine #2451)
  - Fixed error message when deleting nonexistent files. (Redmine #2448)
  - Honor warn-only when purging from local directory. (Redmine #2162)
  - Make sure "restart" and "reload" are recognized keywords in
    packages. (Redmine #2468)
  - Allocate memory dynamically to avoid out-of-buffer or out-of-hash
  - fix edit_xml update of existing attributes  (Redmine #2034)
  - use failsafe policy from compile-time specified workdir (Redmine #1991)
  - ifvarclass checked from classes promises in common bundles
  - do not wait for splaytime when executing only once
  - disable xml editing functionality when libxml2 doesn't provide
    necessary APIs (Redmine #1937)
  - Out-of-tree builds should work again, fixed a bunch of related bugs.
  - Fixed race condition in file editing. (Redmine #2545)
  - Fixed memory leak in cf-serverd and others (Redmine #1758)

Approved by:	cy (maintainer, implicit)

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