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Thu, 11 Nov 2010
[ 03:22:25 pgollucci ] Original commit 
rubygem-arel databases files touched by this commit Relational Algebra for Ruby
rubygem-arrayfields devel files touched by this commit Allow Keyword Access to Array Instances
rubygem-authlogic devel files touched by this commit Clean, simple, and unobtrusive Ruby authentication solution
rubygem-bunny net files touched by this commit Another synchronous Ruby AMQP client
rubygem-callsign comms files touched by this commit Provides a Ruby-Frontend to ham Radio Callsign Lookup
rubygem-capistrano sysutils files touched by this commit Utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple machines
rubygem-captcha graphics files touched by this commit Simple CAPTCHA written in Ruby
rubygem-configuration devel files touched by this commit Mechanism to parse ruby configuration files
rubygem-crack devel files touched by this commit Ruby Library of Simple JSON and XML Parsing
rubygem-data_objects databases files touched by this commit Unified Ruby API for popular databases
rubygem-dm-aggregates databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin providing support for aggregates
rubygem-dm-constraints databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin constraining relationships
rubygem-dm-core databases files touched by this commit Object/Relational Mapper for Ruby
rubygem-dm-do-adapter databases files touched by this commit DataObjects Adapter for DataMapper
rubygem-dm-migrations databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin for writing and specifying migrations
rubygem-dm-mysql-adapter databases files touched by this commit MySQL Adapter for DataMapper
rubygem-dm-serializer databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin for serializing Resources and Collections
rubygem-dm-timestamps databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin for magical timestamps
rubygem-dm-transactions databases files touched by this commit Makes transaction support available for adapters that support them
rubygem-dm-types databases files touched by this commit DataMapper plugin providing extra data types
rubygem-dm-validations databases files touched by this commit Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object
rubygem-domainatrix www files touched by this commit Library for parsing domain names and canonicalizing URLs
rubygem-emk-sinatra-url-for www files touched by this commit Construct absolute paths and full URLs for a Sinatra application
rubygem-exifr graphics files touched by this commit Pure-ruby EXIF reader
rubygem-extlib devel files touched by this commit General Ruby extensions
rubygem-ezamar textproc files touched by this commit Lightweight and simple templating engine for Ruby
rubygem-fattr devel files touched by this commit Fatter Attr for Ruby
rubygem-feed-normalizer www files touched by this commit Extensible wrapper for Atom and RSS parsers
rubygem-feedzirra www  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit Feed fetching and parsing library
rubygem-geoip net files touched by this commit Geoip implementation for rubygems
rubygem-git devel files touched by this commit Ruby wrapper library around git(1)
rubygem-grit devel files touched by this commit Object-oriented ruby library to access git repositories
rubygem-i18n devel files touched by this commit New wave Internationalization support for Ruby
rubygem-icalendar devel files touched by this commit Library for working with iCalendar files
rubygem-innate www files touched by this commit Powerful web-framework wrapper for Rack
rubygem-jekyll www files touched by this commit Simple, blog aware, static site generator
rubygem-jpmobile japanese files touched by this commit Rails plugin for Japanese mobile-phones
rubygem-jpmobile-ipaddresses japanese files touched by this commit Carrier IP Address List for jpmobile
rubygem-jpmobile-terminfo japanese files touched by this commit Carrier terminal information List for jpmobile
rubygem-loofah textproc files touched by this commit Library for manipulating HTML/XML documents and fragments
rubygem-mail mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Ruby email handler
rubygem-main devel files touched by this commit Class Factory and Dsl for Generating Command Line Programs
rubygem-mash devel files touched by this commit Mocking Hash library for Ruby
rubygem-memcache-client databases files touched by this commit Ruby bindings for MemCached
rubygem-net-ssh security files touched by this commit Non-interactive SSH processing
rubygem-nice-ffi devel files touched by this commit Nice-FFI is a layer on top of Ruby-FFI
rubygem-notify devel files touched by this commit Desktop notify for many platform
rubygem-open4 devel files touched by this commit Open4 manages child processes and their io handles
rubygem-pkg-config devel files touched by this commit pkg-config implementation for Ruby
rubygem-pony mail files touched by this commit The express way to send mail from Ruby
rubygem-prawn-security print files touched by this commit Extension of Prawn
rubygem-rack-mount www files touched by this commit Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router
rubygem-rack-test www files touched by this commit a small, simple testing API for Rack apps.
rubygem-rcov devel files touched by this commit Code coverage tool for Ruby
rubygem-rdiscount textproc files touched by this commit Fast Markdown converter for ruby based on discount
rubygem-robots www files touched by this commit Simple library to parse robots.txt files
rubygem-rspec devel files touched by this commit Behaviour Driven Development in Ruby
rubygem-ruby-sdl-ffi devel files touched by this commit Low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using Ruby-FFI
rubygem-rubytter net files touched by this commit Simple Twitter library
rubygem-russian russian files touched by this commit Russian language support for Ruby and Rails, based on I18n library
rubygem-sax-machine textproc files touched by this commit Declarative sax parsing library backed by Nokogiri
rubygem-simple-rss www files touched by this commit Simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader for Ruby
rubygem-sinatra-respond_to www files touched by this commit Respond_to style Rails block for Sinatra
rubygem-sqlite3 databases files touched by this commit Ruby interface to the SQLite DB engine version 3
rubygem-stringex devel files touched by this commit Some useful extensions to the Ruby String class
rubygem-taggable www files touched by this commit Add tagging capabilities to your ActiveRecord objects
rubygem-templater devel files touched by this commit Ruby code generation framework
rubygem-termcolor textproc files touched by this commit Library for ANSII color formatting like HTML for output in terminal
rubygem-uuid devel files touched by this commit UUID Generator for Ruby
rubygem-webmock www files touched by this commit Allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on the requests
- github is redirecting all these to https now

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