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Sat, 11 Jan 2003
[ 17:21:41 netchild ] Original commit 
icc lang  Ignore files touched by this commit Restricted Intels C/C++ compiler, set up to produce native FreeBSD binaries
Update icc to 7.0.078.

Object files built with version 6.0 of Intel(R) Compilers may not link
properly with objects built with version 7.0 of Intel(R) Compilers.
Rebuilding of the object files is suggested.

Changes between the submitted version and the committed version:
 - update to 078 instead of 075
 - treat excessive parameters in function calls as an error instead
   of a warning (removed compatibility with a not named MS product, as
   suggested by Intel)
 - allow to override the INTEL_FLEXLM_LICENSE variable

From the submitter:
- Unbreak usage of signal.h on -current and RELENG_5_0.
  (committers note: see below)
- Fix ownership of installed files when built as non-root.
- Fix the patched versions of the icc- and the icpc-script to work with options
  containing spaces (e.g. '-DFOOBAR="foo bar"').
- Install 'clicense' and 'csupport' in the docs-dir even if NOPORTDOCS is
  defined, the later is not optional but required by 'icid'.
- Move the ld-wrapper to a sub-dir and thus out of what is normally set in
  PATH to prevent footshooting (this isn't perfect but simple until someone
  reworks this port to provide FreeBSD-compatibility in another way... or
  Intel releases a native version).
- Patch the headers to better fit for FreeBSD (hopefully...).

Notes:  - Icc7 is more picky about unknow options than the previous versions,
          i.e. the gcc-options normally supplied in CFLAGS unless altered in
          /etc/make.conf. Therefore compilation of ports with icc likely fail
          if the standard CFLAGS are not unset (e.g. `make CC=icc CFLAGS=""`)
          or replaced by options valid for icc.
        - When compiling multi-threaded C-code make sure to link with icc and
          option '-mt' (for ports e.g. via PTHREAD_CFLAGS) otherwise libc_r
          won't be linked in correctly.

Submitted by:

Additional information:
 - rev 1.20 of src/sys/i386/include/signal.h introduced __aligned which
   isn't handled in sys/cdefs.h for non GCC compilers (at least not in
   publically available sources)
 - the FreeBSD stdarg.h is missing a macro for va_copy() in the non GCC case,
   we handle it in the port, but be prepared to get problems when the base
   system gets fixed
 - we don't use the icc-buildin of alignof()
 - Intel provides a float.h which has different floatingpoint values
   (e.g. MAX_FLOAT) than we have in the base system, in the port we use the
   FreeBSD header (Warner knows about the issue... at least he got a mail
   from me and Marius)
 - we replace __wchar_t with __ct_rune_t because icc has a build-in type
   for it, this affects "typedef __ct_rune_t __wchar_t;" in sys/_types.h.
   It isn't known if this may be evil...
 - icc doesn't need the option "-mt" anymore to generate thread safe code,
   but our FreeBSD version still needs it to be able to choose libc_r
   instead of libc

If a src-committer wants to address any of the above mentioned issues he
should first contact me, I may have already some fixes in my local tree.

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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