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Wed, 21 Aug 2013
[ 17:42:58 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:325163
cconv chinese files touched by this commit Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion tool
docdiff textproc files touched by this commit Compares two text files by word, by character, or by line
fancybox www files touched by this commit JavaScript library for image/html/multimedia content display
icecast2 audio files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis audio server
id3v2 audio files touched by this commit Command line id3v2 tag editor
libgeotiff graphics files touched by this commit Library for reading and writing GeoTIFF information tags
libmaa devel files touched by this commit Provides a few data structures and helpful functions
libmp3-archive-perl audio files touched by this commit Perl module to manipulate filenames containing music metadata
libshout audio files touched by this commit Connect and transmit data to an Icecast media streaming server
libshout2 audio  Deleted files touched by this commit Connect and transmit data to an Icecast media streaming server
mp3-archive-tools audio files touched by this commit Set of tools to ease organising a collection of audio files
mp3lint audio files touched by this commit Configurable tool to check collections of audio files
mtr-nox11 net files touched by this commit Traceroute and ping in a single network diagnostic tool
netcdf-ftn science  Deleted files touched by this commit NetCDF (network Common Data Form), with Fortran support
netcdf3-ftn science  Deleted files touched by this commit C library for machine-independent, array-oriented data access
p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2 games files touched by this commit Select tournament pairings
p5-Any-Moose-Convert devel files touched by this commit Convert Moose libraries to Mouse ones, or vice versa
p5-AnyEvent-BDB databases files touched by this commit Truly asynchronous Berkeley DB access
p5-Array-Iterator devel files touched by this commit Set of array iterators
p5-Astro-Flux astro files touched by this commit Class for handling astronomical flux quantities
p5-Astro-PAL astro files touched by this commit Perl interface to Starlink PAL positional astronomy library
p5-Astro-Telescope astro files touched by this commit Class for obtaining telescope information
p5-Astro-WaveBand astro files touched by this commit Transparently work in waveband, wavelength, or filter
p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP security files touched by this commit Simple LDAP authentication
p5-BDB databases files touched by this commit Asynchronous Berkeley DB access
p5-Bread-Board devel files touched by this commit Solderless way to wire up your application components
p5-CPAN-Meta-Requirements devel files touched by this commit Set of version requirements for a CPAN distribution
p5-CSS-Packer textproc files touched by this commit Another CSS minifier
p5-Cairo-GObject devel files touched by this commit Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system
p5-Carp devel files touched by this commit Alternative warn and die for modules
p5-Convert-NLS_DATE_FORMAT converters files touched by this commit Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT <-> strftime format strings
p5-CouchDB-View databases files touched by this commit Handle and create CouchDB views in Perl
p5-DBIx-Class-Cursor-Cached databases files touched by this commit Cursor class with built-in caching support
p5-DBIx-Safe databases files touched by this commit Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle
p5-Data-Clone devel files touched by this commit Polymorphic data cloning
p5-Data-Printer devel files touched by this commit Colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects
p5-DateTime-Format-Oracle devel files touched by this commit Parse and format Oracle dates and timestamps
p5-Devel-CallChecker devel files touched by this commit Custom op checking attached to subroutines
p5-Devel-PackagePath devel files touched by this commit Inspect and manipulate a Path based on a Package name
p5-Encode-Detect-CJK converters files touched by this commit Charset detector for East Asia charsets and website contents
p5-Error-Helper devel files touched by this commit Provides some easy error related methods
p5-Eval-LineNumbers devel files touched by this commit Add line numbers to hereis blocks that contain perl source code
p5-File-HomeDir-PathClass devel files touched by this commit File::HomeDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-Form-Sensible devel files touched by this commit Sensible way to handle form based user interface
p5-Geo-Coordinates-Converter-iArea science files touched by this commit Some utility functions around iArea
p5-Google-Code-Upload www files touched by this commit Uploading files to a Google Code project
p5-Google-ProtocolBuffers devel files touched by this commit Simple interface to Google Protocol Buffers
p5-Graph-Writer-GraphViz graphics files touched by this commit GraphViz Writer for Graph object
p5-HTML-Declare www files touched by this commit Very simple micro language to generate HTML
p5-HTML-Packer textproc files touched by this commit Another HTML code cleaner
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen www files touched by this commit Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-Hash-NoRef devel files touched by this commit HASH that store values without increase the reference count
p5-IO-Pty-Easy devel files touched by this commit Easy interface to IO::Pty
p5-Image-Base graphics files touched by this commit Base class for loading, manipulating, and saving images
p5-Image-Base-SVG graphics files touched by this commit SVG image file output
p5-JavaScript-Packer textproc files touched by this commit Perl version of Dean Edwards' Packer.js
p5-LWP-Protocol-http10 www files touched by this commit Legacy HTTP/1.0 support for LWP
p5-LWPx-TimedHTTP www files touched by this commit Time the different stages of an HTTP request
p5-Lexical-Import devel files touched by this commit Clean imports from package-exporting modules
p5-Lingua-Ident textproc files touched by this commit Statistical language identification
p5-Lingua-Ispell textproc files touched by this commit Perl module that encapsulates access to the Ispell program
p5-List-Gen devel files touched by this commit Functions for generating lists
p5-Marpa lang files touched by this commit Parse any Language You Can Describe in BNF
p5-Math-Prime-XS math files touched by this commit Detect and calculate prime numbers with deterministic tests
p5-Misc-Quality astro files touched by this commit Class for handling quality flags for astronomical objects
p5-ModPerl-VersionUtil www files touched by this commit Makes it easier to investigate your mod_perl version
p5-Module-CheckDeps devel files touched by this commit Very simple dependencies checker for Perl code
p5-Module-Release devel files touched by this commit Upload files to CPAN and SourceForge
p5-Module-Version devel files touched by this commit Get module versions
p5-MooseX-AuthorizedMethods devel files touched by this commit Syntax sugar for authorized methods
p5-MooseX-MarkAsMethods devel files touched by this commit Mark overload code symbols as methods
p5-MooseX-Runnable devel files touched by this commit Tag a class as a runnable application
p5-MouseX-App-Cmd devel files touched by this commit Mashes up MouseX::Getopt and App::Cmd
p5-MouseX-Foreign devel files touched by this commit Extends non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes
p5-MouseX-StrictConstructor devel files touched by this commit Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes
p5-MouseX-Traits devel files touched by this commit Automatically apply roles at object creation time
p5-Net-DNS-TestNS dns files touched by this commit Perl extension for simulating simple Nameservers
p5-Net-OpenSSH-Parallel net files touched by this commit Run SSH jobs in parallel
p5-Net-Plurk www files touched by this commit Perl interface to Plurk API
p5-Net-eBay www files touched by this commit Perl Interface to XML based eBay API
p5-Number-Uncertainty math files touched by this commit Object-orientated uncertainty object
p5-POE-Loop-Tk devel files touched by this commit Bridge that allows POE to be driven by Tk
p5-ParallelUA www files touched by this commit Perl5 Parallel LWP User Agent for WWW access
p5-Parse-HTTP-UserAgent www files touched by this commit Parser for the User Agent string
p5-PerlIO-Layers devel files touched by this commit Query the properties/capabilities of filehandle
p5-PerlIO-Util devel files touched by this commit Selection of general PerlIO utilities
p5-Plack-Middleware-ForceEnv www files touched by this commit Force set environment variables for testing
p5-PostgreSQL-PLPerl-Call databases files touched by this commit Simple interface for calling SQL functions from PostgreSQL PL/Perl
p5-PostgreSQL-PLPerl-Trace databases files touched by this commit Simple way to trace execution of Perl statements in PL/Perl
p5-Pragmatic devel files touched by this commit Adds pragmata to Exporter
p5-Protocol-XMLRPC www files touched by this commit XML-RPC implementation
p5-Regexp-RegGrp devel files touched by this commit Groups a regular expressions collection
p5-SOAP-Transport-FTP ftp files touched by this commit FTP Client support for SOAP::Lite
p5-SOAP-Transport-JABBER net-im files touched by this commit Jabber-based transport backend for SOAP::Lite
p5-SVG-Parser textproc files touched by this commit XML Parser for SVG documents
p5-Safe-Isa devel files touched by this commit Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects
p5-Sphinx-Config textproc files touched by this commit Sphinx search engine configuration file read/modify/write
p5-Sphinx-Manager textproc files touched by this commit Sphinx search engine management (start/stop)
p5-Sys-Info devel files touched by this commit Fetch information from the host system
p5-Sys-Info-Base devel files touched by this commit Base class for Sys::Info
p5-Sys-Info-Driver-BSD devel files touched by this commit BSD driver for Sys::Info
p5-Taint-Util devel files touched by this commit Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval
p5-Term-ANSIScreen devel files touched by this commit Term::ANSIColor clone with screen mode support
p5-Test-BinaryData devel files touched by this commit Compare two things, give hex dumps if they differ
p5-Test-Exception-LessClever devel files touched by this commit Test::Exception simplified
p5-Test-Identity devel files touched by this commit Assert the referential identity of a reference
p5-Test-LeakTrace devel files touched by this commit Traces memory leaks
p5-Test-Refcount devel files touched by this commit Assert reference counts on objects
p5-Test-Sys-Info devel files touched by this commit Centralized test suite for Sys::Info
p5-Test-TableDriven devel files touched by this commit Write tests, not scripts that run them
p5-Test-Trap devel files touched by this commit Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc
p5-Text-Levenshtein devel files touched by this commit Implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance
p5-Text-Prefix-XS textproc files touched by this commit Fast prefix searching
p5-Thrift-XS devel files touched by this commit Faster Thrift binary protocol encoding and decoding
p5-Tie-File devel files touched by this commit Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array
p5-Tie-Function devel files touched by this commit Wrap functions in tied hash sugar
p5-Tie-LevelDB databases files touched by this commit Perl Interface to the Google LevelDB NoSQL database
p5-Tk-Action x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Action abstraction for Tk
p5-Tk-CursorControl x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Manipulate the mouse cursor programmatically
p5-Tk-Sugar x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Sugar syntax for Tk
p5-Tk-ToolBar x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Toolbar widget for Perl/Tk
p5-Tree-RedBlack devel files touched by this commit Perl implementation of Red/Black tree, a type of balanced tree
p5-URI-Query net files touched by this commit URI query string manipulation
p5-Umph-Prompt multimedia files touched by this commit Interactive prompt module for umph and similar programs
p5-XML-LibXML-Cache textproc files touched by this commit Document cache for XML::LibXML
p5-XML-Parsepp textproc files touched by this commit Simplified pure Perl parser for XML
p5-XML-Toolkit textproc files touched by this commit Suit of XML tools with Antlers
p5-XS-Object-Magic devel files touched by this commit Opaque, extensible XS pointer backed objects using sv_magic
p5-cconv chinese files touched by this commit Perl wrapper for chinese/cconv
p5-true devel files touched by this commit Automatically return a true value when a file is required
pdfoutline textproc files touched by this commit Add outlines to PDF files
pgsphere databases files touched by this commit Spherical data types, functions, and operators for PostgreSQL
php5-cconv chinese  Deleted files touched by this commit PHP wrapper for chinese/cconv
protovis www files touched by this commit JavaScript graphical toolkit for data visualization
py-cconv chinese files touched by this commit Python wrapper for chinese/cconv
py-decoratortools devel files touched by this commit Class, function, and metaclass decorators
py-gevent devel files touched by this commit Python co-routine networking library based on greenlet
py-kyotocabinet databases files touched by this commit Python binding of kyotocabinet
py-qp www files touched by this commit Python web framework to use qpy and durus together
py-qpy www files touched by this commit Generating safely-quoted html text from python code
py-tftpy ftp files touched by this commit Pure Python TFTP Implementation
rubygem-attic devel files touched by this commit Place to hide private instance variables in your Ruby objects
rubygem-benelux devel files touched by this commit Mad way to time Ruby codes
rubygem-drydock devel files touched by this commit Build seaworthy command-line apps with a powerful Ruby DSL
rubygem-familia databases files touched by this commit Organize and store ruby objects in Redis
rubygem-open4 devel files touched by this commit Open4 manages child processes and their io handles
rubygem-png graphics files touched by this commit Almost-pure-ruby PNG library
rubygem-public_suffix_service dns files touched by this commit Parse and decompose domain names into TLD, domain, and subdomains
rubygem-robots www files touched by this commit Simple library to parse robots.txt files
rubygem-storable devel files touched by this commit Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats
rubygem-sysinfo devel files touched by this commit All your system-independent infoz in one handy class
rubygem-uri-redis net files touched by this commit Support for parsing redis://host:port/dbindex/keyname
tcptraceroute net files touched by this commit Traceroute implementation using TCP packets
udunits science files touched by this commit Library for manipulating units of physical quantities
xprobe net files touched by this commit ICMP active OS fingerprint scanner
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