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Wed, 13 Dec 2006
[ 11:12:06 dougb ] Original commit 
portmaster sysutils  Deleted files touched by this commit Manage your ports without external databases or languages
New Features
1. Attempt to avoid the problem of multiple background checksum
processes stepping on each other trying to download the same sets of
distfiles. The most pathological case for this is trying to portmaster
the xorg port on a clean box with no distfiles downloaded. (Brought to
my attention by George Hartzell <>.)

2. In cooperation with sem and skv, add three new environment
variables that can potentially be used by port authors, etc.
UPGRADE_TOOL contains the name of the tool being used, in this case
'portmaster'. UPGRADE_PORT is the full string for the port that we are
currently upgrading, and UPGRADE_PORT_VER is just the version string
part of that.

3. Collect a list of any pkg-message files that we "saw" while doing
the installs, and display them all at the end when everything is done
installing. (Old idea of mine, and others, most recently prompted by

4. You can now do 'portmaster .' if you are in a port directory you
want to install.

5. If there is no DISTFILE information in the +CONTENTS file after
an installation, add it in the manner worked out on freebsd-ports@,
and documented in
If that information is present, use it to delete the last known set
of distfiles with certainty, but continue searching the "old" way
until the DISTFILE stuff has been around for a while.

Major Fixes
1. Change the code that reads the MOVED file to recurse through the
whole file. This fixes the problem of getting an "answer" to a
find_moved_port() call only to find out that the "new" port has itself
been moved, or deleted. This is not a major problem, but when it
happens it's ugly. The fix slows down the function by about 1/2 second
on my (fairly fast) box, but that function isn't called often, and
it's better to be thorough. (Brought to my attention by erwin.)

2. Remove a change from the last version that caused way too many
false positives from the MOVED file when there was no installed
version of the port.

3. When running -e, warn the user if there are dependencies on the
port, and improve the error message both here and in the same code
for -s.

Minor Cleanups
1. Assign TMPDIR early in the script, and export it to be safe. Change
occurrences of this variable to use the short form.

2. Factor some code that had been moved to a function back in line
since we're down to just one caller.

3. Only print the verbose message about keeping the current version
of a distfile if we're not in fact deleting all distfiles.

4. Make distfile listing more efficient by using the ALLFILES target
instead of the combination of DISTFILES and PATCHFILES.

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