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Mon, 23 Dec 2013
[ 08:41:02 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:337231
i3 x11-wm files touched by this commit Improved dynamic tiling window manager
Update to 4.7

Changes from Upstream:
  - docs/userguide: clarify variable parsing
  - docs/userguide: clarify urgent_workspace
  - docs/userguide: add proper quoting for rename sample command
  - docs/userguide: clarify multiple criteria
  - docs/userguide: userguide: explain the difference between comma and
semicolon for command chaining
  - docs/hacking-howto: update to reflect parser changes
  - man/i3-dump-log: document -f
  - switch from libXcursor to xcb-util-cursor
  - Respect workspace numbers when looking for a free workspace name
  - Revert "raise fullscreen windows on top of all other X11 windows"
  - i3bar: Create pixmaps using the real bar height, rather than screen height
  - Add scratchpad bindings to the default config
  - Close all children when closing a workspace
  - i3bar: Add new bar.binding_mode_indicator configuration
  - Improve error message when $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not writable
  - libi3/font: Draw the text at the expected place
  - libi3/font: Set DPI for the pango context
  - Add ability to escape out of a mouse-resize operation
  - Do not resize/reposition floating containers when moving them to scratchpad
  - i3-nagbar: Set button inner-width to the width of the label
  - Assigned windows open urgent when not visible
  - i3bar: Only configure tray on own outputs
  - Command 'move <direction>' moves across outputs
  - i3bar: Handle DestroyNotify events
  - i3bar: Realign tray clients on map/unmap notify
  - i3bar: Group child processes for signalling
  - i3bar: Print error message when status_command fails
  - Remove references to PATH_MAX macro for GNU/Hurd
Changes from the port:
  - Specify the kind of BSD license
  - Strip binaries
  - Adjust dependencies

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