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Mon, 10 Jan 2005
[ 00:17:44 edwin ] Original commit 
scummvm games files touched by this commit Interpreter for several adventure games
Update games/scummvm to 0.7.0

0.7.0 (2004-12-24)
 New Games:
   - Added 26 Humongous Entertainment titles, only a few are completable.

   - Added support for FLAC (lossless) encoded audio files
   - Added an 'On Screen Display' to the SDL backend
   - Partially rewrote the backend API
   - Comments and the order of section in config files are preserved now
   - Updated AdvMame scalers based on scale2x 2.0 - AdvMame3x looks nicer now,
     and AdvMame2x is MMX accelerated
   - Added MMX i386 assembler versions of the HQ2x and HQ3x scalers
   - Added 'Extra Path' option allows for a searching an additional datafile
     location (for reencoded cutscenes and the like)
   - Disabled Alt-x and Ctrl-z quit keys in favour of Ctrl-q on unix like
     operating systems, like Linux (exception: Mac OS X still uses Cmd-q)
   - Separate smaller font for the console, allowing for more visible
     information, for example in the SCUMM debugger.
   - Added support for setting output sample rate at run-time, although there
     is currently no GUI for it.
   - The save directory now has a default rather than the current directory on
     some platforms:
         Mac OS X:     $HOME/Documents/ScummVM Savegames/
         Other unices: $HOME/.scummvm/
   - Added a new about dialog with scrolling credits

   - Removed the old zak256 target, use zakTowns instead
   - Added native support for Macintosh versions using a special container
     file. This removes the need for using the 'RESCUMM' program
   - Added smooth horizontal scrolling for The Dig, Full Throttle and COMI
     (matching the original engine)
   - Partially rewrote the text engine, fixing various bugs, especially in
     newer games (The Dig, COMI)
   - Fixed actor drawing glitches in V1 Maniac and Zak
   - Fixed ship-to-ship graphic glitches in COMI
   - Fixed palette glitches in COMI

   - Fixed some issues with the Dreamcast backend.

   - Added support for compressed speech and music.
   - Added support for the demo.
   - Better support for the Czech version.
   - Added workarounds for script and subtitle bugs in some game versions.

   - Simplified memory/resource management
   - Simplified sound effects handling
   - Added support for compressed speech and music.
   - Fixed various minor bugs.

   - Added workarounds for some rare scripting bugs that could render the game

PR:             Miguel Mendez <>
Submitted by:   ports/75798

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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