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Mon, 22 Apr 2013
[ 13:27:48 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:316230
asm-xml textproc files touched by this commit Very fast XML parser and decoder written in pure assembler
cvsmonitor devel files touched by this commit Monitor activity on a CVS Repository
diehard math files touched by this commit Marsaglia's Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness
diffmark textproc files touched by this commit XML diff and merge package
docbook-tdg textproc files touched by this commit Norman Walsh's book "DocBook: The Definitive Guide"
docbook-xml-440 textproc  Deleted files touched by this commit DocBook/XML DTD V4.4, designed for technical documentation
docbook-xsl textproc files touched by this commit XSL DocBook stylesheets
foswiki www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Free and open source enterprise wiki
foswiki-ModPerlEngineContrib www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Permits Foswiki to be executed under mod_perl
google-sitemapgen www files touched by this commit Script to analyze web server and generate Google Sitemap files
hhm textproc files touched by this commit HTML Help Maker
htmlcompressor www files touched by this commit HTML/XML Compressor
hyperic-sigar sysutils  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit SIGAR - System Information Gatherer and Reporter
iSiloXC palm  Deleted Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Converts documents from text/html files or URLs to iSilo format
ipacctd net-mgmt files touched by this commit IP accounting using divert socket
jailer sysutils  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Manage FreeBSD jail startup, shutdown and console
jailutils sysutils  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Several utilities for managing jails
judy devel files touched by this commit General purpose dynamic array
keepassx security files touched by this commit Cross Platform Password Manager
libcsv textproc files touched by this commit Small, simple and fast CSV library
libdkim mail files touched by this commit DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) library
libdomainkeys mail files touched by this commit DomainKeys library
liblzxcomp archivers files touched by this commit LZX compression library
ncnf devel files touched by this commit Generic configuration management library
ng_ipacct net-mgmt  Ignore files touched by this commit Netgraph IP accounting
nunnimcax textproc files touched by this commit C, non validating XML parser with SAX-like API
oracle7-client databases  Ignore files touched by this commit Oracle 7 client
otrs devel  Deleted files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. Open Ticket Request System
pgbouncer databases files touched by this commit Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pmap sysutils  Deleted Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Detailed process memory display
postgresql-plproxy databases files touched by this commit PL/Proxy - database partitioning system
rnv textproc files touched by this commit Relax NG Compact Syntax validator
ruby-interbase databases  Deleted Broken Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Ruby interface to Firebird/Interbase library
sablotron textproc files touched by this commit XML toolkit implementing XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0 and DOM Level2
sqlrelay databases  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Persistent DB connection pooling/proxying/load balancing system
svnmailer mail files touched by this commit Tool to post subversion repository commit information
swfmill graphics files touched by this commit Tool to generate or decompile Adobe Flash SWF files
twiki-BugzillaLinkPlugin www files touched by this commit Link to Bugzilla bugs using shorthand references
twiki-GluePlugin www files touched by this commit Allow to format tags and arguments on multiple lines
twiki-LdapContrib www files touched by this commit LDAP services for TWiki
twiki-LdapNgPlugin www files touched by this commit Query and display data from an LDAP directory
twiki-MathModePlugin www files touched by this commit Include LaTeX formatted math in your TWiki pages
twiki-NewUserPlugin www files touched by this commit Create user's topic for externally authenticated users
xdelta misc files touched by this commit Diff/patch utility for binary files
yuicompressor www files touched by this commit The Yahoo! JavaScript and CSS Compressor
Reassign skv@ ports to the heap

Feature safe:	yes

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